Question, in what way playing the buggy dota autochess ripoff, makes you competent and experienced in league of legends, to expect to get experience as reward?
: Ain't you the guy, who got banned for being toxic while smurfing.. What are you doing here?
No. I have never received permanent punishments. Most people will spend season after season in gold and below, blaming riot games for everything... Smurfs, Scripts, Matchmaking, Afk, Troll etc... They cannot see that their own incompetence is keeping them in that elo. Every day you see 20 new posts on the boards for the same reasons. The people who ask "I cannot deal with X, what do you recommend?" are small fraction of the people who say "X is broken, fix your stupid game". It is sad and hilarious at the same time.
: i need to give you the link really why would i bother to write this long a$$ think if it's just a lie REALLY ?
: Been playing in plat for a few seasons now, and in all that time I've seen like maybe 10-20 ppl that were legit smurfing from master+. Everyone else either fed their ass off and then claimed "lol I'm just not trying, Idc about this acc it's not my main" (yeah, sure it isn't buddy) or was virtually indistinguishable from an average gold/plat player in terms of skill. I really don't think the whole "smurf" thing is a big issue.
dino0 (EUW)
: When you chose a a lane it says top why BCS you chose to be in top lane and second the farm in the top lane is yours like the farm in the jungle belongs to your jungle BCS without those he/she can't earn gold exp and so on correctly. What I am talking about is they force that choice since they are ahead they can do whatever they want , so she used the fact she had more damage to last hit minions . I'll the fight against that behaviour which I think it's toxic for those who don't agree with it. I chose top it's my lane and next time I am Gona go and invade my jungles farm because if I hog everything to myself I'll be stronger and be able to win. Simple ,messy ,delicious.
How long are you going to continue with this kindergarten mentality - "its mine, my own, no one else should touch it"? If you were at the age of 3, I would understand you. I wouldn't support your decision, but I would know that it is natural. But you are not 3. This game is about cooperation. When you select your position, you do not "claim" that part of the land, with everything that is on that land. It is just to make the process of organizing the team more simple, faster and to avoid conflicts. It is not to distribute the resources (gold, exp, etc...) for the whole duration of the game. There is nothing wrong if your jungler or teammate takes some gold/exp from "your lane". And there is nothing wrong if you take some jungle camps or minions from other part of the map. You are expected to cooperate with those people to achieve common goal. Things like this, and I will quote you: >I'll the fight against that behaviour ...are very bad for this game. Not cooperating with your team, and working against them is toxic. What is trying your teammate? To take objective top... how is this bad for your team? 1. If he is there, go somewhere else and use the resources there, if you need resources. 2. If you want the objective they work on, you can combine forces with them. 3. If you want another objective, you can just go and work on the other objective. ANYTHING OF THOSE IS OK. Working against your teammate is NOT OK. You are literally making the game 4 vs 6 for them... And I am sure you know how hard is to win 4 vs 5... Think how hard it will be, when they will have to deal with your "fighting against them", on top of the enemy team. I really mean it man, by the game rules, you are the one who is toxic, and who deserves ban. Not your sivir who just wants to take another turret...
Asention (EUW)
: Do you think AD Assassins are too strong?
They are ok. But they are assassins after all. They suffer from all weaknesses. Their kit is not easy. Neither is the gameplay as assassin. It is ok if you are facing people who are less skilled than you, because you can just carry.
: is it rude to not honor premades when they honor you?
It does nothing. You are literally asking "is it rude to do nothing, when they do nothing". If you are just 2 premades, noone gets anything at all. IF you are 3, max one of you will get something. If you are 5 max 2 of you.
: chat restrict
I am not sure, but I think you used the K** and F** in the same game. This is enough for 28 days ban, not 14 :)
zvpHy (EUW)
: Chatban/14DaySus/Permaban
Some people never learn...
robin7075 (EUW)
: Why doesn't riot do anything about afk or inters?
No one is getting banned for "afk", son.
