Wukongz (EUNE)
: Programming Photography Making YouTube content
i might tryout photography.i am thinking of buying a good entry level camera and travel around in my country and take pictures of nature i think it would be fun to do so and also relaxing. as for making youtube content i don't really know how to edit videos and even if i didn't i have no idea what to make videos about i am not a very social person so i can't vlog or do anything that involves me showing up on camera...
Dmitko (EUNE)
: Mycology or apiculture.
Not really my thing but thanks!
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Brazilian Ju Jitsu, Motorbikes, Coding, BBQ. Brazilian ju jitsu is not a sport. It's way more than that. Try going against someone who's there for a few years, you'll feel in what wretched and weak condition your body is despite all the gym. Introduces a hierarchy ladder you can climb and feel progressing. Motorbikes are just awesome because they are. Dunno difficult to explain, it's like a more sophisticated toy which opens up doors to many other kind of experiences beside itself being an awesome one. Can introduce to a hierarchy ladder depending on environment and type of bike. Coding might be something very useful. Not everyone has a head for it, but you may try, once you learn to code you can start learning programming. May also be very lucrative in the future in case your degree gonna be useless in the job market. Can be fun too. Introduces a hierarchy ladder you can climb and feel progressing. BBQ. Just tasty and fun :D
well my parents are never gonna approve to buy me a motorbike but i will when i am older well i was gonna start to learn boxing in college as well or MMA but i am pretty sure that i won't find any where i can learn Brazilian Ju Jitsu in my country xD coding isn't really my thing tbh BBQ is pretty fun and i do it every other weekend actually anyways thanks for your suggestions
Shukr4n (EUW)
: Warhammer Or Wargames in general. Tgc games Photography Buy a motorbike and discover places Gigolo
: Masturbation
been doing that for at least 5 years and trying to quit....
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Vyraal (EUNE)
: League changed me as a person
I mean the only thing that gets me back to play this game is the themes and background stories of the champions and the amount of details that the designers put in the champions. Don't get me wrong league is over all a pretty good game and very competitive but i can't really say fun. The only time u can enjoy this game is by playing with your friends and u r on voice chat together and doing some stupid shit and laughing and all that good stuff like sp4zie and the CG farts xD or like qtpie and the amazing and crispy delta fox these r the kind of things that puts a smile on your face but other than that the community is MOSTLY toxic and only cares about winning and who is better at the game and cursing at each other and saying horrible things for no real reason. But just cause most people r toxic doesn't mean that there aren't good people out there who are good at the game and are friendly at the same time who don't flame or care too much about a video game (even if u r playing ranked) and r just having fun and doing their thing. In my opinion the game has more downsides than up ones when u play it. coming from a person with +5k hours of game play in the game and of course the thousands of videos and game plays and tutorials and guides that i watched to get better and the game doesn't actually reward u for that like when u press that accept when u find a match u r rolling the dice u might get a good team and u might get a bad one cause don't give me that crap about 1v9 hard carrying u can't do that if everyone in your team is basically inting if didn't go afk and flaming the hell out of u. the game is just not worth being invested in to be honest. But in your case that's just luck i guess but im glad u met someone like that who could help u irl because at the end of they day that's what really matters right?
iSneez (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=JustANoobAdc,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=yEuE3byZ,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2018-07-21T13:03:22.681+0000) > > edit i didn't notice that u already said that yeah it has it's pros but in our current meta mages are pretty much unplayable to be honest Yes that's the main reason I don't play mid so much anymore, i dont like ad assassins and new irelia and if you play mages even if you win or not lose others will feed them extremely and they don't get you cant follow them direct route you need to go around in jungle or they kill you. You can try LB, she's is still strong, she's an assassin, not so scary to roam with and can match ad assassin damage in late game, problem is they can do huge damage also from autotaks if need it and you need to wait for cd.
Im quitting the game for a year anyways i hope i find some new champions that i can pick one of them to main or find a meta that's actually fun to play in like season 5/6
: Yasuo rework
xD u pretty much removed the only thing that can keep him from getting one shot from everyone and a very important part of his kit and didn't even give him anything in return. That's not a rework that's a nerf to make him the lowest win rate champion xD
: The problem with one tricking a mage is if u go up against an assassin and not feed they will just roam and kill your team and get fed then one shot u later which is not very fun
edit i didn't notice that u already said that yeah it has it's pros but in our current meta mages are pretty much unplayable to be honest
iSneez (EUNE)
: I think Syndra it's still very strong champion and I never see her banned or picked anymore. Pros: - She can farm very well and decent wave clear later. - Pretty decent auto attack range to poke - She is not totally unskilled champ so you don't get bored but not very hard also to land the stun combo (q +e) - She can do nice burst damage late game and one combo many squishy so you will not be so afraid off squishy enemies that are feed - You can play defensive or offensive as game require - You can even have small initialization with the combo stun (is pretty long range) - You can peel for yourself with the stun or for others - Even if you don't combo, her ultimate alone do pretty much damage - Has fun interaction with her W picking up jungle monsters, the crab, heimer's turrets (you can take them and throw them away, or take the big one and keep it couple of seconds so it will do no damage), you can pick Tibbers and throw him in Annie head, it's fun to kill an Haimer with his turrets or an Annie with Tibbers. Cons: - Pretty imobile in today games that everybody have dashes and escapes over walls and so on - Can have hard time vs fancy ad mid old (Yasuo, talon, Zed) and new (Irelia), and ap like Fitz and Rework Akali reason: *Even if you win mid vs them or at least not feed them, they wil roam and your team (especially bot lane) will feed them over and over and then blame you, and it's hard for you to follow them because they kill you if you facecheck an area with no vision (and bot never ward since 4 free wards are not enough, and we all knwo it's illegal for adc to ward)
The problem with one tricking a mage is if u go up against an assassin and not feed they will just roam and kill your team and get fed then one shot u later which is not very fun
Boulhya36 (EUW)
: {{champion:20}}
come'on man xD
: {{champion:101}} This guy has incredible range, can poke the he;ll out of most champs and does quite a lot of damage. Building full AP means he can OTP quite easily with his ult or a combo of E-W-Q {{champion:74}} This guy can nuke the hell out of any champ. Just press E-R-W and anyone will die in seconds {{champion:45}} Just build stacks and AP till you reach 1000 then trap people with E and Press W-R. Easy OTP
the only one of these 3 that i might consider one tricking is heimer but i'll see if anyone else turns up
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: 1st mission = icon + 2000be 2nd mission = Hextech box and key 3rd mission = Emote
: fastest way is to play alone few coop beginner games , and invite some guys from recently played 15lvl or less to join u in premade. No one 15lvl or less will read this board.
im doing that at the moment but i was hoping for someone who is gonna make a new acc can play with me so we can finish games fast and do what the missions need. btw do u know how many missions are there or is it just one?
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Alright, i assume your network is running good right now. Let me know when this issue comes back and starts to be more continuous. --- It's really hard to guess what could have happened with your ping at that moment.
i just finished a game and it's actually worse now 400-500 all game long doesn't even go down to my normal ping any more......
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello JustANoobAdc Did it only happen to you once? Has this issue ever happened before? If not, then maybe your ISP was doing their mandatory network update..
It never happened before actually and i called them today and they told me that everything is working just fine and that there are no issues what so ever...
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Pikajew (EUNE)
: Says im in a game
Same problem here.I guess it's good that it's not just me even though it sounds really mean xD


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