Arbz (EUW)
: Ban system!
You cannot do anything about "people who ruin the game".
: Small QOL buff for Neeko
>When she cast her ultimate she gets a shield when she lands her ultimate but why doesnt she get the shield when she cast her ultimate. The idea is to mitigate the damge from sources that avoided your stun , after you made a risky play. The ides is not to make baiting people easier and stopping their attempt to burst you before your ult activates. Right now one of the biggest vulnerabilities is that she can die when on low health. She cannot feel balanced, and at the same time have embedded {{summoner:21}} on demand. This is not a small buff, son. (On the other topic... auto attack damage is fine for mid lane, noone would mind. But top lane cancer neeko is a problem...)
: But this is assuming that the only people who plays rakan in high elo are rakan mains... that’s not true, high elo players are just as likely to get swept up in the meta as low elo. Meta sheep still exist up there, and those that look at xayah and rakan being played extensively in workds are likely to play them, and with xayah being in the meta many people will attempt to go rakan. You can see this because rakan has a pick rate of 8% making him the 9th highest in the game and 2nd highest support only beaten by thresh. So you’ve got a decently high amount of players who aren’t as experienced on rakan as needed, he’s not an easy champion with high room for error (as seen by his low win rate on a low amount of games played, about 40-46% depending on which site you look at). Look at the champions above him on your statistic the only 3 supports above him are Naut, blitz and Leona... all easy champions with low amounts of error... so naturally will get a much higher win rate. So your comparing the raw win rate (as that’s all this is it’s win rate) of a easy champion to a difficult champion... as you should know that doesn’t work. And even then it doesn’t change the fact that xayah and rakan are the strongest 2v2 in a straight up fight early game, these match up statistics look at win rate over the whole game (obviously s champion as reliable and safe as Naut will do better than rakan) but in a pure 2v2 setting due to their synergy very few champions can ever hope to match... even if they don’t go on to win the game they’re in a better spot to win the lane than anyone else (if playe correctly) EDIT: average number of games for rakan at plat plus is 5 games... that’s very low your wanting 10-20 games played to be good at a champion... confirming everything I’m saying about high elo. They might be good players but that doesn’t mean they are good rakan players
> it doesn’t change the fact that xayah and rakan are the strongest 2v2 How is this a fact? Based on what? To me it seems like an opinion. And as much as I care of the opinion on other people here... The statistical data is obviously much more reliable source of truth. You do not expect me to accept your point of view, and disregard every evidence that points to the contrary, just because you feel that way, do you? So can you, or can you not, provide any support to your statement?
: Kill this mage meta already
300 IQ advice... {{item:3156}} <<< THIS will make you immortal against burst damage, like syndra, lux etc... {{item:3102}} <<< VERY GOOD, if someone is engaging on you like blitz, ashe, malph... {{item:3140}} <<< Is enough, if their burst is reliant on applying hard cc to you... lux, veigar, malza, etc... {{item:3157}} <<< If their burst comes all at once. {{item:3111}} <<< Can do miracles, by lowering the time you stay in CC. Usually combination of one or two of those will completely shut down their option to one shot you from full HP. And instead Q-W-E-R on you, they will need to start thinking... And believe me, people fail while thinking a lot.
: you know how to make a comparison or not ? you went for 1 game ? hahaha better that i don't talk more ! go more down and check other games !
It is not just one game, most of them are like that. Even the Swain you flame in your post... You die too much, and often you do not do enough damage, to justify the resources you take from your team. And this is your main role as ADC. (to provide consistent damage..) At the same time, the guys you flame (your supports), are doing more, while costing nothing to your team, and bringing a lot of utility. You need to focus on yourself, not on banning your support champions. Or you will never improve. Good luck.