dino0 (EUW)
: Bot switching with top
Well, first of all "your lane" is actually "not you lane". Also "your farm" is not "your farm". Yes, you are at that place, and you are killing minions there. But neither the place nor the minions belong to you. Its like If I go to public beach and start swimming there, and complain that other people at my beach and are swimming near me... It is mentality typical for 2-6 years old. After that age young children learn that they have to share. The logic behind this maneuver is that ADC cannot push 2nd bot turret, after taking 1st when the mid turret is up. They will be isolated easy target for coordinated actions of the mid/jungler, and no matter how fed they are, that deep in the enemy part of the map, with 2 vs 4 scenario, chances are not in their favor. Also, sometimes the enemy support at this time, will let the adc that is behind to freeze the lane bot, and farm safe and catch up, while he will start creating his own chaos around the map roaming... After swapping with top, the lane will most likely be 1 vs 1 anyway. So for the ADC/SUPPORT there are two ways of swapping. Mid and Top. Mid is very very short lane. And you will usually face AP champion with decent clear. So poor kill potential with very low turret damage... In some cases it is ok. But TOP... TOP swap is the easiest. You can actually apply kill pressure, and eventually take the turret, and put the top laner behind in the process. Of course I have to say again, that from game to game there is huge difference, and there is no "universal rule" what to do. But in your case... I am pretty sure that with strong pusher like sivir, your bot lane took the right decision.
: Negative attitude around Builds.
This is only a problem in low elo. (then again, everything is a problem there)
: Revert 9.14 if you care about the game Riot (Long Post)
How can I take your opinion seriously, if you even fail to pick the correct board for this post? From what I have read, you keep complaining of extremely low win rate champions, implying that they are somewhat overpowered for what they do. Yet you complain that champions that are very good in pro play, are completely useless.. (so what? The game should be balanced like that... if you cannot play the champion, just don't )
: First of all, let me tell you that i attend in the economic university of Athens, so my maths are above the average. But I understand your concerns since we are on the internet. Allow me to say that what are you trying to explain does not require "good knowledge of maths", it's only basic logic that i believe the majority of people (players) will understand.I get what you are trying to explain with passives and how hard it is to balance the items, but I believe the tank items need their base stuffs to be better overall.Thats my opinion I may be wrong. But please next time you try to explain something in boards don't be so negative and try not to underestimate people in general.
As long as you try to apply, and I quote here: > only basic logic You will never get correct understanding of how defensive items work, and how much they are worth. There is no logic in calculating your basic armor equilibrium curve, your basic magic resist equilibrium curve, the changed curves against Last Whisper passive and Void Staff, etc... You just grab the pen and do it. And by pen I mean open Excel. (Or check one of the 1000000000 graphs on the internet, if too lazy or bad at math) In my experience the people who complain about defensive items, usually do get the correct stats at the correct situation. If anything, I find those items extremely under priced for what they do.
: Lux got banned support picks Morgana plays bad on purpose and blames me for losing the game when he had 3k dmg with morg and reports me for being toxic. I don't want to support this game in any way if riot is not going to acknowledge this problem... i'm ok with bad players i'm not ok with players that go in ranked games and don't try to play or improve since that is the point in ranked games it just kills the game for me (sorry for the late answer) DISCLAIMER ! ! ! I will not flame or be toxic if i can't report those people in some way this is just %%%%%%ed LoL is 10yo there are just too much ways to find what you do wrong or how to improve with ease .... it's just too much for rme to handle Also i do have life i work and stuff like that and i try to improve when i go in ranked games i play to be better not just "to play"
I cannot seem to find a game in your match history that will support your statement.
: Dodge now counts as loss? Wtf?
This is like that from the beginning of time. I still recommend dodging when you have to. Your mmr will remain intact. So one win after the failed promo, you will be at promo again. With free win... Also, instead of complaining and "thanking" to riot, you can spend some time to educate yourself. Read some faqs here and there. Everything have been announced. It is not riot fault, that some people cant read.
Salron88 (EUW)
: is it normal that a cassiopea can 1 v 1 a darius who is in melee range?
Darius cannot compare to Cassio's damage output. Your only chance is to trigger trinity twice, get her to max stacks and use your R as fast as you can.
: Tank items=low gold efficiency
Man, I may be wasting my time, because you need really good math knowledge to understand me... But how gold efficient are those items is nearly impossible to calculate with absolute precision. Mostly because they have very cool passives. And those passives have no base price to compare to. Second, Gold efficiency means nothing. It is a parameter that shows how much stats you get from item, for the money you pay, compared to the money you would have been paying, if you were to purchase those stats with buying their base items. It has nothing to do with how useful the items are. Just because riot says: HP cost X, ARMOR cost Y, MAGIC RESIST cost Z, this does not mean that those stats will be useful for you in proportion to X,Y,Z. Sure if you put some EXTREMELY specifc goal as "increase my effective HP against physical damage", you can make a chart how your effective hp changes, when you change armor and hp, but even then, you need to consider the armor penetration items of the enemy team, since you need to keep the proportion right. (not to comment shitty passives that do % and items like BOTRK) I cannot simply explain everything you need to know, when balancing your tank items for the current game. But I am sure that you can find enough stuff on the net, with excel charts and other useful things.
