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: I'll work on your comment backwards. You can't receive tokens from playing games without the pass, but there are missions that come out that reward you with tokens, as I said 360 tokens are from missions that have been announced, and apparently there are 360 additional tokens from unannounced missions. Once you buy the pass, then you get 15 tokens from every first win and then additional tokens every game. The events are still free. You still get free skins from the worlds orbs, you still get key fragments for free, you get a free ward skin and summoner icon and even an emote. And you can still get the golden chroma/boarder for free. These are all cosmetics that you can choose from. Granted, you can't buy them all for free, but that's the point. You still get free sh!t for doing absolutely nothing other than just playing the game. Money is involved. I never said it wasn't. And I think it's great that you can't get absolutely everything for free, otherwise everyone would just buy prestige kai'sa chroma (2500 tokens) and it wouldn't feel special. Furthermore, if you could get 3000 tokens for free, that's 10 free worlds orbs for doing absolutely nothing. Riot is a games company, but also a business, so throwing out 10 free skins for no real reason is hurting their money gains. Every company is a business, that's how companies evolve. Money plays a massive part in every company, especially Riot since they are making new games, keeping current games alive and organising the 2nd biggest esports events of the gaming history. I'm not going to pretend that I even know how much booking a stadium costs, but I imagine it's quite a large portion of money. Back in season 3 we would be lucky to even get a summoner icon for free, and we loved it. Having that chance at getting something was just so fun back in the day. And now we get sh!t thrown at us and given to us, it makes people like you very ungrateful. You get free stuff but want even more. And to come back at your "Tell to your mirror reflection if this game is still "free" to play?". Yes, it is. Money only buys silly cosmetics. It doesn't improve your stats, it doesn't improve your chances of winning. It's literally only cosmetics. So yes, the game is still free to play, there is no pay to win here. You only buy stuff if you want to look different. Finally, I never said Riot was poor. I said they needed to make more money. They are having to make cutbacks to please us. Some of the staff, especially around the eSports associated area (analysts and casters) are not able to go to the worlds stadiums, and they are having cutbacks too, all to please us fans. And you're that ungrateful that you can't even accept a portion of free stuff, you want the whole thing to be free...
I will cut myself back and say yes I do receive the tokens now. Apparently, that was a bug regarding the launcher. I do agree on a good amount of what you say, This is a debate. Not a chat in bronze. tho I will give one point to this. 1: what is in this event for those that can´t play that many games? unless one buys the pass, 300 tokens is unrealistic for those of us with lives on the side but still wants to enjoy the game. its gives a taste of "you have to buy in order to enjoy" this. That smells of EA and Activision. "Manipulative" is the key word here. And I do get sad and worried that Riot will go down the gambling route that they already are with the loot boxes.
: You are not forced to buy the pass, just like skins.
Your not forced to go to the theme park with your friends, but you get a better feeling doing so right? The park was free to enter in the past. Now it cost money.
: The content is still free. You still get 360 tokens from the announced missions, and possibly another shed load of tokens from mystery missions. It's free shit and you still complain. Riot announced that they had to cut the costs for worlds this year, and even have gone so far as to not fly the analysts out to korea, they're still in America. Everyone suggested having an events pass and now that they listened to the community people complain. Not to mention that you only need to pay £10, and play 2 games per day to get 2500 tokens anyway, and having the events pass for 1 or even 2 MORE events that also contain free stuff so you don't even have to pay for that either. So if you really cannot afford £10 then you don't even need to buy it. It's a free to play game, but they have to make money somehow so they give something extra for paying customers. It's as simple as that. You're really making a big deal about nothing. You get free content and the OPTION to buy extra content. No one is forced into it, but it's a way for Riot to make money to keep a free to play game running. Would you rather no extra pay option, having just the free content alone and Riot shutting down the game in a couple years? I know I wouldn't.
so riot is so poor they have to do this? you sound like an apple fan trying to defend this. Riot is part of a big ass corp by now, is making "another" game, and has, I don´t know, tons and tons of sponsors? and you are telling me they have to make money like this? are you shitting me? That sounds awfully lot like EA saying they needed to make BF2 a loot box gamble party, and when the backlash broke, they told investors they didn't really need to have the loot boxes in the game!. "look it up" League of Legends is not going down any time soon, but they ARE going down that path to make even MORE money than they already do. that sounds an awful lot like EA, you want riot to be EA? So instead of as you said, give people a choice to invest in the events, we have to pay... from the past where it was a choice of what you want event to invest in, once again the odd-ass event was free and a matter of investment. Now we pay, and invest. No matter how you paint it, money is involved with this year no less than 3 events. Tell to your mirror reflection if this game is still "free" to play? or starts to smell like a AAA gane with a season pass. oh, and by the way, i SILL CAN`T RECEIVE ANY TOKENS, before I buy the pass. "look it up in the launcher... "
: Source for no harrowing event? Since Bewitching Janna has already been leaked? The worlds pass covers 3 events, the worlds event, the harrowing event and another event that I can't remember. The worlds event alone lasts until like november 5th anyway. So you are getting so much value out of it. On top of that, you are not FORCED to buy the pass. You get like 100 worlds missions without the pass, which gives you more than enough tokens (50 missions announced, 50 are mystery is what I've been told).
