: is it time to quit league maybe?
Just %%%%ing quit it, Im doing the same now. Im a support main and after the season 8 start I haven´t been able to win a single game because of my team. Not even when I play any other role just to make sure anybody else cant feed top/Jg/mid/adc. Not even when I play as great as I´ve never done before Im not able to carry. Riot broke this game once and for all, that´s too bad cuz the champion balance is pretty great rn
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: If I'm bad why do I win 60% of 500 games?
It’s damn impossible to win as a support main with bronze players in your team. I’m maiming support but can’t do it anymore if I don’t want to lose
: Anyone else having horrible placement matches?
I lost almost every damn placement match cuz riot matchmaking system is totally broken. Always gets these god damn inters who doesn’t give a %%%% about the game. Not feeders but actually inters
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