: Like I said it’s less to do with solo Q... a lot of match ups require a good rakan player to work, which immediately lowers its stats in solo Q because worse players attempt to do it. It’s still the strongest 2v2 early, just not the easiest... but again no harder than any rakan lane to pull off in solo Q
Son, if you take a good note at the statistical data I provide, you will notice, that this is from high elo competitive play. Much higher than what you usually see. Also, you can further narrow it down, to diamond, masters etc ...and above. You will see that there is no signifficant increase in the reliability of that duo whatsoever. The guys you call "worse" players, are actually the best players. As I said, if you have any data to show, that it is "strong"... Feel free to jump into the discussion again.
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Of course. I've played Xayah with Rakan plenty of times and it never felt anything special to me. I've had more success playing her with Naut and Leo. I can understand why you're having mixed feelings about the rest of my comment. Sadly, Caitlyn hasn't been anywhere near as popular as she used to be. So, you don't often get to see a good Cait with Morg/Lux. But I can assure you, Cait+Morg/Lux is one of the best combos on the bot lane. You should give it a try if you play Cait or Morg/Lux.
Ok, I will comment on it, but disclaimer first: _100% my oppinion, not facts. It works for my playstyle, it may not apply to the majority of people in this community._ Im playing lux A LOT, and I agree. What you say is absolutely right. Extremely strong combo for the bot lane. Very very opressive playstyle, that few compilations can match. You will end on top after the laning phase in most cases. But... I do not like caitlyn carries. I enjoy the company of people who can get hyper carry... Jinx, Jhin, Kogmaw... Especially kog... I am not saying it is bad to play cait. It is just that the champion struggles to transfer this early game power into late game, and become a hyper-carry. Sometimes because of people getting over-confident, sometimes simply because the design of the champion is like that... You know, when I see {{champion:516}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:154}} ... I know that it will be a problem for cait, and we need to get damage from aditional source to handle the situation. While at the same time, I know that {{champion:96}} will melt through all of them, while I am doing my best to peel for him. But I have to admit that games are not going always that long, and in case thay are decided earlier - obviously cait has the advantage. I see pluses and minuses, and this is why I cannot say what is "best".
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Idk man, I've heard that the combo used to be OP but then they nerfed it(?). I am not sure since I only recently came back to the League. Yeah, I know how Xayah's W works since I play her myself. All I can say is that my personal experience with Rakan-Xayah combo hasn't been very good. I remember playing vs Xayah-Rakan as Caitlyn with Lux support not long ago and we totally stomped them in the lane, going something like 6-0 and first turret in 15 min. Caitlyn is not just all about her range, though its definitely one of her strengths. Caitlyn has incredible kill pressure early game with her traps and headshots. Morgana and Lux work with her so good because once they land their root, its almost a guaranteed trap and kill from thereon for Caitlyn. In fact, level 1 invades with Morgana/Lux and Caitlyn can be one of the scariest invades you can have. I personally fear Caitlyn+Morgana far more than any other combo on bot lane including Xayah-Rakan. All it takes is one root and you are most likely dead.
You are absolutely right about Rakan-Xayah combo. As you can see here: Rakan is far away from the best choice, when picking a support for xayah. I have mixed feelings about the rest of your comment thou, so I will not comment it.
: Does not change the fact that early game is total bs. Everyone jumps on you before L6, you'r dead. Basically walking gold bag. Outside of proplay, somebody jumps on you off R, you'r dead. Outside of proplay, you got a trash player on your side, you lose game automatically. Won't be able to get any late game.
Man, they cannot balance Xayah, so a bronze player is ok, and pro player is ok, at the same time. Obviously one of them is gonna have to suck it up, and give up on playing the champion. You have three guesses who is gonna that be... Yeap, correct answer. Now, if you want to play consistenly with some champion, stay away from those, who have extremely good performance. Not only because it is less likely to get banned/picked by the opponent, but because it is very unlikely to get a nerf.
: Xayah rakan is still the strongest 2v2 possible in the game... you can easily kill your opponents as early as level 1 with a good set up and their level 2 powerspike is massive. And doesn’t take that much communication... no more than having rakan be with any adc really your doing all the same things but just stronger.
