iDunk (EUW)
: That feel when you don't have a bathtub... but if I did, I wouldn't delete any champs. As much as some champs make my blood boil, I'd feel bad for the mains of those champs.
The champion would be erased from the minds of all who ever came in contact with it, so don't let remorse affect your decision :)
: Tank Advice for a noob!
If you want to play a ranged tank, I'd recommend **Gnar**{{champion:150}} , but he takes a lot of getting used to. ------------------------ If you feel like you want something easier to play with decent range, you could try **Cho'Gath**, **Tahm Kench**, **Dr. Mundo**, **Sion**, or even **Swain**, though he's not technically a tank, but he's very durable.
Player 00 (EUW)
: "More stats"
Click on the game in your match history, it should open in your browser.
Tarolock (EUW)
: no it shouldnt, do you know how to stop this toxic behavior? by not dodging, if you dont dodge the troll have to play the game where he can be reported so he either plays the role he gets or gets banned and either way its one less troll, but if you dodge games for things like this you give them a tool to work around autofill/bans
I think his point is that you cannot report the people for their unsportsmanlike behavior if someone leaves champ select. I still think it's not a good idea though.
jack8816 (EUW)
: Riot pease help
Dunno if I should like for Fizz nerfs, or dislike for Fizz mains...
: new champions
Yes, Rakan is a support, but you can be sure to see more support champions released in the future, though I believe Rito is getting close to their desired amount of champions in their roster.
HotDogg 24 (EUNE)
Your shift button is stuck again son...
: Got A Chat Restriction
People dislike because who cares about chat restriction anyway? At least it restricts your flaming capability. The amount of sentences needed to communicate with your team is 0. Pings are good enough.
: be like olaf. just stop giving a %%%%.
_"The worth of a man can be measured by the length of his beard, and the girth of his... belt buckle."_
: While I feel tempted to say Yasuo too, I wouldnt. It would be unfair to the few actually decent human beings that play Yasuo.
I wasn't aware that decent human beings played this game. lol
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Melοw (EUW)
: I don't know why people dont comment the thread is it in the worng place or something? :(
Nah, the Boards are just dead... The only things that get featured are drawings (art).
: Introducing ZEVA: The Pride of Zaun
Cool, but wouldn't the Hextech Chaingun be terrible? a little better than 1 attack per second but very low impact damage, _and_ you're rooted for the duration. I guess it _does_ apply a slow, but still... > **Zaun Gas Grenade** _blablablabla_. The gas applies _**nearsight**_ and _blablablabla_. What's _**nearsight**_? What does it do? It isn't explained in the post. Hexrocket burst sounds awful, such a slow travel time... This would be very easily evaded. Cool concept with the passive! Right on!
: rengar+ nidalee = son kled ?
And {{champion:41}} & {{champion:120}} & {{champion:115}} are his uncles who provided him with stylish clothes and waponary.
Melοw (EUW)
: An idea for the new client: Customizable tabs for champion selection.
Wurdy (EUNE)
: Skin tab
Great Idea!
Zavion (EUW)
: I like it. I especially like the removal of the antifun suppression that he has.
: OMG that ms slow tho 90% for 6 seconds that's freaking broken i would say lower it, 50% slow is already strong as hell i like the concept tho.
Thanks, I've lowered the slow to 50/60/70%
Rismosch (EUW)
: I think the best gamemode is the Classic 5v5, it's also the most played one. :P
Because it's available 100% of the time. Hexakill and Urf were always only very temporary.
Ammuummuu (EUW)
: Why aren't Player Able to gain key fragments on free week champs they dont own?
Rioter Comments
: Aurelion Lols
Please, he's called #Ao Shin
Gaufrus (EUW)
: You'd need to ask Riot. The game remains free, so not every player has been playing long enough to get many champions; and they don't have to pay for it if they don't want to. Sicne there is a required amount of champions needed to play ranked (16 ? Can't remember), the champion pool of some players would be reduced to almost nothing... No matter what the condescending players might think (you know the ones, saying "you need to be at least gold level in every role and master at least 3 champs for each one before you go ranked"), Riot still has to cater to its entire playerbase, not just the high-level, long time players. Just because the amount of champions increase, doesn't mean the amount of owned champions follows.
