: Permabans can be appealed, but you got to approach it with a level head. Going in all guns blazing, calling it "Unfair" and screaming "F*** you Rito!" is going to further establish that the ban was justified. Just calmly explain what has happened and why you do not feel it was the case and you'll actually get somewhere.
Did i say "F you Rito" anywhere? Im actually trying to explain how i feel about it man...
Hansiman (EUW)
: If you focus on flaming, then you're not focusing on winning. Flaming makes people lose more games, so it's an act that makes you lose.
Yes, thats what im saying. People focus on flaming instead of winning the game. I do focus on winning but I just flame the ones that stay in my way like i said, which ,of course, isn't the right way, but I always try to win and never give up.
Joyzzy (EUNE)
: Permanent bans for toxic behavior?!? read if you disagree
How do I find another way to do it, I play the game to win and get better. I won't feed like i am a troller or something. I flamed people because they had been feeding intentionally or trolling me and my team. I won't just throw MY match to make my stats worse. I play the game and I do flame people but I will never troll. It depends on what you want in this game, you either focus on blaming or you focus on winning but you get aggressive when somebody stays in your way. So i think its better to get permanently muted.
: Nah i got perma banned on two accounts and im happy they did that becouse i dont flame that much now i mean i know the limit and i know what is flame and what isnt so a perma mute aint gonna cut it,if u flame that is usually u died and the teammate didnt help so u roasted him, orr in some cases ur teammate runned it down mid so u flamed him then.My point is dont flame him just report him and let riot do the rest if they DO Anything bcs a robot os banning not a rioter.
No man, you don't understand. This was my only account and i've been through a lot. I cant just make a new one. Think about it, if you get permanently muted then you cant flame anyone. we'll be all happy!
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