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Declined (EUNE)
: Greetings Daniel1993, While it's commendable that you've erased the names I don't really see the purpose of this thread, wouldn't it have been better if you instead had [submitted a ticket]( to support?
: I see no reason for a /remake option in ARAM. If somebody wants to be ginormous doorknob and go AFK the entire game because they didn't get a chosen role in a completely random game, then the rest of the team does not deserve to suffer and that player alone deserves to be punished.
Maluber (EUW)
: >DRAXXES December 13th 2017, 3:00:36 pm Sorry, man, but we do not tolerate toxicity and the "%%%" thing under any circumstance, as the community understands it as meaning "kill yourself". Take a read of this post. The guy tried to say it means kiss yourself. But as you can see from a riot support response, it doesn't matter as the community will always understand it as kill yourself.
And how do they know he wanted to say kill yourself? what can i say...if someone isnt old enough to get over stupid things like that then i suggest they stop playing the game.
: Back in the days when i started playing there was no hextech system and no way to get any skin without buying RP. Champions where much harder to get and there was almost no free icons. We also had to use most of our IP on runes, even before level 30 we needed to buy tier 2 runes at a pretty high price in order to be able to compete. Be happy with all the free stuff you get and dont cry like a little %%%%%. Ty ;)
healthier gameplay,i dont care about %%%%ing skins when champions like kayn and zoe exist.
: Extending the full mute to emotes
I thought it was working like that...well tbh only childish people use them,thats why ive never seen them
: Playing against assassins
Ill agree with this when theyll change the "aa 1400 crit from 650 range"
: not only.. some just have a random skin.. and trundle has no skin aswell
Festival reason to be there
Necroniss (EUNE)
: ARURF is not RANDOM ??
: Riot said URF make people quit League
same goes for arurf probably,but because they only thing about the one half of the community they wont release that stas ;)
Shukr4n (EUW)
: yes, but this time riot wanted to promote, i think, winter skins. OR riot tought it was nice and cute to allow only winter skins to feel deeper the christmas event. i am starting to feel tired of the same champions. and i love URF modes regardlessly.
They just wanted to promote the skins in order to make money,same with the shity mode with the girly skins
Rismosch (EUW)
: You %%%%ed the emoticon up ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯
Arnoter (EUW)
: Or buy RP if you dont want to play any game.
Didnt have to do it b4,wont do it now.
Rismosch (EUW)
: And if we still had the old system you would be 100 of games away. So yeah ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯
Well they could simply increase the level cap and the ip gain,but i think they made the right choice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Saibbo (EUW)
: >normaly id need 2-3 sure bud...
1 25 min game used to give 60 ip, 60x3 180 i have 13738, 13800-13738= 162, so yeah,id need 162 only BE to get what i want,now i need 20 games
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: "Stop trying to win the game!" people
Well more kills=more fun,let them respawn and just %%%% em up once more,most of the time this happens to me i wont join another game fot at least 2 hours,so i guess that happens to most of us...i just want them to spawn since i play rengar and zoe and after 1 sec of being alive,being dead again hihi
Rito thinks otherwise
Adama (EUW)
: Interesting. Well, if urf makes them lose players it makes them lose money so I understand the decision. I'm just going to skip urf from now on then. It'll never be as fun as it was.
So true,played about 15 games this time,thats it,%%%% this gamemode
: The psychological effect of URF mode
Well,based on what ive seen,arurf lovers are mostly low division players that in order to win play arams because the enemy gets like a champion that they dont know how to play and thats an easy win and it makes people feel good about themselves.Its not bad being bad or anything,its what is is,poor people couldnt stand the normal urf because people had the opportunity to pick what they wanted and just %%%%ed them up while since they came from urf tried hehexd ad soraka and failed,well no shit... In my opinion they should just release both modes,and yes the above is an one sided thought but i just cant take it anymore,i got bored of people getting fizz and maokai on arurf and %%%% me over because i dont have a champion vailable enough,most of my threads since they released arurf are asking for a solution that would benefit both sides,but since rito doesnt care about it then ill start supporting only what i want and dont give a singe %%%% about the people that like arurf.
Mìmo (EUNE)
: Problem with AR URF is same like ARAM 80% of champ are from free2play rotation, if maybe anyone notice that. Every game same champions , 130/140 champ and u will get 10 same every game I mean {{champion:81}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:42}} ... if u do not see some of them thats because they roll If u do not believe me then wait for next free2play rotation and u will see.
I wouldnt even care about arurf tbh if they didnt delete the original urf,but what can i say,egoist rito knows better :D
GR8 Demone (EUNE)
: i think the best thing we can do is not play ARURF till they bring back our draft pick URF..
Rito and the people that asked to %%%% over urf are egoists,they wont care about half the community,they just wont,so dont even try,they are %%%%ing narrow minded people.
: > I think they should make it NOT random. That way everyone can play whatever he wants And then the meta forms. And then the game stagnates, like the original URF.
And you keep playing your arurf,and people that like meta (normal games,ranked games and everything and are not unskilled people that play aram to win because the enemy gets champions that they dont know how to play) play urf.
