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: Do you even play this mode? How can you say that one champion does not give advantage, if I described the situation, and attached a screen where I won first place with this. In addition, one champion can make a big difference. For example, give everyone a positive “NOBLE” effect by selecting an unworthy champion from the circle and not spraying him. At the final stage of the game, this abuse is very easy and can give an advantage that you should not have. It seems that I know with whom I am conducting a dialogue, you can not even imagine how this can affect the outcome of the game, and how a person who thinks can use it to win the game. If you cannot do this, this does not mean that everyone will turn a blind eye to it. If this is not deleted, eventually everyone will start using it, everyone will do it. And then it makes no sense to pump level 9 in the game, because if you use this Abus correctly, you do not need to level 9 levels to have 9 champions, without an item that is made of two items "Spatula"
There was a bug earlier, that one could really abuse, as this extra slot from carousel was permanent. See it on the following video: Seems like the fix for this was, that this extra slot disappears as soon as you touch any champion. Most of the times, it doesn't add any significant power to your comp, because a semi-random, 1 star unit, usually does very little, but as your example shows there are exceptions. (Late game, top 2 1v1) So, looks like the developers are well aware of this possibility, and they let it be this way (for now). Still, we are free to have opinions, and I agree, that this a bit shady, so it would be good to be reworked in a way that it doesn't effect the outcome of battles.
: Team Fight Tactics: Pyke bug leap and spell
This is still in game! I had it yesterday, on version 9.15b. I had Pyke 2 star with seraph and ludens, so he had max mana at the start of the fight. As described, he started the fight with activating ulti, then assasin jump, then ulti jumped back pretty much to its starting position, and didn't stun anything. It did this in two consecutive fights, so I ended up selling this unit.


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