Hansiman (EUW)
: If you're not using extreme language, the penalty is based on your behavior in multiple games. The reform card send a selection of **up to** 3 games to serve as an example of the behavior you're displaying. By contacting support, they can provide you with logs from additional games that you were punished for.
is there a way to turn my chat off completely for this game and all the games to come ? since i guess thats literaly the only way to save myself
: Iting ppl are welcome, People using "bad words" are banned
actually would love to know if there is a way to completely turn off the chat in game ... i guess thats literaly the only thing that can prevent me from getting banned
Hansiman (EUW)
: That only happens if you're using hate speech, or issuing death threats. There's 0 tolerance in place for that.
Game 1 In-Game JokeroffHell: the %%%%% made you die huh JokeroffHell: shut up and play omg JokeroffHell: its soloQ we can still win JokeroffHell: hit 3 but sure JokeroffHell: cant win lane with stronger adc other than killing DC .) JokeroffHell: lol JokeroffHell: vayne DC made oyu go 0/4 kled right JokeroffHell: ff cuz youre hardcore feeding JokeroffHell: sure JokeroffHell: ye we ff cuz of you two not cuz of vayne tho JokeroffHell: yes pls JokeroffHell: ye no chance with you hardfeeding JokeroffHell: you and j4 JokeroffHell: im not 0/5 mate JokeroffHell: i played solo lane vs 2 and i didnt die even half the times you did JokeroffHell: ofc they dive us you with kled fed them so hard they can do so JokeroffHell: report kled hard inting on purpose JokeroffHell: wintrading JokeroffHell: hes straight up running it down feeding JokeroffHell: he said game over when vayne DCed and started hard feeding JokeroffHell: ye vwe arent challengers no reason for riven be 10/0 JokeroffHell: ff/ JokeroffHell: no point in playing this garbage JokeroffHell: you dont say JokeroffHell: with inters ? JokeroffHell: bg ? JokeroffHell: really ? sooo which of this is death threats or hate speech ?
Hansiman (EUW)
: The previous thread posted in this sub-board was from a player punished by intentionally feeding. That counters your claim that they're welcome.
ya still dont understand how flaming trollers/inters one game gets you banned but whatever
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ViciouSnake (EUNE)
: If you let Zed R you, without him using the shadow to close the gap first, then you are doing something terribly wrong. read: your position sux or your vision is 0.
yep thats true ... but we all know the games where everyone still flames support for not warding entire map by himself ...
: But normals are where i can bring my off meta immobile picks :/
ye well its place where many midshits go to pick their precious zed to fap fap their ego ... so gl with that
ViciouSnake (EUNE)
: Excuse me? Typical adc has about 1500hp right? So with sterak is 1900+sterak passive which can be then actually activated graning you anti burs+30% shield which would be about 500, So if you flash out or get shielded by someone else or get healed whatnot then there is 0% chance for zed to kill you with R+E, Cuz thats as much as he can land if you flash out correctly. And holy jesus, if enemy has zed or any other assasin then maybe one of you 5 can pick Lulu/bard/kayle/kindred ?
flash by itself gets followed by W ... and if you have someone else shielding/healing you its not the steraks saving you ... just saying
: I never went refill.. Always got 3 pots.. Went back got the jungle item (not upgraded ofc) and i hardly had issues.. Till level 6 it kinda slows you down making plays cuz of the missing health but nonetheless, he's still strong!
is that after the nerfs ?
ViciouSnake (EUNE)
: Sterak is actually pretty good item on adc. Especially with Qss nerf.
sterak by itself doesent save you from zed ...
: But what if i play blind pick o.o Zed is banned is draft anyway
well if u play blind pick then expect zed mid most of the times ... either zed or yasuo is almost always mid when i played few games on normals with friends lately
: Duskblade{{item:3147}} needs to be unavailable for zed
it isnt just that item
: How to avoid the Qs when flash is on cd? Thoes move so fast :/
well ... dont pick immobile carry vs zed ... not that it matters cuz evne if u dodge it you die so whatever
: Well he just got nerfed a bit i think :P
he got nerfed on one shuriken ... but if he hits 2 its actually more dmg than before ... yes exactly riot balance team is retarded ... ikr
Kusluk (EUW)
: Ranked - 4 man premade and me :)
nah ... just remove dynamic Q ... give us back solo/duo Q and team rankeds ... keep new pick and ban but have first 3 picks to ban stuff since last picks already have advantage in knowing what they are picking into... they dont need another advantage of having ban ... have firstpicks compensate for not having idea what they are picking into (enemy pick and your team picks too) and just give them the bans ... easy there you have it ...