Son, please take a note that the comment is about: >Xayah-Rakan combo doesn't work as good in soloQ as it does in pro play You can see here: That your statement: >Xayah rakan is still the strongest 2v2 possible in the game... Is totally wrong. The duo Xayah-Rakan combo, in the context of soloQ is obviously not the best. Not only not the best, you can see, that it is doing extremely bad, compared to the performance of xayah with other partners. Unless you have any data for more reliable source, regarding soloQ, I consider this case closed. Ok?
Zedant (EUW)
: yeah just not gonna respond since you clearly aint reading and I already made all points whitout you countering even ONE NOT EVEN ONE of them
I am not interested in getting any additional information from you. I am telling you why you are getting kicked out of champion select: AFK CHECK.
: I don't understand this Rito balance ideas
Let me explain what is Xayah... It is shitty ADC champion, that can prevent herself getting killed, even if she is alone, and the enemy makes no mistakes. Hence this: > Cooldown increased to 160 / 145 / 130 seconds from 140 / 125 / 110. Thats all. A champion that needs noone, and works against everyone.
Davedes11 (EUW)
: Remake deserves LP
Son, even if you get 10 LP instead of 5. Even if you get 100. Even 1000. Even if you get instant promoted. It does no good to you. You will start getting less LP in your next matches, because your MMR will still suck. LP It is just for decoration. The engine for your rank is MMR. You should care about it...
Sekwiriet (EUW)
: Lmao, what job am I doing? I wish I could get this person banned but it seems they are still playing games, their opgg is still active as I am writing this comment. Sad honestly that Riot is blind to see that letting this go unpunished is the reason people flame...
What do you mean what job? You are helping us getting rid of that excuse of a player. And teach this little shit how to behave in games. In a way, you are helping everyone by spending time to report to riot this. And more specifically - you are helping me. If riot support is braindead inbreed who refuses to see your point, no matter how obviously it is that you are right, thus rendering your efforts in vain... thats not something you can fix. I wish you the best.
: Well... Once you declare such a rule, it will turn into a sport: find a bad player and kill him 8 times before 10:00 to prove your skill.
It is extremely unlikely that you will achieve this. Even as team of 5. I will give you some basic logic and numbers, that you can use in your next posts: The walk to side lanes is 40-42 sec. The death timer pre 6 is 6-16 seconds. This means you will have less that 10-15 seconds left to kill a person. And you need to start killing him even before minions spawn. In other words, he has to be willing to die 8 times. Use of teleport and ghost, champion with free mobility skill, etc... If you had the similar skills to skirmish, you would be facing faker in your games to begin with...
: The Lack of Choice for Tanks in Runes especially KeyStones.
The problem with "tank" runes and keystones is, that people are not getting them on tanks. People are getting them on squishy champions, so they are not squishy. So, a champion, that has his main weakness (being easy to take out), is suddenly without his main weakness. And gets overpowered. And also, you will often see tanky champions, who preffer to pick damage runes. And you get the opposite effect: a champion who is very durable, but cannot do damage, is suddenly doing damage. And he gets overpowered. This is why it is very delicate work to balance runes.
: I got demoted to D1 from Grandmasters because i didnt played 1 day
Google, son. Google. If too lazy to search "why", read Mcgalakar's comment.
: the problem is i'm a good adc ! but it all time depends on how is the support doing so it can make a big difference in bot lane !
> the problem is i'm a good adc No. > but it all time depends on how is the support doing No. **All it takes is a look at your history, where we find games as:** Ashe 120 cs for 21 minutes game, 3k damage on champions. (this is usually report worthy for trolling in high elo) In same game, Silver 1 Soraka with 4cs and utility build doing more damage than you... Your competence is mediocre to say at best... And as long as you flame your supports for your own mistakes, there will be no room for improvements.