LovacRG (EUNE)
: Hey guys can you tell me best champ for 4800 - 6300 be ?
You might take this as off topic or not, but there is no connection between performance and BE price. Is there any specific reason, to want to spend BE in that price range? This will help me give you a better answer. (Because if you think the best ones are the ones with high price, it is nothing like that...)
Kasadya (EUW)
: Looking for a DUO in EUW (GOLD ELO)
Wrong board. Teams/Clubs/Tournaments is the right one. Here no one will see your post.
: Just asking about the feeding problem
I am "rude" to a lot of people, and I am never banned. It seems to me that you are more than "rude". Also, I have noticed that most people have wrong idea what is "trolling". For someone even picking teemo in ranked is "trolling". Can you be more specific, what kind of trolling is happening around you?
: After 2 years i got tyler1d again.
Unfortunate, but not unexpected from tyler1wannabe.
: electrocute damage is inconsistent
It is the most consistent damage rune for all in and burst trades. (divers, assassins, some bruisers/fighters) This is quite strong, even early/mid game. It scales very good with stats, the best one for ap assassins. It is 100% guaranteed to land. I used to run Thunder Lord Decree back then, but I had to pick tons of utils, that I did not need. Now with the other domination runes... It is my to-go rune for every damage dealer I play, that can land few burst skills.
: Why are smurfs allowed?
Its very less "they choose to allow it", and very much "they cannot do anything about it."
: What I said in a comment: For what I know even a game like this didn't gives you a ban so fast and not even with the ticket to support. The fasted reaction I saw from the support was in 16 hours and this game was 2 hours ago. Hope that they upgraded the system. 3 months ago Hecarim with ghost mid 0/33 in min 14-18. All team reported him and he still played 2 days in this way until I made a ticket to support. Why that Hecarim didn't got banned in 2 days and this guy got in 2 hours? They must changed the system, but without announcing we can't now. Btw, I don't woke up and start talking shit without having a source. Right now I had a game where a Teemo random started to int and hard flamed us. I made a ticket to support but is useless if he already got punished for the flame.
You do not have to "know" anything. Everything is written in the Post above, and is visible in the match history. I asked you not to write useless comments, just to troll people, who have been punished, without reading their comments first. I do not want to hear your excuses.
: The best thing is to uninstall this game. Honestly this game doesnt know how to fix matchmaking. I started with 59% winrate in d3, I get p2 players with 49-41% winrate. Dropped to d4 and its even worse now. Autofill is also some dumb shit that should be removed. I rather stay 20 mins in Q then getting %%%%%%ed teammates. Dodging should be free. And you shoudnt be matchmaked with people that are on your block list ( like in esea - csgo, at least a succesful game). And they should implement if you have an afk in your team, he should take all the loss of LP and the rest -3LP max. Honestly how many time do people get fked by a guy that ragequits/dc's. _If only one guy would have a brain on the RIOT team, this community would be less toxic. _ Anyways wish you best of luck having fun, my days are gone having fun in this dead game.
So... ebay doesn't give permanent diamond rank, does it? You drop out eventually... Now about the real problems. The auto-fill is there, because every minute you have extra people, who use "popular" roles, that are left for the next minute. And the next minute, there are added to the new people who que for the "popular" roles, and even more people remain for the next minute. And so on... to infinity. IT is not like that: with auto-fill: 2 min without auto-fill: 20 min. But with auto-fill: 2 min without auto-fill: infinite. Literally the only way you would be able to play this game without auto fill, is if you very stupid and determined to wait hours in que like challenger player. Most people are neither stupid, nor have the time to waste. Dodging penalty is there, because building the team (pick, counter pick, banning, synergy) is important. And people who make poor decisions should not be tolerated to "try again, and again, and again" till they think to have an edge... This will increase the time to start a game, and as I said... people are not stupid to wait, and they have better work to do than waiting endlessly. Afk LP loss decrease is bad, because: 1) the LP you get, you steal from you opponent. This is how the system works. If you want imagine it like stealing candies, If you want imagine it as star chips from Yu-Gi-Oh's pegasus competition. I do not care. You should not be allowed to punish your opponent by reducing his LP gain, by simply clicking quit... it is very stupid to implement something like that, isn't it? 2) You should not be able to protect your allies by quitting. This will boost their ranks artificially. And ranks to people who cannot sustain them is bad. You yourself are complaining that you are getting demoted, it doesn't feel nice to be somewhere where you do not belong, does it? And last. The game is neither dead nor dying. I do not see any signs of illness whatsoever.
: i can delete this acc?
