GLurch (EUW)
: As the Terms of Use state, your money is gone. There is nothing I can do about that and there is nothing anyone else on the boards can do about that, not even a lawyer could help you. You can try [contacting the Riot Support](, but there have been many cases like yours already and they will probably not pay you back anything. They'll probably just state a few lines of the Terms of Use and tell you, that your money is lost.
is there any telephone that i can use to communicate with someone from riot ? and guys it's just a game why they should be so bad with me or people who didnt knew ?As a kid you never read terms of use you just want to play te game :/
: I got permantly banned
they noticed a friend of mine for using this programs ... n they told him that he would permantly ban if he continue to use it ... but none notices for me ... just perma .. iknew the terms of use ... but i used it for custom skin to have fun ... not for the riot skin ... i had so many and i dont really needed a trird party program for them :'3 ... i not fair ... so many money on this game .. and they dont even notice you ...
GLurch (EUW)
: Well, the program you used just wasn't allowed. It seems like the program allows you to use skins Riot made, which is definitely not allowed. There are persons at Riot Games working to make these skins and because Riot made these skins, they belong to them. You aren't allowed to use their work the way you want to, as long as Riot didn't allow you to do so. They certainly didn't allow the makers of that program to use their skins. As I saw on the website, the makers first tried calling their program a "custom skin program". After that, they claim their program now isn't even a 3rd party program anymore, because you don't manually have to open it. Sorry, but the signs were there, that something has to be fishy.
oke oke .. what we are doing now ... i have payed about 1.000 euros in this account ... and you dont want to open descusion about how many money i spend on internet caffe to play this game the past 3 years .. i dont really remember my self to pay money for anything ealse axcept this game :/
Farce (EUNE)
: Custom skins are allowed. Software changing actual skins in-game is forbidden. Thus, this software is illegal to use. Make a new account.
Yo dude this program it's easier to use custom skin ... and about toxicity riot notice you about 3 times before perma ban... i got 0 notices from them
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ZedRanGeR (EUNE)
: How do i get the PROJECT Zed loading screen border?
i think by the new project hectec boxes ... that means that you have to earn an icon wich is like triaggle project ... and you will get the boarder :D
: hiiiiii i dont deserve that chat restriction!!
lol ofc you would get a chat ban for that dude :/
Riryz (EUW)
: yeah lol... youre complaining about having a 5 minute wait timer when sompeone else has access to your account. i dont know why the wait timer is more important than someone else accessing your account.
lol dude none has acces to my account :'3
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: how would you purchase program soraka by mistake there is even a confirmation page for it -_-
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