: which one could be the best at fitting in a team comp then ?
uh thats not so easy to say ... you have different teamcomps that wanna do different stuff and im not gonna type it all here ... that would take too long ... just check some sites and youll get the general idea
: which of those champs can be the most useful ?
depends on teamcomp ? also those champs do different stuff in game so ...
: Zed
he hit you with all the Qs ... thats on you ... whats prolem is that he doesent have to land single Q on adc to IK him anyways ... and since there is no QSS and no i dont want to build tank adc ... nor is {{item:3026}} good item - way too long CD
Rayz01 (EUW)
: Am I the only one who doesn't mind dynamic queue?
ye sure ... but then get ready to meeting ppl outside of their leagues and making your games less fun ... unless you like stomp games i guess ...
Ârzo (EUW)
: Any tipps for climbing the ladder?
you dont have multiman premade and want to climb ? better quit league m8 ... sure you can still climb solo but it wont help since you will still be meeting lowbobs even higher ... doesent feel rewarding at all ... most of the matches are roflstomps right now ...
Enlight13 (EUW)
: "no i dont want to find some new random scrubs that i dont know at all and be all weird about it like ... what can i tell that guy ? will he get mad if i want to give him advice and stuff like that ? + im pretty bad at getting new friends so ..." That is fault on your part. Not riot. Have you considered that maybe a team game isn't the game for you? And no it's not. The rank system never measured YOUR skill. it can't because there are always games where you carry and where other people carry you. It's a mix of those stats. The rank system in it's purest form was about your consistency of games. Not your personal skill. Because if it REALLY measured your real skill,everybody would be matched in games where stomps would be impossible but it was happening before solo queue. And it is still happening. I do take my rank seriously but I have never really considered my solo rank as my rank. It is simply a ladder that I climb.
yes stomps were happening before but much less than its now ... or at least it feels that way
Grammos (EUNE)
: Is buying 2 for 1 rune pages worth over buying a champ ?
will you use more pages ? buy them ... wont you ? dont ... simple as that
: when will riot admit changing QSS was a bad idea?
give them few months ... or maybe years ... wait nvm they probably wont realise ...
: I don't get the whole discussion about Dynamic Q / SoloQ
dynamic Q pretty much means we have no rankeds anymore ... its just fancy normal with rank like system that doesent measure skill anymore
Jìggy (EUW)
: Opinion on how riot handles the mather of dynamic and solo Q
nah even when they saw it ... they just think they know better :D like said in video ...
Frostmane (EUW)
: League needs to be both Solo and Premade Friendly
ye well ... sux to be us... ill suggest you to find new game cause riot took about half year to at least say they made mistake but are not willing to fix it ... so they wont do shit for us ... i for example started playing overwatch - im really bad and its not as good but hey ... what can i do right ...
: help me understand this thought process please
just rito balance team ... at this point im asking if they didnt just go on boards and take some random bronze scrubs that cried here to buff that or nerf this - into balance team cause thats how it looks like ...
Enlight13 (EUW)
: You are not suppose to play with people above or lower but with people your same league. Finding people you like playing with is not something uncommon in league. You can simply find them in you own league. The thing here is people are too concerned over personal goals in a team game. It's not suppose to be about one guy making all the game. It's suppose to be 5 guys playing together to blow up a nexus. I think people just can't wrap that around their head because they feel like they have something to prove for themselves and themselves alone.
no i dont want to find some new random scrubs that i dont know at all and be all weird about it like ... what can i tell that guy ? will he get mad if i want to give him advice and stuff like that ? + im pretty bad at getting new friends so ... And yes im supposed to play with ppl around my skill level but ... guess what ? dynamic Q actually means boosting and rank means norhing anymore ... there are bronze scrubs in diamond ... yesterday i was watching NB3 stream and he had superbad riven (idk if on his or enemy team but that doesent matter) so he checked the player just for fun ... the dude was silver 4 or 5 and got into diamond 5 in one month ... then all the games he just feed cause thats not where he belongs ... and im pretty sure there are many cases like that .... And no youre wrong ... rank system is supposed to measure your skill ... youre supposed to prove yourself there ... i guess you just dont take it even seriously and think its just another normal with some random numbers and divisions and it actually doesent mean anything ... well thats the way it is now but its not how its supposed to be ... just saying
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Revengekill69,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4pA7KvLf,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-01T23:14:35.841+0000) > > dynamic queue is awesome http://memesvault.com/wp-content/uploads/Angry-No-Meme-06.jpg
> [{quoted}](name=Dlnzu,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=4pA7KvLf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-01T23:16:43.892+0000) > > http://memesvault.com/wp-content/uploads/Angry-No-Meme-06.jpg up you go
: > [{quoted}](name=JokeroffHell,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Lj9kRXWb,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-06-02T08:27:16.323+0000) > > exept not really ... i do give a shit if i win and its stomp ... i do give a shit when i lose and its stomp ... sure those happened even before but now it seems like most of the games are roflstomps ... you know outcome of the games as soon as even minute 3 or 5 ... at minute 10 youre almost always sure who wins ... All right then i guess you need to flame the enemy team cause they are so weak it's not even funny :D.