Depends what you try to achieve.
danipoz (EUNE)
: Permanently banned
It is not a mistake. The problem is that it is permanent. Not 14 days. I am 100% sure that it should be 14 days, if you did not have 14 days ban before. Few %%% here and there is nothing that drastic, that it is worth instant permanent.
: "I don't care, this is my smurf account"
The problem, son, is what you call "Troll" may be not trolling at all. IF you can give me examples in your last game (without using the summoners name), so I can understand what exactly you are complaining about...
: What should I report these for?
Asking for reports and calling someone troll is verbal abuse. Report for that. Spamming surrender vote/pings is not. Both systems have in-built anti-spam. (And pings you can mute).
: You get banned because you flame. Even the ban tell you that. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Can you not write random answers, before you read the post? What flame you talk about? The guy clearly said that he inted. If you spend 10 sec to click on him > match history you will see his 0/21/2 game. There is no point of random useless comments, just to troll people. Thank you, son.
: Banned
You can ignore him. If you cannot... Last resort should be afk. For afk you get 5/10/20 min que penalty. You do not lose your account. (korean style: writes go %%%% yourself > goes afk) I find your 21 deaths for 17 minutes, remarkable. One of the best people I have ever seen. And you achieved this without ghost, tp and mobility boots.
: Show me where it say that you are allowed to insult someone for destroying your game. There are a thing called "tickets to the support". If someone troll in your game then with that ticket you make him take a direct 14 days ban if is his first time doing this and a permaban if he was punished before. All the players I reported are permabanned with the exception of a 2 players who was their first time trolling in a game.
I reported a nunu, who played 20+ games one after another with buying between 2 and 4 {{item:3086}} with mobility boots. ( Yes, 0% win rate for 20 games, following jungler, stealing his camps with smite and consume etc... ) This happened few days ago. And yesterday I received message, that they have too many tickets to handle, and I am getting "automated" answer, that they hope will help. And the first thing is - "reporting in game client is enough". So, 20+ games you are getting reported EVERY SINGLE GAME, usually by your whole team... and sometimes by the enemy. But the system works... no worries.
: When will this annoying damage support meta end?
I cannot speak for other support mains, but for myself the reason is this: The adc meta is bad. The idea to rely on someone who needs to know how to position himself, what to build, how to kite effectively, when NOT TO KITE, etc... is terrible. The moment you get auto-filled unskilled person, who has no clue how to trade in lane, cant last hit well and makes few mistakes early and feeds the enemy, it is over. Go shield and heal all you want. I strongly support this compilation (support like lulu, nami, janna + ADC) ... IN DIAMOND and above. I have mixed feeling when applied in plat, but still slightly towards positive. But below plat, everyone who picks ADC champ should be banned for trolling. ------------------- Now, for the second part of the problem. Why full dmg support works. 1) Gold. You get nearly the same gold as your adc. One or few kills + your gold from the support item, and you may be on top of him. And even if you have less, the scaling of some champions is terrible. You may pick zyra all you want. She will do the same dmg with 100000 gold, and with 100 gold. 2) Items. EVERYTHING gives AP/CDR/MANA and some useful passive. It is something, that is designed by challenged people. Like literally I can filter items by "ap + cdr" and start buying random shit. It will work, no matter how my end build will look like. I have ludens 99 of 100 games. Endless spam with technically NO down time... Sorc boots + Oblivion orb and you can oneshot the most fed carry. The real problem is the CDR. As long as you can get 45% cdr with 25% bonus CDR on your ult, this game will be never balanced.
: tolerance policy by riot
So you complain for people ruining games, afking etc... and never getting permanent ban... And your solution is to go back to dota 2? With dota 2, you never get permanent ban. You can flame, you can wish death, you can troll. The worst I get is 1 day chat ban and/or few LP matches. It sounds fun, but is not, because anyone can do this (and most likely will). And you never know what kind of shit is the voice chat, before you see dota 2. The only reason I play it, is because the player base is close to my age. Don't worry son. There are people like you there. Two days ago 0/10 AM "carry" told me that he goes back to playing League, on his "diamond" account...
signedL (EUW)
: I was using the logic of, even very unskilled players should mimic the best playstyles. Maybe I'm wrong?
Not always. Those people you "mimic" know how to pilot a plane. So they get themselves planes, and pilot them and do cool stuff with them. The problem is that you have no clue how to pilot it, and you crash it every time... On the other hand, if you first "mimic" people who drive cars, you will crash those cars too, but you will get there eventually... And after that you may move to the harder level of piloting planes. You need to focus on more robust, reliable, simple ways. And after that move on the more complex stuff.