: i think ive played over 200 games since the ban before, im sure of it, last time i got banned was more than 1 year ago. also yes, ezreal has 0 impact unless it gets couple of kills and rushes a trinity, but this guy was going korean build iceborne and doing legit 0 dmg, losing to enemy adc with doran shield with our jungler and me asw, free 3-0 at lvl 4... enemy came back in lane with a BF sword, and braum just flashed passive me i had no flash and died under turret, and tats it, i went mid and gave 2 assists to zed, went top gave 1 to kyle, closed 0-3-13, but enemies were too much ahead, our jungler dying to enemy adc, then it died at jungle camps and simply couldn't get back into the game. i don't rly care, was going next game cba, but then i got suspended and when i loked intto it it was permanent, and i was like WTF ? WHAT THE FCK? perma for what ?
If this is true. I would contact support. Open a ticket. Explain that you understand the situation, but you ask them to reconsider their decision, because you played hundreds of games since you last punishment...
Sekwiriet (EUW)
: Why is this person not banned?
This is inbreed level of trolling. And it pisses me off so hard... You know, such obvious cases are making me question the feeder buster. This little shit is ruining games. Over and over. And he is getting reported, more than once per game. EVERY GAME. And noone seems to be checking this out. So people like you have to waste their time, to report to support. And even then, you do not know if the support wont be brain deffective as well, and refuse to take actions. Anyway, thank you for the job you are doing. I wish you the best.
: Permaban chatlog 1?
It is not worth of perma ban. On its own. But I am sure you have been punished by 14 days before. And I guess that you haven't played enough games since that. Off-topic: It is the second most hated players. Ezreals... I understand your hate perfectly. Pew Pew Pew Q, with no impact, whatsoever. %%%%ing auto-fills... Thou it is wrong to flame them.
: Full mana shen wont work Shen doesnt scale with mana Didnt take farm from adc if thats what you suggest, it just happened to be that way, kassadin can w minions when adc doesnt take a minion etc When i said more, i meant as in "more often" Kassadin doesnt need xp or gold , he needs the game to be calm and relaxed so enemies doesnt snowball. Something you can dictate the most by being in the botlane One R is enough to make a skillshot from the enemies useless. You dont need lvl 16 for that
I said, what I had to say. You can learn if you want, or keep playing. But do not expect to get anywhere higher than Silver 3 with this champion at that role.
Zedant (EUW)
: Ok then let me remake the thing more clearly since I clearly overestimated you. :" *Lets be clear about something...* *If you have pornhub open, while you wait for a match, and after it is found, you hover your champion, and you re-open **pornhub, till you get in game...* " This,WTF is this? The:" * If you just want to not say anything important.* *Dont say anything.* " Was refered to this. I already responded in my previus comment about your "argument": " *The reason is AFK check.* *This is not "forgetting to lock in".* *This is plain and simple for the means of AFK check.* " As I said at very beginning,I am,the future flash... ## ... wait ... ## As I said at very beginning,what I want is for this to NOT be in normal(draft) or URF,because of how the system work you have to stay in champion select instead of(like any other good game) be able to lock in your champion whitout having to wait hours(minutes but they feel like hours). When you said OH THIS WOULDNT WORK or dumb stuff like that. We have the autolocking system,but only in blind unfortunatly,we used to have the autolocking system in ranked AND in urf before but for some reason they decided it was a good idea to remove it. I get not having it in ranked for this AFK CHECK ,its a bad logic but whatever,already explained why its not that bad in another comment and cant be bother by you too. ##BUT## In urf? Whats the reason this still exist in URF? Its not like you start the game whit a random champion,the game will lock you in whit the champion you chose(like ANY SINGLE VERSION OF THIS BUT YOU DIDNT KNOW THAT FOR SOME REASON) and dodge if you are truly AFK when not selecting anything. AND even if you want to strech the truth and say: "Oh people will get mad for a random champion they for SOME reason selected to be locked when they are afk!!!" I mean they introduced ARURF,its not like they really care about the "random champion in URF" thingy. Any argument and not the usual ##but...AFK CHECK!!## got anything?
It is for AFK check...
