Enkid0u (EUW)
: Game don't start after champ select
Hi guys, i guess its a thing, i have the same problem. maybe something they are trying to fix the disconect problem affected us that way... if anyone find a solution pls let me know.
: They would have been in the other team you wouldn't have cried about them making it a one side game yawn
whats the difference? so u play the game jsut to win? im playing a game to have fun. killing trolls, hitting turrets of an open game and winning in 15 minutes its a 20 minute loss of my life.
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VK500 (EUNE)
: Goddamnit Rito
same problem here, since yesterday evening.. i hope they fix it asap
: Error during logging in on my EUNE Acc, no problems on EUWE
i have the same problem, i think we just have to w8 until they fix it
thankarezos (EUNE)
: Same problem here and riot dint ever noticed it after so many hours
its funny how there are so many posts about this problem and no rioter responded to any of them


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