: Because people like you who cry on the forums about how bad ARURF is are one of those people who like to abuse a champion in urf and make it completely unfair for others. This gives the opportunity of at least a little balance between the teams (although I don't agree to some degree) but it's better than having one of those annoying af champions in URF like Zed in every single game. There are still OP champs that you can get like Maokai, Jax, Irelia but at least it's given to random people and not in every game.
random,hah,every other game a fizz,kk
The thing about making both modes available is so right,though here youll fiind one sided people only..people that dont care about people who enjoy urf and people who dont care about people that like arurf...personally taking away something is not right,especially when there was such a big community behind it
: > [{quoted}](name=Wadud92,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ioTJi92q,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2017-12-21T00:24:16.199+0000) > > Rito be like: oh you want some more Legend of the Poro King, here you go more Legend of the Poro King. After that we have a totally new game mode called Legend of the Poro King, then the fan favourite Legend of the Poro King and we have also put Legend of the Poro King in the pool of possible other game modes for the rotation. bro you forgot ascension
and you forgot nexus siege...i hate it
Jhynx (EUW)
: Bring back URF bans
Yeah its pure cancer this years arurf,well arurf in general,but especially this.
: Blue Essence System
Its faster,i believe what makes you think otherwise is the fact that your BE are stuck at a certain amount until you level up and that makes it feel really slow..
: I miss URF
Well,arurf was cancer,this arurf however is even worst,i remember playing almost 50 games when urf was a thing,about 20 when they %%%%ed it up and now im just stoping at 10,cant play this shit with %%%%ing fizz irelia maokai ww not banned,i just cant,was fun...
Shukr4n (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=ÉxiledCake,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LHZ4EEEz,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-12-20T15:40:16.594+0000) > > Or we want champions we are having fun playing that people like you took away from us by complaining on rito how "unfun" regular urf is and instead of thinking about the rest of the people like me who liked urf you only cared about yourselves and said "change urf please rito only tryhard people playing and they make it unfun and unhealthy because my ad janna wont work" instead of "Make another gamemode just like urf but random,dont remove the regular urf since like half of the community enjoys it" this time u got, with previous and anticipated news, ARurf. u like? u play. u dont like? u dont play. as i did with siege mode, with the ..dont remebmer the name, the one with the xerath in the middle . i didnt like them, they were boring to me, i didnt play. easy
ARURF was not the same when started They changed it completly because egoist people wanted it gone I have every right to want it back Its like removing normal games because you only see the op picks URF was something some people enjoyed,and they just took it
: Man, what dont you people understand? URF was never meant to be a fair or serious gamemode, it is literally meant to be a troll mode where you dont understand what the hell is going on and teamfights are over in about 5 sec (Unless you fight with maokai, unbelievably funny watching maokai and nasus fighting in urf, neither wants to die). The whole point is to be able to laugh at the huge cluster%%%% of abilities and stupid op wins/combos and enjoy being able to roll your face on the keyboard and where people (are not supposed to) dont flame you for feeding. If u dont like the gamemode, dont play it. Simple as that
If u dont like the gamemode, dont play it. Simple as that.....They just removed urf instead of making arurf a seperate mode for people that didnt enjoy urf..Thats rito logic right there.thats one sided thinking right %%%%ing there.
Strigina (EUNE)
: That's actually not statisticaly relevant. People who enjoy ARURF might simply not be active here or didn't find a reason to open your discussion. And of course people who hate and are active on boards will come and support you. Lot of people come here only when they have a reason to complain. When URF was released again boards were full of discussions complaining about it and about OP champions played in every single game instead. And you know what? It also received a lot of back up. That's why ARURF was made. Does it mean most people hate URF as well as ARURF?
You want statistics ? ok.They completly removed URF and took it away from a very large part of the community.Never brought it back and those who prefer the old urf cant enjoy the game while people who cried over how broken unhealthy and op the old urf is do.They got what they wanted,they dont even talk anymore most of them dont even care for the people that like the origial urf,probably because they dont like seeing people enjoy something.
: Remember old urf?Yeah,those were the times right?When you could pick anyone you wanted and every spell.Now,try to remember the boards.Empty?Everyone said that urf was great,right?No one had anything to complain about right? Nope! When we still had Urf the boards were flooded with "OMG OP CHAMPION RIOT PLZ BAN IN URF"(much like how we wanted Riot to nerf yasuo).What Riot decided to do was ban a few champions like Karthus,Hecarim.(do not remember if teemo was banned). I know,nostalgia hit you but this is the concept with everything:old modes,old games. There is simply no way to keep the community satisfied or make this mode balanced.There are always going to be strong and weak champions. And no,you do not have fun only when you have got a strong champion. For example:Garen gets destroyed in urf due to the incredible amount of poke.Yet,that is the time when a garen can finally become the meme "spin to win" and it is awesome when you kill someone only by spinning. > gave us the same thing with less champs Let me remind you that back when we had Urf certain champions were played: {{champion:37}} ( {{champion:120}} {{champion:30}} before getting banned) {{champion:28}} (pre-rework) {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:126}} Honestly,I prefer to have ARURF rather than URF due to the fact that not everybody will get an overpowered champion.
