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: I encourage you to keep doing it, so that the system will eventually completely disregard your reports. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
There is no such thing as report value anymore. Get rekt-
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: > [{quoted}](name=JustTits,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lQx3XFWh,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-11-11T13:30:38.310+0000) > > "Are the champions relatively balanced given the fact that there are so many of them? Yes." > > No. "Will the medium player ever be able to understand the difference between his skill level and how unbalanced is the game?" No. He will always blame the game.
Dude, you're bronze 3. It's not like you're anywhere near a good player. That's like.. close to the bottom. Level 10 smurf Boards account, dont bother eith
Silent Note (EUNE)
: It's literally impossible to balance a game with 146 champions. So are the champions balanced? No, and they will never be. Are the champions relatively balanced given the fact that there are so many of them? Yes.
"Are the champions relatively balanced given the fact that there are so many of them? Yes." No.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Oof... thats a fine roast. where can I get the sauce?
How was this garbage response a roast? :D His argument is so bad. It took me maximum 1 minute, while people waste HOURS watching this boring crap.
: G2 didn't play worlds they played NA Soloqueue.
The fact that you guys wasted precious hours of your lifes by watching other players playing an unbalanced game makes me question humanity.
Shamose (EUW)
: It's the classic definition of an internet troll.
Shamose (EUW)
: Because everybody knows that "Money + Fame == Immunity from mental illness"
The best comparsion would be: I give you 400m lead in a 2km long race, and we'll see who finishes first. Obviously, the guy with no lead can win, but if the guy with lead loses and blames anything, he'll seen as a crybaby (streamers about their "hard" life).
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Trias000 (EUNE)
: Stop being toxic, then people will stop inting. It's that simple.
: It's not extra privilege, it's just stopping vindictive hot-heads dishing out unproportional and uncontrolled levels of "punishment" above and beyond what is fair. Just keep reporting them. The system isn't perfect. It will take time.
When you ruin at least 20 player's games, I don't really feel any pity for whatever happens to you, even in real life. And it doesn't matter, it's easier to just join them imo. If you start and level up smurf in no time, by the time Riot's flawed system catches you, you've already ruined hundreds of people's games. Riot lost this game against intentional trolls.
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Ein6tein (EUW)
: #TRUEDAMAGE such a missed opportunity, considering skin line's aesthetics
Oh my god, stop fanboying to this trash music/band. Jeez.
: > [{quoted}](name=Torkl,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=BO8Z8XTE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-28T08:51:58.941+0000) > > Theres skill in: > 1. Knowing when to invest in lvls and how to figure it out. > 2. Countering your opponents. > 3. Building the right items on the right champs. > 4. Positioning your units. > 5. Managing your streaks, gold, hp and carousel prio. > 6. Knowing what champs and origins are good. > 7. Calculating odds. > > And maybe most importantly there is skill in playing with what you get and manage a 4th place even with rly bad rng streaks. 1. ok thats logical 2. pure luck 3. pure luck 4. not hard if u get the units at least 5. pure luck 6. knowing them won't make u get them 7. not much to calculate, u win or lose. my last game my luck was so good i couldn't even get 2 team bonusses together cause i just didn't get any synergy champs, skill my ass.
I'm telling you man, these TFT players will do everything to try and convince people that TFT has soooo many skill involved. :D
: Someone is salty about low division in TFT :D You are wrong. Luck is important but the brain is more important.
You dont need brain, and I'm P1 on main. All with luck.
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: Yeah, they can totally make new skins in a few days. Coming up with the whole concept, going through several iterations of early concept art, finalizing the look, actually drawing the splash art, doing the 3d modeling, getting the 3d model to actually move the way it's supposed to, perhaps integrating special sfx/vfx that also have to be designed, drawn, recorded, etc... Sure, sounds like a project you could finish in a day or two. And ppl like this think riot doesn't listen to the community enough...
And my downvote as well, for protecting Riot's arse, being a little whiteknight.
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: CertainlyT isn't even on the LoL team anymore. He's on a research and development project. Senna is created by Riot August iirc. (It's a twitter link)
: I h8 to play with yasuo in the team not against him
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GLurch (EUW)
: There really is nothing wrong with it. If your builds are that bad, you'll just lose a few games and your MMR will drop till at some point you'll play with and against people with whom your unconventional build will somehow work out, due to them being *that* bad. For all the other players, it's just one game they lose and then they will never have to see you again. Losing that *one game* won't keep them from climbing to their challenger rank or whatever, if they deserve to climb that is. Statistically seen, you're not "keeping players (in general) from climbing" anyways, not because they only lose one game due to you, but you're actually *helping players climb*, because there are 4 teammates on your side who may lose that match, but there are 5 enemies who'll win the match and climb due to it. In the end, more people win due to you than they lose due to you. All of that is of course assuming that you really are bad with your tactic, which no one can really say. Maybe it's the next cool new meta or whatever and it'll be really op, or at least decent.
