Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: On any regular day i would have trashed you back, but you are lucky im in a good mood and will try my best to not give you the insults you seem to deserve. You missed the point, im not talking about myself and never did i mention doing so in the original post. Did you see me use the 1st person even in the slightest in the post? Damnit if i could do legendary kills, but this is a general suggestion. Human beings have 1kg of brain matter and billions of brain cells. Use them.
no ur the type of dude that will recommend things that no one else will,for example this,why the %%%% do we need legendary kill tell me? u saw someone else posted video about this on youtube and u're like " imma pretend to be smart and post this on forums "
Sir Veigar (EUNE)
: The "Legendary Kill" feature should be brought back.
dude u barelly do double kill and u talk about some hexakill legendary kill tf,get to the ground,u barelly do double kill
Hytz (EUW)
: Automatic ban and change same day?
Sandaxe (EUW)
: LFD supp girl G3+
JustClone (EUNE)
: Many possible things. He may be really cool guy, but you did something extremely stupid, and he said this in once in a hundreds game. Your report value may be complete trash, because you click report very often, and the system does not give a %%%% what you think about others. (You know automated != infinite resources, you cant expect that the system will evaluate every game, just because you and others like you may spam the hell out of it...) Need more? (Btw, in your screenshot it is clearly visible that this soraka is spamming ????????? around.) In other words... that soraka is being a %%%% ... I've noticed such reports have very little value... if any.
I dont give a %%%%,he said the 0 tolerance world and he isnt banned,case closed.
JustClone (EUNE)
: Your guessing is wrong. Saying the F/K 3 letter words is quite enough for 14, even by itself.
So then,this guy said %%% to me and he is still playing,no ban,check his opgg also proof here: so whats ur answer now?
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Clakz (EUW)
: Credit cards to accounts
first of all ur silver with 53% winrate not 63% idk what u talkin about second of all ur inting too.dont blame only ur team ty
: Ye riot is dumb, sometimes people get banend for saying that word, other times not. Doesnt make sense. My friend got banned for saying that to me as a joke, and someone reported him for it. While soemtimes spammed it to me in alll chat (someone in enemy team) and he didnt get banned. They need to be more tarnspaent of what is ok and what isnt and they need to give more detailed feedback when you report someone. Why/whynot they got/didnt get punished. Yikes its like we have to do their job for them.
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Ilovemobas (EUNE)
: What do you call a Nasus who recently got killed by Brand?
: Tank items really suck hard.
Whats the point in playing tank at all if you have no one to follow you,lets say you play sion,you cant carry with him if you go like full tank,you will only tank damage and do engages but maybe you won't have botlane to follow you cuz they inted so for ur safe pick your gonna go bruiser champ that is tanky as a tank and does damage like assassin lol. Simple as that Example is Jax that can start engage with AoE stun + tanky af + tons of damage + low cooldowns Irelia lol lets not talk about it. I honestly never play tanks,If I play toplane I go {{champion:164}} its actually %%%%%%ed how much damage she has while being unkillable and having low cds. or {{champion:122}} Nowadays everyone can have 40% or 45% cooldown reduction,they dont need to sacrifice any item to get it.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: That could actually explain quite a lot. The game developers have spent major effort in ensuring this game runs fine on toasters, calculators and coffee machines, while seriously neglecting optimizing it for high- and top-end computers. I bet you if I went through with my desired upgrade right now - i9 9900K, 64 GB RAM, RTX 2080 Ti and MSI Godlike Z390 - I wouldn't see a shred of ingame performance improvement.
: League without jungle?
same,%%%% junglers
: Missions rewards get fewer every new event
mWkJOscar (EUW)
: the typical riot from a bronze elo player, easy to kill vayne unless she is protected by a good comp, and in that case she could also go varus/kogmaw/jinx.
ahahaha vayne player
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: No need to act all EUNE, with for no reason at all abbreviated grammar and skipping punctuation. We are already rather low on the server list, without the need to further that. I got a "gaming" PC as well, albeit a 2013 build, and I too used to have higher FPS, or at least more stable FPS, which for some reason suddenly plummeted some months ago. However, it seems to have been gradually gone back up in recent patches, which I can only surmise - or at least hope - is for the technically inclined due to a continued effort to optimize the graphics engine and the game client itself.
i have 2x weaker pc than this guy and Im not having any issues,yeah sure he has fps problem on that machine.plz stop
: This is worthy of a perma ban?