There is simply no way to keep the community satisfied 10 bans 1 week urf 1 week arurf make some changes on the way (and they will make since they just removed urf) the end. Let people enjoy what they want and stop taking it from them.
: ARURF is just a contest for who happens to get the most broken champion. From there it's that 1-3 person/people murdering everyone whilst the rest can't go out of their base or they die. That happens quite often to be honest. It isn't fun. Yes, you used to get the same champions over and over but at least they were competent. Another suggestion could be to release both versions of URF to satisfy everyone, but that is too logical for Riot.
From the day they removed URF thats my suggestion...they completly dont give a shit about people who prefer urf...Just make 2 gamemodes already..
: I also made a complaint on the boards last year, as did many others, all of which got several upvotes/likes. Surprise surprise, riot still doesn't listen to the community. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Well,they did listen,like a year ago,you know,when they removed urf and replaced it with arurf :)
Kr3ä (EUW)
: nice of you that you create a discussion to %%%%%% on arurf iv said it last time when ar urf came out, now yet again tell me how to win, with random champs where 4 of my team got champs that they played like once ever, and the enemy has 5 with mastery 7 tell me how riot? HOW????
You know what? sometimes you couldnt win even on the old urf,but you know something else? at least i had some kind of fun because i picked what i %%%%ing wanted.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BreakYourHeadxD,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=essARLZN,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-12-19T17:57:54.943+0000) > > nah was easy loose ^^ noone attacked towers of enemy.. I forogt that you could mute the ping so it is a player problem, not a game mode one.
Wouldnt be if there were bans and you could play the champion you want,because at least you would have some kind of fun.But thats just me
WC9 Umbra (EUW)
: but this is not urf. this is Arurf. not the same. Real urf is way better
Everyone got their opinion...i just think that instead of removing urf they could simple just make arurf and keep urf as is,one week urf one arurf..but people complained and rito thought that removing it is better,what can i say
: Urf Appreciation day
Dont mistake urf for arurf,two different things.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: U dont like? Dont play? I love urf and,all its variations and i dont get why all,this complain. Maybe u wanted zed to show how skilledcu are? Or yasuo?katarina? The,skilled trio. Want to make urf better? Make it a gamemode not in the shift. Urf is love urf is life
Or we want champions we are having fun playing that people like you took away from us by complaining on rito how "unfun" regular urf is and instead of thinking about the rest of the people like me who liked urf you only cared about yourselves and said "change urf please rito only tryhard people playing and they make it unfun and unhealthy because my ad janna wont work" instead of "Make another gamemode just like urf but random,dont remove the regular urf since like half of the community enjoys it"
: Possible URF solutions ( please read )
I must say,i never thought that arurf could become anymore shitier buuut what can i say,riot wont even bother,no one requested a %%%%ing snowshity arurf but they gave it to us.Dont even bother mate,you see that they dont listen to the %%%%ing community,been almost a year since they changed urf and made it random and from that point on they dont give a single %%%% for the 40% of the community that prefers urf over arurf and they also %%%%ed up arurf good this time. They %%%%ing gave us like 60 champs which 10 of them youll see every game? thats like 14 games to see every single one of them since they have "drop rates" %%%%ing irelia and %%%%ing fizz every god damn game,thats fun,at least i can afk on my base and give up when they get such unfun champions to play against,at least on urf and arurf you could ban them FOR A REASON
: ¿ARURF or URF?
I prefer URF,Some people prefer ARURF,I want both of them.One week urf for me one week arurf for the people that enjoy arurf.the end
I Hate Lux (EUNE)
: Snobatlle ARURF
There isnt an option to disable to snowy map on ARURF?
: Arurf Sh*ttiest of all the modes ever.
I give myself about 20 games max before giving up on playing...i remember when the real URF was still something if i was losing id pick something like jayce and malph and just win the game by i just have to hope for the rng gods to give me something good out of 60 champions....
: ARURF....
What %%%%s it up for me is the fact that there are no bans..
: You can't even play what you prefer, even if it's broken or not, I used to like trying all champions in urf and see how they worked. But no, now we give you a random shit and let's see who has the more op champion. Ty RIOT, absolutelly grateful.
Well some like ARURF some like URF,we dont get urf so ill agree with you.
: because it isn't an active ability
I meant q then 4th shot
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uniqock (EUNE)
: IP was way better then BE
It just feels bad since you need days to level up and your BE stays the same,it just feels bad because you dont see your BE changing ,gaining BE is faster,though leveling up champions is a %%%%ing lie since it costs for 6+7 as much as a 6300 BE champion so im not leveling them up anymore.Also the fact that we cant edit the runepages that they gave us is shit,i get that they wanna make money but come on..i only have 3 pages and one of them i have to change about 3 times because im not a %%%%ing otp,but other than that its ok,also id be nice if i didnt get 90BE champions only from the level ups :)
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