It wa extremely unlucky, but my 1/17/6 on-hit Shaco was unable to carry. Next up on the "next cool meta" is crit Anivia. Let's see. :)
: RIot Games specifically stated a few years back that playing off-meta or unconventional builds will never lead to a ban, as long as you still try to win and fullfill your role requirements. ADC Ahri, Supp Ahri, Top Ahri, Jungle Ahri, Tank Ahri, Bruiser Ahri, AD Ahri, Crit Ahri, AS Ahri, Utility Ahri, none of those will get you banned if you at least try to win. The decision was made to encourage experimenting ... otherwise people would only play one single build and nothing else, and the game would become boring rly fast. Has nothing to do with money or him being a poster boy. There's lots of cases where poeple who spent 1000€+ on th game got permabanned.
I just can't wait to try and win with all of my unconvential offmeta builds on different champions. Obviously for maximum gameplay experience, I will 100% play those only in ranked. After all, there is nothing wrong with this :)
: TFT own chapter on these boards
Wait, people are still playing the 100% RNG gamemode?
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: Most of those ‘issues’ aren’t something Riot can deal with... what are they supposed to do ban anyone who might be a smurf, that won’t go horribly wrong. > Oh and btw, just so you guys will know: No matter how many games you'll release, I'll make sure to make the players's life a miserable hell by ruining as much people's experience as possible. :) Seems like your part of the ‘ongoing problems’
> > Seems like your part of the ‘ongoing problems’ Oh you have no idea. And it will keep being this way ;)
JustTits (EUNE)
: Really glad for the new games! Are you gonna fix your first one, though?
Oh and btw, just so you guys will know: No matter how many games you'll release, I'll make sure to make the players's life a miserable hell by ruining as much people's experience as possible. :)
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nJacob (EUW)
: You should play the game a bit more before you try to suggests way to improve it friend, since you clearly lack some basic understandings of this game. For a start, smurfing will never be prohibited and an intentional feeder detection system can not and never will be implement (other than, of course, the 0/20/0 mobi boots 5x tear stuff). League's matchmaking is actually quite fine except at very high elos (challenger mostly) and the game is currently the most balanced it's ever been.
"You should play the game a bit more before you try to suggests way to improve it " I dont know what to say, other than the fact that you're gold 4 with almost 200 games in this season only. And you're telling a CLEARLY smurf Boards account to play more. Get over yourself, "friend".
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: Tyler is a smart dude? I sincerely doubt that. This guy has all the intellectual prowess of a wet towel. That said, I agree that even he seems to have realized he can't pull the same stunts he used to. He's still an asshole, because that's what his whole persona is built around, but he's controlled about it.
Or you're just a snowflake and can't handle the cruel internet.
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Shamose (EUW)
: Yeah the Riot legal team should really focus more on champion balance. What else would they do with their law degree?
Stick it up their arsehole, preferrably. And to be a member of THIS balance team, you need to have 2 hands, and that's it.
Shamose (EUW)
: There is a difference between getting inspired by something and trademark infringement. Riot games has a trademark for "Riot" and "Riot Games" when used in games and esports. So they have every right to sue.
Ye-ye-ye-ye, sure. I wish they'd pay this much attention to the balance, trashy client and intentional feeder detection system. Maybe after 10 years, they'd actually make some improvement.
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: Looking at your post alone already convinces me you are most likely toxic in-game and flaming teammates. Bad games happen and you will climb if you play well. Do you ever look at what gets picked and counterban champs? Evelynn is for example a really annoying champion in your Elo, so it might be a good choice to ban her. Do you roam when you win your lane? Do you help the jungler with securing objectives? Do you deepward the jungle? Do you use TP to only go top or do you also use it to TP in and help a lane? There are a lot of variables and most variables are due to your own lack of awareness in a game. If it always was "your teammates" you would win more than lose, cause all those players are playing on the same skill level you do, meaning they do play their current best. Aside from that, you seem to be new, so it might just take you a few "hundred" games to actually position yourself on the ladder. As long as your winrate is above 50% you will climb, if it goes below that, you might want to take a few steps back and review what you did wrong and what you could improve. Ranked is a journey and on a journey you will encounter obstacles, learn how to get around those obstacles, learn from your mistakes and you will get further. just blaming your teammates for everything wont solve anything.
The basic whiteknight Riot defending garbage.
: What is so damn fun about playing a 4v5?
But at the same time, who cares about normal games? That's the gamemode to troll around with AD Malz and stuffs.
: We want transparency on what's going on with the 2019 Worlds song!
Who cares about that garbage song. The most important elements of the game are balance and matchmaking. Everything else is secondary. Since both of the mentioned ones are in absolutely terrible state, I'd rather force the Riot spaghetti coders and monkey balance team to start actually working and not just wasting time and getting paid for their trashy work.
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