Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why is it impossible to get honored as an ADC?
ADC is not roaming... I would rather honor top/mid that moves its 3 letters out of lane and helps. Sometimes a good jungler that can carry a game instead of farming.
Noey140 (EUW)
: Remove the possibility to bann teammate champs?!
I will always ban Yuumi or troll/afk if picked by ally even if that eventually will result in ban. Low healing, low damage and zero peel. %%%% anyone who plays her.
: how is rengar balanced?
He is 'balanced' because Khazix can do better🤣 {{champion:121}} >{{champion:107}}
: i didn't find anything about that emote btw maybe it's a laugh emote ( kekw kinda looks like hehe ) ty El Risitas... Guy have funny laugh and people made plenty parodies of this interview: One of many: But KEKW is mostly about his laugh 😅
: New draven skin pls rito ?
I am not sure if I want him to get buffed... But Battle Academia would fit him 😅
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: Yeahhhhhhh sure I totally believe that some random toxic player from EUW somehow magically was in one of my 20 flex games I pretty much never talk in games, especially ranked games So.... nice try {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} And that doesn't really change the fact that nobody cares
Not to mention that he is EUW 😅
: Well, technically they became one body in the end. I'm talking about in-game couples, two different champs more like Rakan and Xayah.
Soo... There is like one real couple in entire game that is Rakan and Xayah but you already stormed the gates asking for 'gender neutrality' hmm? You know that minority is called minority for a reason?
: Same here for a promo, so we wont get our win ?
Thats interesting... Game counted as a loss or like match never happened?
: I won a game of TFT because RNG
One game dont change the fact that you will never climb if you are not good at this game... while grandmasters can win with troll builds just like in rift.
: Kalista
She need a rework...
: Karthus W 'wall of pain' - Strange name for a zero damage ability
Imo they should buff it to place a suffering mark on target that you can blow up with Q/R (after few seconds of passing thro it) for extra damage.
Kraungard (EUNE)
: Don't you love it when people run it down and go unpunished?
But you got to that promo because your enemies ran it down before 🤣 Circle of Life
: About KDA and tryhard.
I need only: Star Guardian Battle Academia Blood Moon
: NO wonder this match was so hard to win...
I use pink wards only when I find them thro kleptomancy. I dont like them being visible compared to previous version and its a waste of gold for me even if it's low elo thinking. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
FunApple (EUW)
: Alternative ways to get Hextech chest
Let us buy them for orange essence.
: New Logo : Slightly disappointing.
Copy of Guardians of the Galaxy (Vol.1)
: But aren't Rakan, xayah and Neeko the old team of ahri's? When i searched it up who ahri's old team was, it was Miss fortune, Neeko, Xayah and rakan. it kinda shows in Light and Shadow trailer or somethinh. In the like where neeko saw the star guardians, The second picture there was Ahri Miss, Neeko, Xayah, Rakan. So i tohught Blue for Xayah Yellow for Neeko and Green for Rakan, Isnt Rakan a support?
She cant have their gems... Because they have them 😅. Missing... Suspected dead~ but still alive and using powers for evil 🤔
: la di la di da
I dont like when they bark.
: Please BUFF Riven
Can we turn Aatrox into Riven skin while we are at it? I want Aatrox to be buffed and its the best option to do that!
: It's both extremly easy to win TFT nowadays but really freaking annoying.
But I am making noble-braum with ashe!
: Maybe these changes would help trundle come back a bit
There are no tanks so what do you want? Ofcourse anti-tank have no place in the meta.
KonoKat (EUW)
: Eternals
But Riot dont want you to have it on all your 150+ champions. It is supposed to be used on few mains. At least they pretend that they dont want it 🤣
: i bet if they would put in a "fast-queue" and "slow-queue" it would reduce this issue .. fast queue meaning you are ok with being auto filled or having autofilled ppl in your team .. you just want to get to play as fast as possible and slow queue meaning you are absolutely willing to wait longer if that means everyone gets the role they want .. maybe something like if someone from the enemy team dodges you get +1 lp or some stuff .. would also be effective .. many ppl dodge because they can almost guarantee that they will loose .. maybe they were autofilled to their worst position or something else like a troll they know etc .. they are sure they will loose this game so its only rational to get -3 instead of -20 lp .. all you do by making dodges stronger punnished is you give ppl who actively troll lobys because e.g. their champ got banned even more power .. where once a person took -3 for all teammates now he might need to take -15 .. and at that point ppl would rather try to win this 'imposible' game then to waste so much lp of the bat .. dont forget this decision will mean the loosing team who knew they will most likely loose had to all waste their time ..
"slow queue" never gonna happen.
: daily reminder: low elo queue
Back in the day when there was no assigned roles and support autofill.
: tft : activate 6 unit traits 3 times
Noble 6, Glacial 6, Assassin 6-9... Collect three sets like that. There is more ofcourse but you have to look for those that are made out of 6+ and avoid stuff like Void (3).
DeejayF (EUW)
: Why is Malphite an Assassin now?