As far as i know, i don´t get any ticket, i earn them yes, but i only "get" them when i buy into... Well buying the pass. Read the title, scam pass. EVERYONE is having a party with like 3 events, so if i don´t want to shell out, or those that "can´t" shell out, they are left out in the cold this year? what dos that tell? you, you don´t have to pay sure and play along, buuuuuuut there is like fireworks and a party over here, come come now. Just you know... pay for the pass. "Manipulative" is the word here. "left out" is the second, vs all the other events and content was free, no less then a few weeks with the Odd-ass event.
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Terror toy (EUNE)
: In another life you died of dehydration with a glass of water in your hand? Now really... You ask where to find people who play LoL **ON THE GAME FORUM** ? And you ask for sites to find this players? Hmm... Why did your friends left you behind?
I ask those here who can recommend, hopefully sites to find someone of better then 12 year old faker fans. And if you have to ask, they left because of crippling depression and a ex gf telling lies...
: There are a lot of small groups you can join. The Boards are full of Discord and in-game clubs. Or you can just add friendly players in the post-game lobby and chat with them.
Have anyone to suggest? Not sure if I am with bad luck, not many I meet in game tends to be the "gg ez" kind
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: > [{quoted}](name=Abysmal Scream,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NTNMAmn7,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-08-29T07:49:15.527+0000) > > It was kinda balanced pre-devourer. Except that none played {{champion:266}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:56}} or any remotely viable AAs jungler. Keeping a whole class of champs out of the game cause they had to use a nerfed item while other jungle items were being reworked would have been SOOO fair and "balanced".
the others are fine and can be taken down with T-work, but tell me how you are gonna have any balanced chance agains a sated devourer on kyle ? if i get her in game on the enemey, i almost wonna give up and go afk in protest. she is broken. makeing them viable again is one thing, makeing them the ONLY fucking thing you can play in the jungle now is bullshit
: It's not about the trolls, it's about the balance. I can't play Kassa now, because I'm getting towerdived every 3 minutes by a Zed, I can't even build Zhonya because he keeps me under turret, so I can't take too much farm...
That right there is whine, this game is under what i tend to call the "Pokemon syndrome" Kassa is not good vs Zed, just like a Pikatchu is not good agains a stone type, do you get it? just cus you want to play a certen champ dosent mean its the best vs some other champ,
Jack Mana (EUNE)
: the FF word
i say again, this is not about the /surrender options, this is about the attitude, ppl in this game are stupid, i am sorry, but if you start a ranked with no intention of at least "try" to win it, and just stay in base cry like a little child cus you are 0.3.0 from mid. then why the flying fock are you even playing ranked? normals are for "imo" for fun a play, ranked is where you do your best, "exepct for the kindergarden we all know as bronze" and this trend of crying "FF" in chat is the worse, its like stoping and sitting down to cry in the middel of a football match... IN SUPERBOWL!. wtf ppl ?
Jack Mana (EUNE)
: the FF word
Guys guys guys! i am not talking about removing anything, i am talking about leaveing the attitude at home. calling out FF is just as bad as calling out "noob" or "Report -insert fav lane here-" its childish at best and flame at worst. this is a trend, that needs to be shut down, and quick, we dont need any more ways for ppl to just give up. and yes, the surrender system is there for a reson, but for exampel : calling FF and try to surrender in a 12 - 20 match with a fed trynda on oure team? where the flying fuck did that come from? if you are that easy to give up, then dont play ranked? go break normals then
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Danboa (EUW)
: Hi my name's Danboa, I'm a toxic player.
its in the game hints. "players that flame and rage like little kids, lose 99% more games" the second you quit the flaming and rageing, its the second you start winning, maybe not that match, but then the next its the split between bonzies and goldies+ when you stop wasting time on others mistakes and writing trash in chat nobody can use to anything, and start focus on the game. want a hint? get some music playing the background, "some good music, if your listen to rape-hip-hop, or hard rock, then you are probley one of those duche-bags that deserve to get banned <3" and ignore the flamers in chat, your losing? get into your mind, see the game as a challenge, rather then a surrender at 20. 2: take breaks. lol is a freaking game, not your personal mic for rage and flame becuse your last game went bad or you day overall has been terrible. take a break, a shower, whatever, and do something else,
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LA Losty (EUW)
: Id rather have a series, of each episode being 20~ min. There should be an episode for each champ and about their lore (Champs who know eachother like Zed, Shen, Akali and Kennen could just have 1 episode together).
I like the idea of a series, tho it would be a never ending one, since a main story would be needed to keep ppl comming back for next weekds episode, even long runners like Naturo have an endnig, with the number of champions and the rate they are reased, it dont see no end.
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