There is a requirement of 16 champions because if both teams somehow banned 6 of your owned champions, and you'd be last pick and all other players would pick a champion that you own, you'd still have 1 champion to "choose" from. If there were 5 bans per team (10 in total), Riot would issue a requirement of at least 20 owned champions to even it out. I currently own ~70 champions (last time I checked I had 69 champions, and I've bought about 2-4 champions since then), and of course it wouldn't be a problem for me, even if it would mean that the enemy team could start banning my mains. --- Right now I feel obligated to pick/ban the "overpowered" champions, and I can't focus on banning what I just actually don't like or something that counters my intended pick. The bans are the same every single game; Fiora, Jax, Poppy, Tahm Kench, Mundo, Graves, Gangplank... Riot will be nerfing Graves and Poppy in the next patch so I'd like to see if it actually balances them out.
1deom0tor (EUNE)
: new fiora needs help!
Fiora is extremely strong at the moment, and I think it's very late to start picking her up just now since she is prone to get nerfed soon, but new players aren't going to find as much success with her. Fiora is a monster when mastered, and I definitley recommend learning her. --- The best advice I can give is to play her yourself in normal games over and over. Try to figure out your own builds and your own playstyle, copying the pro's can be good, but in my opinion it's best just to make your own builds. Besides, you'll probably use the same builds as the pro's do, but you won't be blindly following rules. You will know _why_ you are building what your are building, and you'll be able to adapt your build to the situation. --- After you've played 10+ normal games with her I guarantee that you'll know her quite well. And if not, then she's not the champion for you. Try picking up a different champion! If you're looking for a carry toplaner I'd recommend **Rumble, Irelia and Darius**.
: The reason why you lose games? Because you pick "powerpicks" you cannot play.
I have yet to see a Graves, Corki or a Lucian feed. You are right overall though, Vayne players feed every single time unless they actually main the champion or at least play them a lot. I feel the champions this applies to the most are brand new champions / champion reworks and the following champions: Lee Sin, Vayne, Zed, Yasuo, Thresh, Riven
: Riot Meddler's response about 10 bans
"Champion Diversity" Poppy, FIora, Jax, Malphite, Mundo and Gangplank banned nearly every single game. Oh well... so much for diversity.
: because all players will ban all champions who is op imagine what happen if they ban all their counters this is not fair game
Seems pretty strategic to me, and riot will have less players crying over op champions, since the op champions will always be banned (as if they weren't already).
Minstrel (EUNE)
: 6300 Pi is about 19,800, so you should be good :3 On a more serious note, he will drop a week after release. He was released on February 1st unless I'm mistaken, which would make his price go down on the 8th.
You deserve a cookie.
: With one problem. If I lose, I lost an hour and 200Ip. So yes, winning matters. Like my last game. I pinged when yi went from mid lane, twice, and TWICE did both bot laners die to him. I feel I have the right to tell them that they suck ass and because of their involvement in me losing on hour of my day to not even get IP. How about that?
The people won't play better if you harass them, in fact, they are more likley to play worse, and so are you after flaming because you are tilted. Instead of saying something unhelpful like: _"you suck go uninstall,"_ you should use constructive criticism to help your tamamtes play better, like: _"hey man, I know it can be a lot to pay attantion to, but check the map every now and then and keep an eye out for pings so you don't get killed by the jungler as often, I'll try to help as much as I can myself :)"_ --- I know it can be hard to control your anger, but trust me, if you use constructive criticism, your teammates will almost always play better. (Unless they get tilted too, and start flaming themselves, at which point it's better to just mute them, tell your teammates to mute them and maybe try to calm them down). Calming down a rager/flamer that is on tild is not easy, but 50% of the time it can be done, and it's always worth a try. If they are complaining that they aren't getting any ganks, instead of saying something like _"stfu and play,"_ you could say: _"Hey, I know it can be hard, but the junger has problems too, and I don't think you're gonna be getting any help from him, so try to play safe and stay put, be patient cause if you will be, help won't be far behind."_ Always try to defend both sides of the argument. If you do so, both sides will find satisfaction and hopefully leave peacefully.
prof1cy (EUW)
: What champion do you pick when you are first pick and your role is support?
It depends on what you're good at. I have a select few champions that I play, e.g.: ##Top: {{champion:122}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:150}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:14}} ##Jungle: {{champion:254}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:54}}{{champion:57}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:131}} ##Support: {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:412}} _This is what I play, and I always pick what I feel would go best with my team hover picks, or left over to right depending on what's available (how proficient I am at the champion)_ Of course, I can also play mid and adc, but I don't enjoy playing mid and I suck at playing adc, so I usually avoid the roles. ##Mid: {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:238}} ##ADC: {{champion:42}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:18}} Of course, I can play other champions if needed or requested, I'm just not particularly familliar with them and not very confident with them.
: SKIN DOES NOT EQUAL SKILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just mute the assholes that flame and report them after the game for harrasment. It's easy as that.