nah im at the point where i dont even want to play ranks anymore cause there is no benefit from doing so ... ill try one or so games every now and then and instantly remember its shit so i wont play more ... playing some normals with friends lately but its not that good ... as the difference in our ranks is too big and so is skill ...
: > [{quoted}](name=JokeroffHell,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=z2WbckcE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-01T19:32:09.771+0000) > > easy ... just go play normals ... rankeds (dynamicQ) is basically normals anyways so whatever ... nothing really changes for you > > actually its better for you as you can Q up with anyone and you dont have to be close ranks ... no its not the same the mentality in normals and the skill-level you get matched up against is never as good as it was in ranked. i´m in a team with others diamond and when we play normals we often play against people who just want to chill in a normal and dont take it that serious. also very often we get matched against just golds which isnt really that good to improve
yup ... but thats about the only option you get ... but rito wont admit they made mistake and fucked up so ... ill recommend you to look for new game since this one is really fucked up ... not only that u cant have ranked team but the game balance itself is going to shit
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Because as a 5-man-premade aiming to improve as a team, using voice comms and tryharding, we're gonna pretty quickly find worthwhile opponents in normals.
well ... tell that to riot not to me ... i know its fucked up dont look at me ...
Eveninn (EUW)
: While I don't know any Ekko specific ones, here are some I use when struggling with early clear: 1. start with {{item:2003}} instead of {{item:2031}}, it just gives so much more HP for the first clear. 2. kill the small ones first, while it already is a rule to do so at raptors, doing it with wolves and Krugs actually helps quite a bit too. 3. Use scuttle crab in your routes. Simple the time hitting it will have you regen HP, then you get some from your jungler item, and some when you kill it. 4. Using masteries like Feast or Vampirism, if not already using those. Not sure how many of those you already know, maybe there is at least one that helped. ^^'
ye he could only clear half jungle with {{item:2031}} already ... now hes doomed either buy {{item:2003}} and make your build even slower or ... idk just dont play him jungle ...
: Because it's something easy to blame when you lose. You win? You don't give a f@@k about it. You lose? OMG RIoT WTF Premade are destroying that game i was matched against a platinum and i'm gold this game is dead for sure!!!!!!
exept not really ... i do give a shit if i win and its stomp ... i do give a shit when i lose and its stomp ... sure those happened even before but now it seems like most of the games are roflstomps ... you know outcome of the games as soon as even minute 3 or 5 ... at minute 10 youre almost always sure who wins ...
Enlight13 (EUW)
: I mean I understand that some people are boosted and there is no denying that but the thing is boosting is not exactly a dynamic queue thing. Boosting happened all before dynamic queue existed. And I understand the concern and I do believe riot messed up here by not making a new ranking system to go along with the new matchmaking. But even so,I haven't found it to be insanely ground breaking. Maybe it's just because I am silver but even here,my games are close 40-60% of the time depending on how good I play. I just think people need to accept that league is a team game and either form their team with relatively close players or play solo and expect their opponents to be organised amd emphesis on making their own team of misfits work. Riot won't stop you from making or not makong a team anymore. You however can stop yourself. So if you put yourself in that disadvantage,it's really your fault for not changing with the meta.
the thing is ... now its pretty much "legal boosting" ... and it happens naturally by playing with "friends" instead of paying someone to boost you ... you feel like you have influence over your games ? good for you ... with every season i feel like i can do less and less and now since dynamicQ i feel like i have close to no impact as one team seems to always stomp other one ... there is way less "balanced and close games" its my fault that im not playing with multiman premades ? oh sure ... maybe its cause i cant since some of my friends are in different leagues from me ... and those who arent just quit the league for the reasons above ^^ ... they removed team ranked option and now if you go high enough you cant even play 5 mans anymore ... how does that make sense ? to me riot is making one wrong decision after another ... they fucked up with dynamicQ so they promised soloQ ... now after many months they realised they cant make soloQ cuz it would fuck up Q times even more than they already are ... they didnt fix shit in that long time yet they refuse to admit mistake and keep forcing their shit on us ... i used to play with x friends in normals and it was fun ... then i played some soloQ or sometimes duoQ and it was fun ... not always there were bad games ofc ... but now it seems to be only those and im playing less and less ... lately (few days) im just playing normals if some friends are here and more often im going for Overwatch with other friends that quit league ... even tho im pretty bad at that game and its kinda sad for me but its still more fun with them than playing this crap
hayance (EUW)
: Brainstorm on Dragons. Take what you will.