: Kassadin support
First > it is silver 3 game. Even FULL mana shen will work. Second > you split farm with your ADC. 2 to 1 ratio. (Again, because it is silver 3) And kassadin is not played as support anymore, because he was never played as support to begin with. The champion requires both serious XP and GOLD investment to be in line. Nothing of those two are in abundance at the bot lane support role. (unless you decide to let your adc get killed, so you get more XP, and you take his farm ...) Good luck, son.
: Will I get ranked rewards?
{{champion:266}} enjoy my skin!
: Riot, thoughts for no Tank items.
Keep building more cdr items in URF. They are best for that game mode. Never build % penetration. And keep writing complains about tank items. That will do it.
Fineeh (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=twA Divine,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YdEfGFvy,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-11-05T16:12:38.272+0000) > > Sounds rather vague. What would you like to see fixed? Mostly everything around hitboxes and their visual representation over "reality". Delete elevation from rift or adjust skillshot visuals to fit it. Hit registration, lags that have nothing to do with user's ping, crashes when loading game (which a lot of times gives no error whatsoever so one can't even notice if they load it in background). Small examples: 1. 2.
This seems hilarious... I stopped playing Zoe, because after shitload of bug reports I've send, when it simply PASSED THROUGH people, it still did not get fixed... Probably it is fixed already, but still... I know what you mean.
: Except it’s not wrong... so if your still trying to correct something that is correct then you obviously haven’t gotten what I’m saying
I already corrected it.
: Once i got perma banned because i said in all chat: nasus told me %%%. so i got permamently banned...
>you must have walk away without punishment.
: Haven't felt the need yet to write anything punishment worthy in chat.
>it may be accidently said. Without meaning it, but it may turned out to be extremely toxic.
Zedant (EUW)
: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? If you just want to not say anything important. Dont say anything.
I explained it as simple as I can.
Rioter Comments
: Got 14 day ban
Man, 7.7 of 10 for style points while flaming. You are my type of flamer. (It is what I read, right?)
King6958 (EUW)
: Finding One Trick
{{champion:17}} ? But you will be swapping from one cancer to another...
: >Again, if you get AIDS from eating ice-cream while having sex with infected person, and you do not get it when eating ice-cream while having sex with non-infected person. >It does not mean that the ICE-CREAM gave you AIDS. Or in any way contributed to your infection with the virus. thanks but i don't like **red herrings**. my stomache can't digest them well >The word "think" is incorrect here. I like to use the word "believe". Because this is accepting that something is true, without proof. As well as other myths. (I gave example with cold carbonated beverages, but there are many others). >So, if you will allow me to correct your statement: now you're gatekeeping words and strawmanning what i said i think we've gone off topic long enough arguing semantics. let's get back to league before a mod with no sense of humour shows up(you know who you are)
I just wanted to make sure you understand that it ice-cream has no effect on your health, regarding contraction of viruses, regardless the time of the year, and regardless if the seriousness of the virus. (be it life threathening as HIV or something simple as common cold...) I also wanted to make sure you understand that just because it is called "cold". It does not mean that "cold" things are causing it. Plain and simple. My first comment contains all the data needed for a regular person to understand both of those points. The following explanations are more detailed clarification for you, and for you alone. If you have any more questions, or anything I said requires more clarification, please ask.
: he obviously meant that others doing it is wrong. he's the exception. duh (/s)
I am no exception. I do make mistakes. But I do feel that it is needed, when someone makes a mistake , to correct him. There is nothing bad, in fixing your mistakes or admitting them.
Shamose (EUW)
: Weren't you the guy that said something about flooding someone with useless information?
I am just helping to correct wrong statements about the virus, that we call "cold", and giving my contribution for stopping the century long myths, that are connected to it. It is insane, how with the modern understanding of medicine, there are still people who are attempting to cure or prevent illnesses, by performing specific rituals. Be it something extreme like banishing evil spirits from the persons body , or something small and stupid as avoiding harmless things as ice-cream...