: You know something is wrong when ...
Yeah, Poppy and Fiora are probably the strongest top laners right now. If they are not banned it doesn't make sense **_not_** to pick them. Both are tanky as f*ck, do f*ckloads of damage, and have a lot of mobility/utility to top it all off. The reworks were good but I think Riot needs to think about reducing some numbers.
: this season is the worst so far
: Why would riot give shen his Q if he wasn't meant to dual people. :/
There are many champions that might have a dueling-type ability, but the champion as a whole isn't really a duelist. A good example would be Elise's W in spider form, Azir's Soldier mechanics as a whole, Fiddlesticks's W - Drain, Twisted Fate's E - Stacked Deck, Vi's W - Denting Blows, etc...
Makså (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jabbabax,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6JI8jtzp,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-02-01T06:58:08.633+0000) > > I think it'd be nice to learn a new role. > In the old system you had to be able to play avery role to an extent, now all you have to do is focus on two roles. > > I personally play Jungle, Top, and Support in ranked (depending on how I feel), and I am highly proficient in all of those roles. (to my startdards at least, which are pretty low by the way :O did I just insult myself?) I can play any position. I just don't find them fun
Noone is forcing you to play ranked at all. If it is fun you are looking for then get out of ranked and play some normals, they are way more fun thank ranked games, trust me. Pus you don't have to worry about losing if you play off-meta stuff like Teemo in the River. --- The only reason I play ranked at all is because I want to get to gold this season, which I am very close to right now. And once I get to gold V I will stop playing ranked for the rest of the season and just have fun. All I want is the Victorious skin, I don't need to prove to myself that I'm good, because I know that I'm not. --- Think about this, why do you play LoL? Do you play because of your friends? Because you want to be good? Because you already are good? Because the game is fun? _Because you want to progress? Because you've already invested so much money into LoL that quitting now would basically waste that money so the only option you have left is to continue playing a game that you no longer even like and you're trapped?_ Think abbout it.
itzgrube (EUW)
: Promos for nothing ?
Contact RIot Support, you can submit a ticket here If you have any screenshots it could help you a lot, so be sure to attatch any you might have.
Makså (EUW)
: So support/fill doesn't give me support all the time
I think it'd be nice to learn a new role. In the old system you had to be able to play avery role to an extent, now all you have to do is focus on two roles. I personally play Jungle, Top, and Support in ranked (depending on how I feel), and I am highly proficient in all of those roles. (to my startdards at least, which are pretty low by the way :O did I just insult myself?)
Hrki (EUNE)
: Don't get your hopes high. We saw how Riot "reworks" champions. Skarner, Darius, Garen, Mordekaiser aren't played at all, other than the patch where they were ridiculously overpowered by huge stats.
I actually still see Darius picked/banned quite often, and my opinion on the juggernaut updates is that the Demacian and Noxian were a success, and the Bug and the Tin Man were a faliure.
: Shen's Q
I don't think that is what Riot had in mind when they were designing Shen's new kit. Look at it in General, he only has 2 damaging abilities (Q and E) and the rest are defensive/utility based. It's true that Shen has a very weak damage output, but that is just how the champion is designed. He is a team oriented Champion, so he's not designed to be a dueling tank. There are plenty of other champions that can fill that role if that is what you're looking for. Of course, it depends on the build, and how you play the champion, but you can adapt it any way you like. Some examples would be: * Fiora * Jax * Skarner * Garen * Nasus * Olaf * Irelia * Volibear
: The great league has a very "Balanced" ranking system can anyone help?
The only advice I can provide you with is to try harder. A little persistance is needed to achieve most goals, and if you wish to get out of bronze, all you have to do is keep trying. Here I am assuming that you really just got extremely unlucky and that you are good enough to get out of the rank you're at right now. But if you've already played ~30+ ranked games this season, and you are still the same rank, it might be a sighn that you need to improove. I know that hearing the same thing over and over again "do not blame your teammates," "It's impossible to get bad teammates every single game," can get a bit annoying, but you can't really argue with those points. We've all gotten unlucky at least once, and went on a losing spree for whatever reasons. I'd advise to take a break from ranked for at least 1 week if you still have problems, try to gather your thoughts and calm yourself. Maybe take a look at some educational league vidoes to help you play at your best level possible.
: Could Dynamic Queue please please remember last game queued roles?
Great Idea! I would like to ask everoyn who alos agree with this to upvote this post so Riot can notice and possibly implement it!
12a12b12d (EUNE)
: SUGGESTION: Toggle SunFire cape passive.
