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: Ur comment describes perfectly my situation,and im stuck exactly on my 6 th shard , im pretty sure something is wrong from the game side, and ofc i know everything about the randomness and all ,but this is the first month for me as well to feel this way .
Yep..there are quite a few people on eu boards with this same problem..i think we are all on eune..something is going on, and everybody tells you the same, its random, drop rate is a curve, the more you play the less you get..yes, i know all that, everything was fine for a year since hextech crafting started, this is the first time something like this looks like it bugged for some of us, not all players, or like its severely nerfed drop rate. I always farm my 4 keys per cycle, this cycle i doubt im gonna get past 2 keys, its imposible with this drop rate and i play more than your average guy, and farm quite a bit wins. It would be nice if we could get atention from some red on boards, because there seems to be quite a few people with this problem right now.
: Is there a problem with Key Drop?
Ill just copy my post from another thread about this where I just posted: Yeah, I think something fishy is going on..i already posted on topic ~10 days ago where OP had same problem as me..stuck on 5 fragments..i actually got my 6th fragment after ~25 wins, but now after that no signs of 7th fragment for this cycle..and im above 30 wins this rate there is no way im gonna get all 12 fragments for this cycle (my cycle resetted on 21.4.). This is a first time something like this happens to me, I usually farm fairly easy my 12 fragments per cycle and it never took me 30+ wins for another it looks like its kinda bugged or like they severley nerfed drop rate... I also contacted support that night before i finaly got my 6th fragment and they said to me its all just random, i mean yeah i know that, but for one year since hextech crafting started the drop rate was NEVER this bad like this month, this will be the first cycle i wont be able to get all 4 keys..
Kazzushi (EUNE)
: Key won't drop (6/12 this month)
Update: Right now after 30 wins or so I finally got my 6th fragment..this was Ill see how it goes for other 6 fragments..note: I was in premade group and played on Howling Abyss.
Kazzushi (EUNE)
: Key won't drop (6/12 this month)
Same problem here!! My cycle also restarted on 21.4. and I ALSO gained only 5 fragments (4 in the first evening, 5th two days later) and since then its stucked same situation as yours. (I am aware of 28 day cycle and how key fragments drop, I keep track of my cycles). This is a first time something like this happens..I am sitting now on 25+ wins and nothing, stuck on 5 fragments (almost all games were played on Howling Abyss, now im testing summoners rift because there was a bug with key fragments and HA map last year). Please bump this, there seems to be some bug going on with key fragments this patch!
: Mastery score
Same problem here. Mastery points got deleted, I guess it is bugged.
Ja hrvat (EUNE)
: key fragments
Update: Since I switched to rift they started to drop..when i go back to aram no fragments at I dont know what is going on this patch, i always grind keys on aram but...weird. Advice to OP, if you dont get fragments at all, like zero fragments send a ticket to support. I think thats your best bet, these topics just die and noone see them. GL.
: Ok, Well I'm getting them, although you already know that theres a limit per month and the more you get the less likely you get another and so on. But I can confirm that there isnt a bug in ARAM because I've gotten one yesterday :> make a ticket about it I guess.
Yeah i made ticket tho i canceled it today bcs since i started playing rift they are coming like aram still nothing..dunno what is going on, i was grinding keys in aram last few months, this is just weird..but atleast they are droping on rift :)
: Possibly could be bugged, not sure if you're in the same situation as the poster, but for 12 key fragments i'd say 35 games in 3 weeks is a fairly low amount.
35 games for 12 fragments is definitly low amount but i think the problem is that OP havent got A SINGLE key fragment for 3 zero fragments. As for me still not a single fragment, im gonna test some rift games now but on ARAM no fragments at all since 6.18 patch. Im still thinking some kind of bug is going on.
: Are you winning games? Are you or teamates getting S's?
Yes I am winning tho i must say nearly all of my games were on ARAM, maybe is aram bugged again..that happened earlier..ocasionaly i earn S also but that is not connected with fragments..i got my chests for S..thing is, since the first day of hextech crafting i was aware of pattern so i always knew exact day when my "cycle" reset and i always earn 12frags/4 full keys per 4 week it was always pretty straightforward, but now after 6.18 patch there is no a single fragment drop after ~15wins and im 99% sure my 4 week cycle was due to reset on 8.9. And now i see quite a few eune guys that complain that they dont get fragments at all for a long i think something is going on.
Thespy71 (EUNE)
: Hextech crafting is broken? :C
Can we somehow make Riot see this, i think there is some kind of bug on EUNE new 4 week cycle started on 8.9. and not a single fragment since then, i got my last fragment on 4.9. (i am aware of how hextech works, ~12 frags per cycle, cycle last 28 days since your first day of hextech)..anyway no fragments for me also since 6.18 patch and i saw quite a few posts from eune guys that they dont get fragments at all.
: This again is on the basis that people are saying it is too hard to get fragments, and Riot are clarifying that it is POSSIBLE to get 12 fragments, it too does not state or indicate that it is the cap.
Yeah, sadly i cant find thread i was looking for but im pretty much sure it was officialy confirmed that 12 per cycle is cap..but anyway thats not the point now, as for me i always knew exact day/date and even aprox. time when it reset for me but it seems like yesterday just didnt reset..i guess ill see in a next few days if i get some fragments but i am curious if someone also have that problem and if its possible that its bugged.
: This doesn't state once that it caps at 12, it suggests that as you can get 4 boxes, which requires 12 keys, that it's completely plausible to get them in this time frame, not that it caps them.
There is a cap on 12 fragments/4 full keys per cycle..atleast of now, confirmed by red: It was stated on a few other threads but i cant find them now..
Ja hrvat (EUNE)
: key fragments
I am aware of how hextech works (max 12 fragments per "cycle" then it resets, cycle last for 4 weeks/28 days and you get your first few fragments fast then it spreads) but i think something is going on, i got my 12th fragment on 4.9. and yesterday my cycle was suposed to reset (i am counting from the day i got my first ever fragment and until now it reset was always on day i was expecting it), however, yesterday was the day it should reset for me but after ~10 wins still nothing which is very strange and first time it happens like this..i got my chest slot yesterday and thats signs of fragments. Is there any chance that this is bugged somehow?? edit: also i should mention only one game was played on rift, others on aram, i know aram was already bugged before and fragments did not drop there for one patch..maybe this is the case? or it didnt reset at all, but im 99,99% sure that my day for reset was 8.9. and it was always right on time for 6 months..there is no way i wouldnt get at least 1 fragment in 10 wins right after reset so for now it looks like its bugged somehow (atleast for me)
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: [Resolved] Snowdown shop
Please reset for EUNE :(:(

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