: >Ice cream does not get you a cold. Regardless the season you are eating it. so you're sayig i'm just as likely to get health issues by eating icecream in a blizzard as in a drought? i don't think so.
I say that the ice-cream will have no effect on your health. Again, if you get AIDS from eating ice-cream while having sex with infected person, and you do not get it when eating ice-cream while having sex with non-infected person. It does not mean that the ICE-CREAM gave you AIDS. Or in any way contributed to your infection with the virus. The word "think" is incorrect here. I like to use the word "believe". Because this is accepting that something is true, without proof. As well as other myths. (I gave example with cold carbonated beverages, but there are many others). So, if you will allow me to correct your statement: >I don't ~~think ~~ believe so. Of course you can get infected by the virus of cold, by eating ice-cream alone, but someone infected with the virus should have sneezed on your ice-cream or something... And this may happen in the summer as well. And it may not be ice-cream at all... it may be a muffin. The virus is called "cold" but its contraction is not connected to the exposure of the cold, but to the exposure to the virus particles themselves. Which may happen usually in a warm room, that has or had a person infected with the virus.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: So many bytes wasted just to say the good old "you have the rank you deserve". Not going to dignify that with a measured response, we've been here long enough to know you're full of it, you know it, I know it, you know I know it.
No. I say that in your rank, everyone starts from there. The average player, the ultra bad person with physicall disabilties, and the guy with the godlike reflexes and knowledge like faker. And you never know if you will meet one or another. And you never know if it is in your team or in enemy team. And when you see two people fighting eachother, you do not know if their behaviour is intended or not. And since I believe that one handed person has the same right to play this game as me, I also believe that he should not be called a troll, by some random guys, just because he is doing what he can. And he should not be called a feeder, because he had the the misfortune to meet faker smurf in his game. If you want to see less of this, your only option is to get better yourself. Otherwise you have no right to complain. And you should stop calling those people feeders and trolls.
: Complaining about punishments hurting more near the end of the season and less earlyer on is like...
Just to put this here, for people who want to know more, and talk less wrong crap: Ice cream does not get you a cold. Regardless the season you are eating it. (Unless you are eating it with someone who is infected with cold. But then again - it is not really the ice cream that is responsible for getting a cold...) While we are on the subject. Carbonated cold beverages are also not responsible for getting a cold. Again, regardless of the season. Despite the fact that many dumb parents are convinced in it, and teach their children wrong, and make them as stupid as they are. (And no, neither the fact that the beverage is carbonated, nor that it is cold has any effect) One day you will be parents, learn the correct shit yourself, do not just listen to people. (Yes, myself included. You can just ignore the crap I write and do 2 min research on your own, to convince yourself.) Im out.
Man. Stop talking and think for a second... 10 players x 6 bans = 60 champions. 10 players x 1 pick = 10 champions. Total = minimum 70 champions to play ranked/draft. It takes about 1 month to get the IP to buy 6300 champion, if you do not luckily roll his shard. Even if you buy regular on average of 3k BE... We are talking here about months, if not even years of farming LP, just to be allowed to play Draft... Who will be ready to go through this? There is not even hypothetical possibility of introducing such changes to the game. Use your common sense...
: well u can go to PROFILE in league of legends client, then top right corner type name of irelia, go to my opgg and find that game since naming and shaming rules, watch replay :P I sent ticket anyways
Again, thank you for trying to remove this filth away from the league. I wish you that you never get such people in your ranked games. Good luck son.
: And in Plat, the whole League is complaining that Kled is ruining games with 60% winrate as support. Yes, I know the feeling
I got S in my first game. Extremely unexpected...
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Weird, I see more and more trolling and griefing, while the flaming has stayed more or less the same. Sure, people get perma for saying naughty words on chat, but since people that keep being toxic will keep being toxic through different accounts, this is only bothering people that really shouldn't be affected.
