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: > [{quoted}](name=Grimoire Wèiss,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mF3tPaQq,comment-id=000500010000,timestamp=2016-04-20T22:51:13.041+0000) > > He may be a strong pick in right hands. But even if you have 2-3 kills more over your opponent he still can kill you easy. The thing is twisted fate has no "Oh I fcked up button" or "Kill that target" button. He has 3min global teleport and global things will always have big value. But for it twisted fate suffers in defense and mobility. I mained that guy before rework. I can even dodge some skills but enemy mid can still kill me just because they are midlaners that have "kill" buttons. > Small mistakes destroy this guy and other champions having strong kill potential are forgiven for it. Laning against zed, leblanc or ahri is really hard even if you try to avoid them and with new items and many new mage changes I fear it will become too hard to lane against anyone. > I believe he should have gotten not more dmg or cc but some defensive tool on his E even with big cd to help survive in lane. {{item:3157}} and {{item:3140}} are getting nerfed. So survival will be even harder. > With all the changes to items and champions this season I really dislike playing mid now. I played hundreds of games with Twisted Fate. He was my most played champion trough all seasons and now I am plat and big part of it goes to him. Some time ago I felt like I could pick him into anything he was my to go guy. Now I feel like I will be killed by anything. there was a rework on TF?
No. The discussion was about the defensive weaknesses of TF, and how item nerfs make them worse while simultaneously champions that counter TF seem to get stronger leaving him potentially in a somewhat weak spot, especially in lane and 1vs1 with other mid laners. I believe that the <rework> in question was long ago when his passive was changed a bit but I am not sure as I can't remember anything else in the last seasons that could be classified as reworks. Please correct me if I am wrong.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Oh look, the bitching and whining is here again. Just like T_T about duskblade which turned out to be crap and a noobtrap. It already has shitty stats when you think of BiS and they are thinking to introduce something like self-silence after use. How about you wait and see how it works instead of imagining and pulling everything out of your arse. They are also considering that they will take the item away if it turns out to be "too broken". But the testing must be done. Yes, at expense of your ranked games if it has to. Grow a pair and deal with it.
Oh... how much I love(not really) the really aggressive and offending comments of people telling you that your way of thinking in absolutes is really wrong just because they disagree with you and thus making an absolute statement themselves(!) further implying that they don't understand your point, the meaning of a poll, a discussion or another opinion in general. Congratulations, by the way, you made the first comment in this thread without really wanting to talk about the topic with a clear mind.
kiksenx (EUNE)
: Riot need to increase the cooldown to 60-100 sec for it to be balanced. I'm pretty sure this item is gonna be a very usefull on champs such as{{champion:103}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:1}}{{champion:105}} {{champion:32}}, and if you hate {{champion:16}} now then think about how it would be if she had a dash every 30 sec (You will never catch her). Edit: I do not have access to PBE, so i can't say for sure how much this item will affect the game. But i think it is gonna have a huge impact.
Any kind of mobility is strong, as we have seen time and time again. The cooldown is of course always a balancing tool but I think that the whole idea is inappropriate and shouldn't exist. Champions are designed with enough mobility to be balanced as a concept(of course numbers can make them strong or weak). Mobility is part of their core strengths and weaknesses, for me it shouldn't change. In philosophy there is a way of thought(there are others too) to determine if something is good or bad(I am simplifying it a bit but the process is what matters):_** Imagine if everyone had/did the thing in question**_. It would break the concept of the immobile as well as the hyper-mobile as non would be immobile and way more could be hyper-mobile.
: The range is extremely small. I personally think that the majority will Purchase this item due to the circle of damage, not the dash (I prob shouldn't consider it a dash, maybe a tumble)
The range is enough for champions with low-range-huge-impact to just have the impact and also it is really quick. Also dodging stuff...
: Like {{champion:82}} is only weak because of the lack of mobility, he still has that insane damage. All he'll need is this new item and a deadmans plate to stick to a target. Imagine this build on him... Hextech protobelt{{item:1306}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3053}} huge damage, stickyness and durability :F
No... I don't want to imagine this build on him. I would like to have fun playing the game(#{{champion:107}} #{{champion:238}} so much fun to play against)
: I still don't think that 300 range will break her that much.
: Isn't 300 range something like a Vayne tumble?
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=JusticeGuardianX,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mF3tPaQq,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2016-04-20T19:34:22.567+0000) > > First it is 2/3 the range but most importantly it is 1/10 the cd... 1/10 !!!! 30 sec vs 300sec The point is, flash also gives immobile champions something that they shouldn't have. You argument is bias on that. If you say that "X champion shouldn't have extra mobility because it's not in its kit" then Flash shouldn't be an option either. I totally agree that you shouldn't give champions something that they aren't intended to have, but that power comes at the cost of 1 item slot and gold (+ whatever time you had to wait to buy it). Flash is as toxic as that item.
Again 2 things... First of all the cooldown on flash is huge and although I am not a huge fan of flash as it is basically mandatory you can always play around. And second, my point is that we can prevent the existence of Protobelt-01 because it is not released yet.
