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: Game Doesn't Load
Has been happening to me every now and then for like 2 full weeks. The result is countless lost LP and multiple queue restrictions, I'm on the brink of leaving League for a while, I would just want to play though since I'm currently on my free time but hey, not possible to play normally and enjoy.
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: Is riot doing everything possible to fock tft ?
I'm assuming the OP is living in an alternate dimension, TFT has been Riot's main concern for a good amount of time since its' beta release. SR has been greatly abandoned in the most part, as evident by the numerous bugs we've seen in the past weeks after TFT was released. Hell, Riot even dismissed game modes (3v3, Practice Tool), to focus on this particular mode and has made the whole League experience a complete mess. I'm currently a university student, I hadn't played in a year due to stuff I had going and as soon as my exams were over I started grinding again, which I did for a good amount of weeks, and then suddenly TFT gets released and I'm unable to enjoy the game I so waited for. Riot is ONLY focusing on TFT these days so I'm only gonna take this post as a joke
: yall euw pls go to your forum XD
That's their forum, sad post by the way
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: All stealth should be removed and all champions with it should be reworked.
: You can just go to ARAM and get chests there. That's where I usually go when the chest becomes available.
How do I get chests from ARAM? Is it any different than the SR way? Haven't heard of it
Viavarian (EUW)
: Your "problem" only exists in your mind, as nothing keeps you from playing another champion to earn their chest. Besides, why should anyone be rewarded for only being able to play 1-2 champions?
Why should I be forced to play more than these 2 champions to enjoy the benefits everyone gets for having good games? I'm having fun twotricking and I'm not feeling the need to learn new champions and reaching the needed skill level to rank up with them, since ranked is my go-to mode. There is no reason as to why I should be forced to play more champions and perform well with them, when I can do this with the ones I already play. I'm getting S ranks with them, which means I reach the level Riot is looking for to distribute the chests, so why shouldn't I have the ability to obtain them when I'm performing as I should? Also, having a great skill level in 2 champions is not worse than having a good skill level in 5 or 10 or whatever, I'm still playing the game, I'm just focusing on a smaller aspect as far as champion pool goes. So TL;DR, I still don't get why I'm NEEDED to play more champions to get rewards for playing good, when I'm already playing good but on 2 champions.
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Tarolock (EUNE)
: its not even a few days that you cant go to practice tool and everyone talking about it like riot deleted everything from everyones account...
Because it's mostly unjustifiable, and it's still a playable game mode that many people enjoy playing. Imagine if your favorite mode was disabled thanks to something that, at first sight, doesn't make sense. Can't know without Riot officially stating, but PT should be able to work without it interfering with TFT. For some, PT is much more important that TFT is so it's not something that should be silenced.
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: Funneling should be reportable
Just because you hate it and can't play against it, doesn't mean everyone has to hate it and be unable to play against it. League is a strategy game and guess what, funneling is a legit strategy that seems to be working at the moment due to various reasons. You either adjust to it or abandon the game and let the ones that enjoy it play.
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Nherax (EUW)
: People looking up your profile and then starts to flame you for no reason at all.
People will do whatever in order to degrade you, morally or gameplay-wise, given their offensive nature. Which means, anyone can do anything, it's just up to how big of a flamer they are
: Your punishment level goes down over time but it gets slower the harder your last punishment was. As an example, i could reset my punishment level back to 0 in less than a month after a 10 game chat restriction. However, i got one account permabanned 6 months after a 14-day ban. I didn't play much on that account though. What you need to know though, is that it's not time that only matter when it comes to resetting punishment levels. If you don't play, the levels will not go down. So the more you play, the faster they go down.
So from what I'm getting, odds are I'm below perma-ban state atm, can't possibly know if that's 0 or anything higher, but several years seems like a safe bet to say I'm not still up there. Good to know, thanks for the info!
Heav LFT (EUW)
: There is, sadly idk in what time ratio that is tho cuz like my main got banned for 2 weeks, wasnt toxic for like a year and got another 14 week ban so yea i actually think it has to do smth with the honor lvl tbh so.
Glad I'm honored regurarly then!
Mada (EUW)
: From what I understand, your punishment level "slowly" goes down again... rito doesn't tell you exactly how slowly, though...
Gotta keep the suspense going so we're never bored :P
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DavidCZ124 (EUNE)
: Vayne problems
I'm truly triggered by the Q+E+W combo on Jax more than anything else on this post.
: Opt Out of Autofill
Better luck next time. Also, you claim 95% of the community would accept longer Q instead of autofill. I'm pretty sure that 95% would accept autofill and play a game as soon as possible. The state of the game as it is is already prone to unhappy/unfair moments, multiplying the wait time 10x, it would just mean the end of League. Most people don't have as much time as you do, hell, I also don't have time to wait 20-30 mins to get a champ select going, especially since people can still dodge like it happens sometimes. If I do finally play a game after a half an hour wait, and it turns out to be a game with toxicity, feeding etc. and it happens everytime welp, I'm out of League. I suggest you learn to play Taric or Janna in case of emergency or premade with a support main.
: Cesspit of Toxicity
Yes, it's your right to ban whichever of the 143 champs you want, but it's also the other guy's right to play this same champion, if not banned by **opponents**. There is a reason why you have to wait 10 seconds before you are able to ban, and that is for everyone to declare their desired champion so it's not banned by an ally. The fact that you are just being idle during this phase shi##ting around and then ban champion X every single game without looking means you are not a teamplayer and you are certainly not behaving the way you should in a **team game**. Of course, before you say this, what that guy said, if he said it like you claim he did, is toxic and reportable to say the least, BUT it came from something **YOU** did because you are selfish enough to not care about your other team members' desires and needs. Coming into the forums crying about something you caused seems like a "funny" incentive to say the least. You are not the only one in here that has a certain right, everyone has the same amount of rights, in the same extent. TL/DR: Become a team player in a PvP online game, or suffer the consequences And again, before you say the exact same things you've been saying for the past 76 comments, I'm definitely not supporting the toxic behavior the other guy displayed, but also I'm not supporting the toxic behavior you have been displaying in each and every game, as **you** confess you do
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Chewitzz (EUNE)
: I would love to play with you. Im ADC main. IGN Chewitzz. If you are interested, add me.
Added you, waiting for a response whenever you're available!
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Haugtruls (EUW)
: Team Builder - Added incentive for supports?
Teambuilder is nice as it is. Yes, you lose approx 10 more minutes, but you ensure that you are gonna take your desired lane, and everyone will, there won't be fights about each role. And during these 10 minutes, you can just relax, watch videos on YouTube, chat with the others, 10 minutes is literally a low amount of minutes for what Teambuilder gives you
: Why riot dont give more MODES like "One for all" or "Doom bots of doom"
The thing is they want to keep being special, they won't release an old mode because that would show a lack of fantasy/ideas and most of the old modes are also not appealing to a big audience, so they will probably keep on releasing NEW modes to make it appealing for everyone
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Sontax (EUNE)
: Im interested
Add me in-game and we can talk
Bobbinson (EUNE)
: Skype anyone???
What do you mean? Do you want us just to skype with you while you play or do you mean to play together and have skype?
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