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: First of all what led to this rage? Second of all, you are threatening to report him, which means u want this guy banned and want his account and efforts wasted.. Which is a trashy thing for a "normal player".. Third of all, you mention real life and u guys mention him morde ulting.. which is not human at all. :) You're a %%%%in hypocrite for wishing someone to isolate himself irl.. I can obviously tell that you had fun pissing this person off. :) Oh so you're a normal human being yea? and last don't tell someone to get a life when you don't have one, when you literally come here to act like your some sort of psycho profiler who works proffesionally for the police.. Like staying there and watching him flame, just so u can report him.. and coppy his msgs to get some attention in some shit forum LOL .. "np" normal people get angry too.. i've seen even the best getting angry.. and let me tell you what there are people out there that won't say anything but will stab u in the back and get your money without a single thought.. those are the people u should watch out for.. not the people who are simply frustrated. Yes he may have went overboard but i somehow think you both deserved it.
Well that's the point that the rage came from nothing and most of it in end game chat and i was quiet whole game :P np didn't play well and he started walking to string to enemys as intentional feeding. and thx for your opinion. and i'll add context next time :) and the np was not me*
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