Adapt or die... Like all other tanks!
duh7 (EUNE)
: Oly 3 good reworks they have by now. {{champion:14}} , {{champion:6}} and {{champion:3}} EDIT sory i forgot about WW
Imo Galio is bad as well... Previous one was like MR {{champion:33}} This one is just AP Mage/Bruiser
: Brand has too high movement speed at start
: lol there's so much wrong with your post. 1) 1v1s don't mean shit, it only proves you know how to play in a scenario where junglers, wave management, teamfighting, objective control, communication and itemization according to their team are completely excluded 2) being d2 means that on average, he's way, way better at his role or champion than any randomly picked bronze player (smurfs included) 3) Riot's matchmaking is fcking awesome
4) He writed FREE 🤣
: Don't buff Lucian numbers! Buff his abilities!
Lucian is already in decent spot... One of recommended champions to climb out of low elo for adc players.
: Why is Guinsoo's Rageblade not affecting HALF the things ?
Imo no item should buff Runes more than its base scaling (AD, AP, HP,...). Still other stuff should work... Like Jax.
Tusk (EUNE)
: Testing champions in ranked games.
My mastery 5 Kalista have 20% win ratio 🤣 Sometimes its better to let people play what they want.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jesi Oni,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vZoJeQW5,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-09-16T17:22:48.829+0000) > > Hook support can be useless and can be outplayed where assassins mostly jump at you with point&click and kill you with one-two autos. > > Before Assassin meta ADC could stay behind a tank and laugh... Now ADC is jumped by Khazix, Zed or any other toxic champion that walks away after killing you. how u counter a pyke who hooks from stealth. and pls don't say wards cause in lane u can't keep those alive 5 sec.
Huh? When he is invisible and nearby then you have that strange aoe around you that is revealing his presence in the area just like Evelynn W even if you dont see him 😅 Then he starts casting Q and is no longer stealthed... Not to mention that you can hear his hook being activated. Thats enough for me... If he will not dash thro me or will not cast hook in my face (bad positioning from my side) then I mostly laugh at him. And there is Ezreal that can just E out of his hook even when it actually hit you 😲 (Written from ADC perspective) And there is Morgana that just rotfls in shield --------------- Hmm they could change his Q to grab people with increased cd only when channeled to max.
: Fiora is balanced
: unlucky game :') just write a support ticket
Support ticket will not help... They will "look into it" and lock it. In reality they have a rule to punish player for RECENT activity... to make punished player know what exactly he got punished for. Mostly for chat 😅
: Hard maybe not, but it's harder than coins or shield since you get way less gold unless you play something like Morgana, but once you get a cooldown on your damage spell that's more than 5 seconds... Good luck farming as fast as someone with a coin/shield
: Is there any purpose playing Spellthief's edge anymore ?
How it is hard to farm? Any ranged support can just AA for free gold. I have a problem with shield mid-late because team just destroys minions 😅
: Not yasuo mains, they cry about him being the worst champ in the game
Those are actually yasuo waana-be-main-but-cant-play-him.
MissJJess (EUW)
: Top Lane
Fiora is harder than Riven...if you can even call Riven hard. What about {{champion:58}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:240}}
: About Aatrox nerf
They should left him alone.. he was only good at clearing waves~ everyone is better than him. Renekton, Mundo, Jax, Nasus, Riven... Why pick Aatrox? Also why buff Riven and nerf Aatrox at the same time? She will be better than him pre-nerf.
: Better Hextech?!
Its not going to happen because people would exploit it (selling skins for example) and Riot would earn less money. Still there should be another option than 'reroll into permanent'. Something like... Spending orange essences to roll shard into another shard.
Kravixman (EUNE)
: You know what is even worse than Assassins? Assassin/hook support types, that can be basically 2-3 times worse than you, but 1 good hook or quadra (Yes, talking about you{{champion:555}}) and the spam of... - *"better support, GG EZ"* never ends.
Hook support can be useless and can be outplayed where assassins mostly jump at you with point&click and kill you with one-two autos. Before Assassin meta ADC could stay behind a tank and laugh... Now ADC is jumped by Khazix, Zed or any other toxic champion that walks away after killing you.
DeejayF (EUW)
: I can not recall that they ever nerfed her ult at al Edit: they have "nerfed" it once and that was a 0.15 seconds of charge time increase from 0.60 so yeah it's safe to say that this piece if garbage ability is still the same
If you are main the tell me... What's her best role? I am considering getting Neeko myself but people play her everywhere~ have seen her at any lane from top to bottom 🤔
Ezzeldine (EUNE)
: Kindred need a skin!
I would like Blood Moon but probably Firefox (or whatever its name) is too similar with the theme 😭
Kravixman (EUNE)
: 20-30 that behaves like 14-15...
Kravixman (EUNE)
: Its called "Good manners" and you don't expect this from community where average age is 14-15 :D *PS. 1 downvote = 1 kid that got stabbed by truth. Come on! show how many League can spawn you XD*
Actually average is 20-30 Being older does not make you smarter/nicer/calmer
: Just ban my champion and I get flammed
So enemy banned it as well but you are still butthurt? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Anoligarh (EUW)
: OP champs right now to stomp low elo?
{{champion:11}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:107}} Jungle as them and GG
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Not really. I often watch Korea or NA vods, and it still count as a mission progression.
Well mine was not working till I swapped from NA to EU 😅
: Watch and earn
You have to watch vods from your region so EUW and EUNE is supposed to watch EUROPE.
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