u gor 14 day ban and u should've stop using the chat or just us eit for gj gg wp etc. but no u had to spam and write tihngs that aint about game and being negative
: Weird FPS count with gaming rig
more like: "hey yall look at my pc specs how strong pc I have" I bet u couldnt wait to write ur comp specs u were literally shaking
: why my lol folder 25gb how i clean up
delete whole game then download it again , mine is 12.1gb
: leblanc isn't cancer!
nah she just has dash forward,dash backward if uses ult 4 dashes, VERY SAFE CHAMPION, no skillshots except that chain , point and click ability to deal tons of damage,late game if i try to kill her as midlaner lets say Zed,she either dashes milion times or presses W and oneshots my adc or just uses zhonya I aint %%%%in' with that shit
: Honestly the problem here is that a role like adc's in the current state of the game isn't healthy. You either bring an early game adc like lucian and you actually feel like a champion or you pick a late game champion and have close to no impact for the majority of the game which made riot bring the late game phase earlier and now late game champions like vayne are destroying the place. I mean, and let's not forget vayne can take press the attack and actually duel other adc's early on
i dont even know if single adc can 1v1 her when she has those 2 items impossible
Cemadiby (EUW)
: Is ranked fair?
wait a botlane that loses cuz other lanes feed ? wow why I cant have tihs botlane in my games?
Marcua (EUW)
: You seem to have had a few games lost because of Vayne. Even though she is quite strong right now, she is not "broken" I would say. Also, your immense use of curse words and insults will not help you to get Riot to listen. If you HAVE to make a post about a champion you think is unfair, at least try to make it in an appropriate and formal language.
like they ever listen lol
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: then next is to ban twitch and varus, then jinx ,sivir ,tristana , where we going ?? , kai'sa does huge damage too with 2 items.
twitch is strong when having like full build now when having 2 items like vayne.
: Any champion that builds {{item:3124}} is utterly broken in damage. {{champion:96}}kog'maw is fine because he can't fcking move unlike Vayne and Yi {{champion:67}} {{champion:11}} So right here, if vayne was unable to build {{item:3124}} {{item:3153}}, she would be forced to go in to a late game crit build. I'm blaming 2 things here, {{item:3124}} and Vayne's kit{{champion:67}} . The combination of Vayne's kit and guinsoo's rageblade is horrifying. It makes her have **14% max hp true dmg** every 2 atuos instead of 3. So making it **10 AA **= **70% of ur max hp in TRUE DMG** ------------------ In my opinion, riot should remove guinsoo's rageblade or rework the passive of it and actually focus on balancing the champions without the dumb on-hit passive on guinsoo's. Literally this ======> {{item:3124}} <====== is making Yi and Vayne broken. Without that, yi and vayne are actually somewhat normal champions to play against (vayne top is still aids and she needs some nerfs for toplane vayne, botlane vayne is fine) Right now, vayne and yi are a horrific mess of a balance all because of guinsoo's rageblade.
Exactly what you said,adc should powerspike in late game not in 15min or 20 after getting couple of lucky kills and getting that %%%%%%ed item.
Haze97 (EUW)
: No kidding, I had a level 11 Vayne in my match today, who killed a level 12 Urgot in a 1v1 while at one item each. {{champion:67}} had a {{item:3153}} and {{item:1042}}. {{champion:6}} had {{item:3071}} and {{item:1054}}. He didn't have his shield and neither of them had their ult, he still shouldn't lose a battle of auto attacks because juggernauts ARE supposed to be mid game stompers while ADCs aren't supposed to hit their unstoppable powerspike till the late game.
When vayne has {{item:3124}} and {{item:3153}} she is full build,the rest she takes to not have empty slots.
Sefi (EUNE)
: So why don't you ban her?
becaus i dont play botlane i play only top mid but then my botlane feeds her she gets guinso and botrk and kills u in 2 auto what the ufck man and i have other cancers to ban like {{champion:7}}
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: LOL 18/1 tank jarvin
Shamose (EUW)
: Hmmm how do 2 people who can stay in fights for a long time do more damage than people who get 1 second of damage in and then are dead?
yeah how does 1 guy with full armour not a single ad item kills me and irelia solo on toplane while i burn out my sum ignite,use triple q when ulting,autoing him,irelia ults,he survives and kills us both,how bout that?
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: they just wanted to kiss your premade why u so mean..
Jakog7 (EUW)
: write a support ticket then they will take a closer look
I mean everyone can download and watch replay of that match I will do it now thanks
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