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Hansiman (EUW)
: > The only reason to ban champion that you are not able to play is because you are trolling. Or because you don't want the enemy to get that champion.
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Eveninn (EUW)
: 100T. Doesn't look like they are performing all too well lately, but I like Aphro and Prolly, while I've gotten to like Nadeshot as I followed the team's story. ^^
I wrote i don't have mean strongest-who cares? It is important to like to watch them.
: FNC... because they always find amazing mid laners... xPeke, Febi and now caps...
Ye he is good, but i don't like old teams which are switching their players,but i think that's their perfect composition: Maybe top 10 best toplaner; Top 7 best jungler; Top 5 best midlaner; About top 4 best ADC; top 1 best support and he is from my country.
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: Victorious Skin 2018
I think the champion will be tank.
ShanksFX (EUW)
: Since the creator of this acc still never owned it, his word doesnt not count at all. Acc sharing is against the tos.
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: If you try to log in; there are two options. If you don't get past the login window and it tells you that your account has been banned, then its a botting ban. That means your account was probably leveld by bots. If you can accsess it and see the "permanently banned" message - in which case you wouldn't have to ask - its a behavior ban.
Oops. My mistake, it's LOCKED, not banned.
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: Riot, i need you help!
I have mean "your" not "you", sorry!
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: Give an example, maybe we will notice too
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: pls rework this champions
Zilean- only visual update. Morde- he is OK. Corki- he is OK. Fiddle- ye maybe small visual update won't be bad. Kassadin- he is OK.
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Makethebeat (EUNE)
: LFG for 5 Ziggs/Sona Mission or 2/3 Augments Mission
Coxis (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=jOhNyP,realm=EUW,application-id=IRLJz88n,discussion-id=7VWY0iqM,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-20T21:07:11.153+0000) > > wow That kind of reaction means everything to me! Thank you! <3 {{sticker:sg-jinx}}
lalalagirl (EUNE)
: Odyssey Contest Entry: "Clown Fiesta"
Can you make the end? I am really interested what will happen. +1 vote anyway.
Masantha (EUW)
: Hey! It's ok, we will read it :) The new rule is because the fan fic board is for anyone to use as they like, but it means we need something that lets us flag which ones the contest entries are - so it will be a constant rule going forward.
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: kinda hard when all of my friends stipped playin this shittty game{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: Odyssey missions ruin gameplay. Introduce LFG please!
: That isn't a buff though. Heals can be mitigated with GW, shields cannot.
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Sieptium (EUW)
: Odyssey bug?
I don't have any problems.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Here's a funny challenge for you
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Mica (EUNE)
: Looking for a Aram team to play Tournaments on Battlefly
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: Ascension Game mode
I want this RGM to.
realKano23 (EUNE)
: how did you climb out of silver?
1. Don't choose your champion before champ select! See the enemy laner champion and then pick counter. You must have between 1 and 3 tanks. 2. Playstyle- Tell me your main role. 3. chat- instead "ss" use the "?" ping twice. Always write when someone use his summoner spell or ultimate. Don't be toxic. 4. shop- Buy control wards! 5. CHILL! If you are stressed don't play ranked, play one/two 1v1 with friend. Don't think for the win. Forget you are playing ranked. When i was in promotions for Gold i had 2 wins/0 losses. In the next 2 games i was thinking only for the win and i lost. In the fifth game i was very calm, i even forgot i was in promotions, but i won. 6. NEVER SURRENDER! If you surrender you lose automatically, but if you don't you have at least 1% chance for win. 7. Don't play 2 games in a row if you lost at the first. That's how i became gold. And last thing- it's easier if you play solo (without premades), it's quieter.
Kubajz (EUW)
: - A Legendary skin for Kayn - Epic skins for Jinx, Yasuo, Sona, Malphite, and Ziggs - The return of PvE in Odyssey: Extraction - Ward skins, emotes, icons, and mission rewards So its gonna be new game mode, probably different from Star Guardian one, but still PvE. That flower thingy might be end boss, just like Herald in Invasion.
1. i didn't see ziggs 2.the return of PvE in Odyssey: Extraction? what is that?
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: Versus event 2019
No. Sorry but i can't play champions from Lonia (for missions). And i what story we will write for the Fan fiction? Shen's parents are already dead and Zed don't care about anyone. Sorry but i won't vote.
: a question i had about ranked games
You don't need voice, if your team is good he will ping/write everything which must be written/pinged. And you need max 5 seconds to write important things.
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111182 (EUW)
: rankeds 2019
I like their idea. Often (i'm support main) i win my lane with my botlaner, but the other laners...
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: >I know 1 of the reasons is because she is old champion Then you don't know the main reason and I will tell you it. . . . . . _puff_ . . . . . _bam_ . . . . . _shuuu_ . . . . . #She was broken af
Actually i know the other reason- Swain was the previous reworked champion, he attacked Lonia. They reworked Irelia to be enough strong to defeat Noxus army.
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