Are you seing really trolls and griefers, or just people who are bad at this game? I will answer this for you. You are SIlver 2 right now. After 1600 games in this elo. Every new player starts around there. Every smurf starts around there also. If you have one handed 9 yo girl, who is happy to be in bronze, you will get her in your game. If faker decides to make new EUW account, you will get him in your game. You are average. In every possible way of saying it. This does not mean that everyone you meet is average. You live in silver... Many of them are just passing by. Some get down, Some up. Some stay there for thousends of games. This does not mean those people are losing on purpose. On the other hand, I do not meet any random new players. Because there is nothing random in beating people consistenly with high win rate. So I do not see much of this "inting and trolling", that turns out to be misinterpretation of the real skills of the player. You get it? The only way to reduce this "trolling" is to get away from the starting point of all players. (In any directions the job will be done, no matter up or down.)
Xplosion101 (EUNE)
: he? did you just assume his gender? permaban for you
: Picks Kha, last hits every kill, shows only scores and not dmg delt, then cries on boards about team. Pick useful champs, maybe then you will be able to carry.
Son, first of all... you are talking to someone who is higher than you on the ladder. I do not think, that he requires teaching how to carry games. Second, you have "match history", one click away from you. You can clearly see that this: >last hits every kill Is actually 500% more damage than this inter. Even soraka has done more dmg than the inter, with full utility build. And last, people in that elo do not get killed 15 times one after another, without achieving anything in the process. Those are not some new players, who are not familiar with the game flow, or the possible results of their actions. This should ring a bell, that we are not talking about 15 mistakes one after another, but one BIG inentional decision. Stop for a moment, and try to think, when was the last time you got 0/15 in a ranked game, without doing anything. And your basic logic will tell you that it is impossible, unless intended...
: Feelsbadman....just a bad game I guess..
Son of a bich... I understand if this was in Iron 4... But plat? 6k dmg. %%%%ing soraka outdps him. With 0/15... 37 minutes game. This crap is so %%%%ing obviously intentional. So %%%%ing obviously intentional... Im sorry man. I am pretty sure that he will get away with this also. But if it will make you feel better, you have my full support.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: The amount of people on the boards defending the ridiculous ban policies of Riot is amazing. But after 10 years, we shouldn't be surprised. Very few normal people are going to still play this game: only a few of "those" spending hundreds on skins and keeping the system going (and dabbing on you on the boards if you point out anything logical), a few streamers making money OFF the game, and a lot of new people attracted by the streamers and esports confused as why they can't say swearwords or ask for reports when someone in their 20th boosted account runs mid down and ruins the match they are making an effort to win.
Son, believe it or not, I played this game in a time, where "talking" couldn't put you in any signifficant trouble. There were people with 30% win rate, becasue they would start to flame after the smalles problem they see. Immaginary or real. And instead of playing, they sit and harrass others in chat. And this goes on, till other people get triggered , and stop palying as well. So instead of game, you have chat rage, followed by inting, afk farming, or dancing at fountain. CLOWN FIESTA. This changed in a week or two, after perma bans for chat were introduced.
: Hey I'd contact the support if I were u The chat logs you posted can definetly lead to a perma ban, with the condition of having been 14 day banned not too long piror, but according to what you said, your 14 day ban was 7-8 years ago From what I understand your punishement level is supposed to go down with time, so I'd think there was a bug with that since you got punished before the new system was implemented and therefor your punishement level never went down even 7-8 years later ?
Cell me Teddy, your logic is correct in general. However, I want to remind you that at the time lyte's crap was done and automated punishment system finished testing, everyone received full amnesty for his assigned punishments, myself included. And only after that it was introduced the 10-25-14-perma rule. At season 2 we still had tribunal... So his bullshit about 7-8 years ago is obviously irrelevant. (If not made up entirely) It must be a recent 14 days ban that got him into this mess.
Klut (EUW)
: Did I deserve this perma ban?
This, on its own, is not worth permanent ban, because there is no hate speech in it. However, it is worth a punishment. (Obviously) So if you were punished before. ( for 14 days ) There is little you can do. If this is your first ban, you can write to riot support, and explain your situation in a ticket.
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