SuperJunk (EUW)
: i know they are not same, but teemo W isn't important, amumu abilities can be much better, and visual too
What you do not like about amumu skills?
Akaike0 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=JustClone,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=lPVikivA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-12T06:59:34.234+0000) > > Have you reported this to riot support? Ok, I reported it via support ticket, I only got a bot answer, that reporting in the client is enough ... Yeah of course ... They don't do anything against it.
Funny that I reported it too, and I got the same answer. 22 games, 0% win rate.
: What don't you get exactly ?
All of it. What changes the gold when killing lane minions?
Typhl0 (EUW)
: that' s the dmg of two bc at lvl 16 sinister steel has 100%ap ratio if u count ur mr which reduce the ap dmg by like 40% that mean u got hit by 2 dagger and this buff isn't rly a buff they increased the antiheal on her ult that's all
I got nothing from what you said.
signedL (EUW)
: This thread is not meant to be taken super seriously. I looked up probuilds.com, my goto place for up to date builds and runes so that my performance in normal games can be optimal and also up to date.
I would advise against it. Just because some items match the playerstyle of faker... It does not mean that it will match the solo que, or low elo. If you look for "high elo" , you should just focus on something like plat+, not on LCS content... What I am trying to say is, that "optimal" for someone with extremely good game knowledge and mechanics with specific champion, may be far from optimal for you. (Use the link I gave you...)
Akaike0 (EUW)
: Support smite troll
Have you reported this to riot support?
True Sight (EUNE)
: Aatrox without a revive isn't Aatrox
I was playing ap aatrox, before the rework. So for myself, I do not care. But I feel you guys, and I support your point of view. (you %%%%ing aatrox mains :P ) Although it tilts me beyond repair, and the only satisfaction I get is when I manage to kill you guys twice :) I really hope that riot decides to keep the revive part in his kit.
Backstard (EUNE)
: Just got demoted to bronze
Very nice... You got a lot of people, to take you seriously :) Upvoting for the good job...
RogueDek (EUW)
: I'm sorry, but past 15 minutes she loses the ability to duel/assasinate anyone. Unless she is massively ahead. If anyone dies to your laner once or twice, you can't fight them anymore. She has a teamfighting ultimate, but she can barely make use of it. Her kit is a disgrace for someone who calls themselves an assasin. Want anything else? Because her only win condition is getting other people ahead, she is dirt poor in a solo queue scenario, and even with a full 5-man team, she can barely see any play, or do anything that other champs can't do better. She's a worse version of Irelia, EVEN post-nerfs. She needs either buffs or a full revamp.
> If anyone dies to your laner once or twice, you can't fight them anymore. No, YOU cannot fight them. 600 gold difference is really bad. But not that bad to end your game. > She has a teamfighting ultimate, but she can barely make use of it. You cannot make use of it. With this ultimate, you may be not that good in the middle of a lane, but in narrow spaces in the jungle, with bush+wall... it is great. Baron/Dragon pit fights? HUGE ADVANTAGE. > Her kit is a disgrace for someone who calls themselves an assasin. Which part of it? The stealth, the hard cc, the burst damage, or the invisibility? Edit: Forgot the mobility...
: Aurelion Sol rework
You will never be able to play Sol, Azir, etc... The kit is balance around pro players, so low elo players will feel such champion extremely weak. I would advise you to give up on him. Another advise, off topic. do not use "design" for look, use "visuals" or something similar. Because the word "design" means both look and function. So saying that you like how something looks and functions, and then proposing to change how it functions, because It does not function as you like, is completely wrong.
signedL (EUW)
: I need to know who did this
I do not know, have you spend like 5 min to use the google search? https://champion.gg/champion/Camille/Jungle > So I did a bit of """""""""research""""""""" What kind of research did you do? I'm very curious
SuperJunk (EUW)
: because he looks like chewed bubble gum with eyes, is this 14 level account your main ?
In that case... Do not worry, son. The guys who deal with balance changes are not the guys who create the visuals. Work on teemo won't hinder changing the look of amumu.
: I dunno about majority but a good amount of players will not come back to a tilting game they decided to quit even if you paid them money, I am sure lp loss or not it's still just a game in the end you can't force them to play it if they don't feel like it About those more "rational" leavers who'd care enough about their lp they might think twice before doing it, but no guarantee they won't anyways So it's worth a try I think, just as an experiment, we don't want to keep such a flawed horrible idea forever unless it had a huge success rate or something
I do not want to take side regarding this idea. I just wanted to explain the logic behind the change, that this guy suggested.
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