I've already poasted the same idea before (more than 1 year ago), and I completely agree with you. If **Cho'Gath** can toggle his _Vorpal Spikes_ on and off, why shouldn't you be able to do the same with _Sunfire Cape_
: > Shen has extrenely low damage Wait, so a potential 21% max hp damage on his Q is 'extremely low'? Also, a good deal of what you said makes him weak is actually what stops him from being overbearing.
21% max hp isn't alot, and he doesn't have any other damage source other than that (he has his E, but it has a long cooldown and is far too valuable to use for damage). And it's not true damage, meaning that he will end up doing only ~65% of that damage (which would be ~13.5% of the targets max health in damage) Additinally, it's potential, and most of the time you'll be drawing the sword through a champion twice in a fight at most (unless the fight drags on to be really long). and without that, you'd be doing only 15% max hp, which, with the accounting of resistances would be ~10% of the targets maximum health in damage. Shen _does_ have damage, but he deals it extremely slowly. His Q is almost always up, but keep in mind that he doesn't have any damage except for that. Yes it would be bullshit on a carry like Master Yi for example, but Shen is a melee Tank with okay mobility. Basically you _have_ to land the taunt otherwise you're going to be useless in fights and just end up tanking some damage.
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candoodle (EUW)
: {{champion:20}} main here to weigh in on the changes I think this is the right direction to take nunu, lower his dmg and ap scaling but embrace his identity as a nunuisance annoying people is nunu's whole thing. Like running in and stealing enemy buff right in front of their face. You cant kill them after you take it but you can just run off again spamming laugh. right now there are twonus, there is tank nunu that is mainly just an annoyance, and then there is ap nunu, who is super strong in lane but his only chance to make big plays in teamfights is if somehow the enemy team is dumb enough to let him get off a full channel ult even the bronziest of players can only fall for the "gee i wonder why this bush is making me slow, i'd better take a closer look" empire surprise so many times. I wouldnt mind if riot nerfed the dmg on absolute zero and buffed it's utility a little much like they did with snowball That imo is what nunu should be able to offer a team (and deny the enemy team), nunUtility
Good point!
Larry (EUNE)
: Yes, RNG means unstable power, and now that is less random, the power can be controlled better. That is not a direct buff, but it enhances performance. And that is necessary to understand what is the thing that makes this champion overpowered
It makes her more predictable, which means that better Fiora players will get even better, and it should be easier to counterplay against her (It's still going to be near impossible though).
Perilum (EUW)
: I don't get the poppy part. Even when I build as Jungler full Fighter (AD/HP items) I can't one shot squishies. But if you get wall banged, get hit by my Q and don't manage to leave the zone from the second explode, and I cc you with the Ult for a second round (Full extended combo), then I OUTPLAYED you. No one shot.
Go full tank, AD is useless on her. The scalings aren't very good. If you want damage go for a Sheen item (_Tiforce/Iceborn Gauntlet_) and Thunderlord's Decree. If you hit someone into a wall they're dead.
: Have you actually played Kha Zix yourself? Don't get me wrong, he is my favourite assassin by far because he is imo the best designed assassin in League: killing targets that left the group. However, this won't work against people with half a brain. If a target is not isolated, Kha Zix can't burst him fast enough even if fed, unlike someone like Rengar who just jumps in and bursts someone with his ultimate. I agree though that Poppy deserves a nerf. Going full tank and still outdamaging someone who builds ad/ap should never be the case. Which is also why I still think that those Mundo and Tham Kench nerfs are not enough. Also Malphite needs some nerfs
So you think Kha'Zix needs some nerfs? I didn't really understand your point, sorry. And no, I don't play Kha'Zix, I don't like playing assassins, it's too toxic. More often than not, Poppy does the most damage from the entire team, and that's just wrong... Thank you for the agreement on that!
: /facefuckingpalm he has 6th best win rate in diamond, that's all that matters. lmao
Diamond is 1% of all the players. Why can't Riot focus more on us bronzies (40%) or silvers (50%)
Neonchan (EUW)
: "{{champion:121}} (..) The only people that ever play this champion are people that main him (or simply play him a lot), and they dominate with him. " Why has he terrible overall stats than? A champ that's only played by mains should have unusually good stats not really bad stats. So either you baseassumption is wrong or he is the worst champ ever, when even someone maining him can't get decent results. I was suprised, that he only got 2 small QoL changes and no real buff
Maybe it's just the smurfs playing him now, dominating me every single game I see him in. I'm sure we'll see the true colors of Riots balance in ~1-2 months, when everyone is in the leageu they belong to. But even a Gold V smurf will wreck me if I'm in my Bronze IV promo's :'D
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