dude they have fucked up ranked system and they have no idea what to do about it :D they have no time to be making stuff like that xD sounds fun and all but they have to fix fucked up shit first ...
derlio (EUNE)
: Thank you Riot, thank you!!!
dont worry they are working on fix for streamers and pros (master tier etc) ... oh majority of players are no skill scrubs ? who cares about those right ?:D
: "Swiftness boots are just too good compared to mobility boots"
if they made it that only tower + champ + epic monster (drag baron) disable mobilities they would be at least decent but the way they are now its just crap like you said ...
Father Tios (EUNE)
: So about diamond on dynamic queue change..
easy ... just go play normals ... rankeds (dynamicQ) is basically normals anyways so whatever ... nothing really changes for you actually its better for you as you can Q up with anyone and you dont have to be close ranks ...
DevilFreak1 (EUNE)
: Supports....
oh man ... supports got buffed so much since season 2 ... then nobody wanted to play them cuz they were basically warding machines and early laning phase (first few lvls when nobody had items anyways) ... they are pretty decent now but still nobody wants to get shit on by his own adc for not playing perfect ... also i think everyone got tired of teammates flaming them for no vision (despite you can only have 3 max anyways) and ppl not understanding that warding is team effort not support only ...
Enlight13 (EUW)
: Why do people hate Dynamic Queue so much?
for me its basically that its not ranked anymore ... they say it is but its actually just normal draft with some numbers on it ... boosting and players playing outside of their leagues making the game shit ... doesent matter if its on my or on the enemy team its just shit game when in diamond are players skill level bronze ... if i wanted to play that (and sometimes i do) ill go play freakin normals but i dont want that shit in ranked ...
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: [Patch 6.11] Ekko nerfs
?? he loses quite a lot of that stickines and mobility you speak of with that passive lock out ... his early clears are pretty shitty even now and with those nerfs it could even mean the end of ekko jungle ... they are nefring champ that isnt the problem its the goddamn items (sunfire, gauntlet) but ppl keep crying about tank ekko so they keep smashing him with nerf hammer and its not helping at all ... soon ekko will have base stats worse than freaking minions ... sad
Speedy59 (EUW)
: Question about jungling
well basically its just to make the monster move instead of attacking you during the time your attack is on "cd" too ... take less dmg that way if u use it well enough ... its kinda hard on said red buff since it has pretty long attack range ...
: At that Point I restart my LoL Client. If that doesnt work, I restart my PC, and after that, I restart my modem. If that doesnt help, it's beyond my capacities. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
ye well why should i bother that much to get into game i dont really enjoy as much as i used to ...
: This. I found that when somebody leaves or didnt accept the afk timer, it's better to restart instead of waiting for oblivion.
ye it used to work ... but at least for me it doesent anymore ... i had to restart multiple times (5 minutes x 5 times = 25 minut Q time) ... just added it on the list why not to play league anymore ...
Troller911 (EUNE)
: But i don't understand, why if High ELO players play premade with lower they queue up with lower premade division ? Rito could do, that if they go premade With high elo they queue up in higher elo and let them feed and his premade carry... It's really not fun to play against Diamonds and Plats all the time. And thay look my division what i have now or what i was Season 5?
? like i told in that post you cant Q up even entire division difference ? plat 5 cant Q up with D5 ? max is plat 4 +D5 which is not really that big difference ...
Troller911 (EUNE)
: I was thinking it's because Diamonds play premade with bronze and then they queue up in bronze or silver divisions... is that truth?
u cant Q up with anyone more than 2 tiers from each other ... so Diamond 4 player can only play with players from plat 1 to diamond 2 ... so at worst you could have player from plat 2 inviting player from D5 and plat 4 ... not more
: Teemo
teemo is fine and beatable even 1v1 ... not at all OP or anything
Troller911 (EUNE)
: Why i have play against Diamonds/Plats/Golds when i am Bronze?
probably the dynamicQ in effect here ... i guess ppl really started leaving the game so it somehow fucks up the Qs into fucked up matchups like that ... but you know ... its not riots fault at all for sure xD
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: it also doesnt deal a million damage. Clearly sarcasm. Read before throwing your stupid shit at me ty :)))))))))) <3
oh sorry ... cause its really easy to recognise sarcasm from text ... also even easier when you read ton of crying stuff on these forums all day long ... my bad mr. perfect never making mistake ...
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