: I can imagine it now...{{champion:103}} An item like this is simply game breaking and it will no doubt inspire off-meta picks that will be OP like the current tank assassins. Here are a few champions which I think could make insane use of it in terms of the item not being intended for them. {{champion:42}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:27}}{{champion:24}} {{champion:54}} Basically champions who have some sort of AP scaling and could really do with an extra dash to either escape, engage and outplay...and these are just the champions the item not intended for :L It could possibly bring this guy back into that broken state too {{champion:82}}
Exactly... The universally useful stats like Health and CDR make the item useful to many many champions.{{champion:42}} {{champion:77}}{{champion:82}} and many more
: > [{quoted}](name=JusticeGuardianX,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=mF3tPaQq,comment-id=00090000,timestamp=2016-04-20T19:59:56.301+0000) > > I can&#x27;t agree with you, sorry 60 AP, 300 HP and 10% CDR. Nobody bought Liandry's because as a legendary tier item it only had 60 AP. The passive is alright, but the lack of AP is simply not worth it. Same goes for this item. People with high burst will like it, regular mages will not. Other items are way more attractive. Also low range + 300 range doesn't make it high range, but medium range at best. And don't forget that everybody else moves around as well
Yes I exaggerated by saying low+300= high although I would say medium-high for sure.(Ryze's W has 600 range and it is considered low-ranged and Yasuo's 3rd Q which is deffinatelly medium-high is exactly 900 range ) The value of mobility is Really high as we have seen time and time again. Champions **always **lower their win-rates after ms reductions of even 5 ms, Ahri's "nerfs" in that mini rework made her the #1 mid laner for a huge period of time and also ensured she will be forever relative(+mobility-damage= improvement). And also range is a really important stat that makes abilities balanced. Have you seen a high-range targeted hard cc? Me neither. But 300 range is enough to make a huge difference. Personally I would pay not 20 but even 40 AP for a 300 range increase on my full combo any day of the week.
: Just wanted to say that your friends agreeing to you = subjectivity. The item is pretty op, I've played Strife and it seems like a ripoff of a similar item there which although situational, is pretty great. Then again, right now assassins and tanks are really strong, after the marksman update, adcs were really strong, maybe mages will be strong for a few patches, but if it's too op they'll nerf it and that's that. So I don't really see a problem here.
Some more objectivity(as are my exact words and not total objectivity) comes from them being ap mains who would like to abuse the item but still think it shouldn't exist. I find the concept inappropriate because I think that mobility should be something determined by your champion as part of their design, their strengths or their weaknesses. I would have the same opinion if a mobility item existed in any role(I don't have a specific problem with Mages having it, I just think no one should have something like that)
: It has pretty shitty stats.
: Yeah well... great stats and an amazing utility all in one item. What was the cost? If it is over 3.2k it can also be a limiting factor. But not that much. If they lower the AP to 50 or something, that would be ok, since you are paying in damage for extra utility (and you also get those rockets, which can compensate for the lack of AP if placed well).
The thing is that Damage is not always the deciding factor and there is a reason targeted cc is always low-ranged. Low-ranged + 300= high range
: The belt is trash on immobile champs. It is an items for assassins, nothing else.
Immobile champions are usually low ranged(with some exceptions{{champion:101}} ) and although it is situational sometimes 300 is all they need({{champion:1}} ult or{{champion:4}} stun) but remember that defense is always an option and also the stats at the momment are really high. And yes I also think that it will be abused by assassins more than anyone else.
: If they put some shitty stats like the ones on {{item:3504}} , people might have to consider whether they want more stats, or more utility. If they, however, give it decent stats, it's gonna be a flashy fiesta until it's nerfed.
Right now, if I remember correctly it stands at 80 AP, 300Hp, and 10% cdr which I already find ridiculous on it's own. On the thread I compare it with DFG.
: In todays league of legends I really want some defensive tool for my twisted fate. But if the item will be really good it will be abused by every midlane. Imagine playing against ahri but now she has bonus mini dash. I can't deal with mobile midlaners that have even more mobility even if it's small. Sometimes even small things make a big impact.
I feel you (with the exception of Annie) I think that the ones who will abuse this more are the ones who already have mobility.
Febos (EUW)
: I will only say one thing: {{summoner:4}} Why are you complaining about the item, wich is a DASH and 1/3 of Flash, and yet I see no one complaining about Flash? Double Standarts.
First it is 2/3 the range but most importantly it is 1/10 the cd... 1/10 !!!! 30 sec vs 300sec
: The dash is hardly noticeable and has a self silence... tbh I don't think this item is ever even gonna get brought it's too weak (I was watching a video where the player brought it and if it wasn't for the fire nova I would have missed every time he used it because it was so insignificant).
Also (and that goes for the immobile champions) 300 is all you need to convert a low/medium ranged champion into a relatively high ranged one
: The dash is hardly noticeable and has a self silence... tbh I don't think this item is ever even gonna get brought it's too weak (I was watching a video where the player brought it and if it wasn't for the fire nova I would have missed every time he used it because it was so insignificant).
