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: Community is disgusting
not a single game where i enter not being flamed nad bullied by the choises i made last game i was shen because i mainly play shen ot lee and was blind pick against another shen and guess what since 1 second chat was flooded by lmao 1 milion shen who are you are you yummy rice lmao no life who the %%%% mains shen lmfao am gonna add you because i need a %%%%%% who mains shen in my list lmfao even got pulsefire than i got to like destroy my top lane non stop ultied bot while the other shen was not able to due to me tauting him when he ults had the most dmg in the game lmfao and was like flamed jeeez %%%%er playes his main on normals .. wining or loosing the outcome is the same either i get bullied for my champion and mastery score tryharding on normal playing main and turning this into offence or if i get killed mocking me for dying ? i cant belive this %%%%ing shit
: You are judge only by your actions. You don't know if they get punished cause of thier "privacy policy" You don't get notifications every time somebody get punished. So you don't know if they get chat restriction or not. And nothing is excuse to be toxic. So that "I was toxic cause he was toxic" is not valid reason to do so. System is automated. So if you got banned for something other person gona get that same treatment as you. You can turn off chat completely if you want. It's in the settings.
I see i didnt quite knew about this privacy policy despite i read it maybe its because it was along time ago .. also i never said i should be forgiven fo my toxcity i did my time for it... the thing is the sistem is not working respect and humility seems to be a forgotten in here {{champion:64}}
: >15 days of suspension 14* not 15. You can't get 15.
yes but you get the point
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