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: Hey guys, We're currently looking into these issues that are mainly impacting EUNE (some small impact to EUW). We're keeping ranked enabled right now as it's impacting a very small amount of players, but are working to get you guys back to normal ASAP too. If you're experiencing any issues, I'd advise staying away from ranked until things even out.
So far its effecting Greek players from 3 providers and Bulgaria and Serbia...Germany appears to be fine...dont know if that helps in any way..
ForCzech (EUNE)
: Nah man its just right now, almost never had an problem, today 25-30ms and still lags, 8 from 10 players in match same problem.
y never had a problem either so far...its todays issue...i think they are looking into it..
: 3 sec delay is not bad. I play on 10 sec delay for 3 years (smite baron at 4k and it will be fine), just stop whining and go back on the rift guys.
Same...3 games in a row now....we all get 2-3 sec lags..in aram when u are on your half of the map its fine..as soon as u engage an opponent its unplayable..
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: can adcs and mids stop thinking buffs are theirs by default?
I agree with u dude.... u decide to plau jungle and suddenly mid gets blue....adc gets red.... If u go to their lanes for gank and kill 1 minion after they are like get off my lane...report ksing my farm....jungle is junglers...period! :p


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