I don't find a quicker Vayne Q insignificant but this is my view(that's why I have a poll)
: So how could a dash the range of a Vayne Q be problematic to champions with dashes of their own?
Have you ever been a MF, Kog or Jinx and saw a Lb 1,5 screens away and said... F@ck I am dead? Make that 2 screens Also have you tried hooking a Fizz, an Ekko or a Yasuo for that matter(even if he wont buy this item?)
: Yes.
You can vote in the poll by pressing your choice and then vote
: Should RIOT introduce Hextech Protobelt-01 !!! (quick answer is no)
Now for some more subjective stuff... I like immobile champions and I am always aware that the enemy may kite or out-range me. I take the risk, I don't rage if they do and I don't ask for some item to extinguish my weaknesses. I find this balanced, and if I use my flash I risk not having it next time(300sec cd vs 30sec cd). Btw I would not vote in the poll because I find it unethical(You know my opinion) but Riot doesn't let me view the stats if I don't vote(Really is MY post). Also all of my AP main friends agree with me, so there is some more objectivity.
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Muttsmutt (EUW)
: its fairly easy to mess up rending dragon or baron, and even easier to just kill her before trying to smite it. she's probably not going to run if she wants to steal it. and if she runs, you're fine.
If you want to steal it there is no way, and that is the probleme.
Spaiikz (EUW)
: Haha i know what you mean xD Sometimes when im the jungler and where doing baron and baron is at 3000 Im getting ready for that 850 smite While kalista just pops it at 1600 :P Dont see it as a big problem anyway Since if they could stack that many spears in it that means you couldnt contest baron anyway Same for your team , if your kalista can stack that many spears in it . The enemy couldnt contest it anyway
You can always go for the steal if you are alive with smite up.
: maybe a 300-350-400-450-500 cap vs monsters?
My idea was that it would scale with your level, not the ability's and that it should always be lower than Smite of your level, but not too far away. I think 500 at level 18 is too low and Kalista would loose her identity as an objective-controling adc. Around 850 (at lvl 18)sounds better for me. My idea is that it should be something like 340-850 depending on level [ 310+(30*level)]
: I agree with u, I would like a dmg reduction of rend on monsters, just cus it is just plain unfair :/ It makes it impossible to steal drag or baron.
Exactly, doing a lot of damage to monsters is one thing (and I don't have probleme with it) and having higher burst than the enemy jungler is another.
: I doubt that will happen and there's no real good reason for it to happen. What kind of tank are you playing that has no interaction with the enemy whatsoever? All tank supports, and tanks in general have crowd control that you DO have to use to enable the kill. Are you just staying idle in from of your opponent and expect an assist for absorbing some damage? Tanks absorb damage thanks to their ability to make targets focus them. And in order for them to have a reason to focus you have to do something right? Buy Thornmail if you want to get assists by idling. (does if even count? guess so). Or if you're referring to getting chased at low health while your ally is focusing the target hitting you: that still can't count. You throw a stun, a slow, some damage, something to get an assist. If you just run it means you haven't touched your target. You do not get the assist.
I also doubt that this will happen, and I also know that this situation doesn't happen every game but come on... you tell me you never was out of mana, or that you always manage to damage everyone in a mid game teamfight. Let me tell you this: Me body-blocking 3 {{champion:81}} q , 2 {{champion:76}} spears and 1 {{champion:51}} ult protected my adc more than the 60shield from {{champion:64}} w. And if the enemy {{champion:55}} is fed I should better stick on my adc using super-glue from my local supermarket if I want to win the teamfight.I will not have the chance to auto attack everyone.
: Leave her alone. Her passive nerf was bad enough.
I know although she got 2 indirect buffs from {{item:3153}} and {{item:3085}} buffs and that is the thought process behind the nerf. Anyway... having high damage for monsters isn't bad at all. Having no counterplay is.
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: How can the game possibly make the difference between someone running into the enemy fountain and gettng tagged by an enemy hero along the way or someone who body blocks a skill shot? What about a 1 vs 1 situation? I get an assist for dying?
That is why I said <I know this has some implications>. Also in a 1vs1 I can't see how you don't damage nor cc your oponent except if you count as 1vs1 that {{champion:101}} who ulted you when you had 100 hp from lvl 5 solo Dragon
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: Make tanks even better, sure
What is an assist? An indication -and reward- that you helped your team kill the oponent. Is soaking dmg for your carrys helping them kill the enemy? Yes. I know we are in a tank meta, but I see a flaw in the game design when doing my job (take dmg) isn't rewarded.
: Buy sunfire cape/cinderhulk, fixed. This should not be done - Someone tower dives you, gets killed by turret = insta assist - Also you are chicken and run away from incoming Rengar, he instakills you, then get jumped by three teammates: assist
If it wasn't for you, that Rengar would still be alive. You made him come to you and then your team killed him. I see an action worthy of assist.
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