: Let's see. How to keep cool... Hard thing to people who can lose their temper for silly things. Like the character they wanted to play got banned. Hm hmm... As I am close to reach honor 3 checkpoint 1, I guess I have a little experience in not getting banned. _Never was.. Except the 3 days ban for leaving too much games few years ago._ It is easier than it looks, really. First things first, why would you write insulting words into chat when it is punishable AND you know that it is punishable? Do not cut the tree under yourself. You do not earn anything with flaming. The guy on the other side won't give a crap about your insult. Buuut the riot auto word checker does. You should change your thinking. I mean.. You shall understand that, flaming is just waste of energy and time. You write, no one cares and you get punished for achieving nothing at all. Most likely you won't be able to make the other guy mad. Or if so, then both of you will post on the lol boards _"I got a not deserved perma"_ with -31 votes. This is not cool. Whenever you get mad at something, do not type. Is it really that hard not to type? Swear IRL. (Do not throw your mouse to wall) Or say something stupid which distracts you. Or even write the same, just make sure it does not contain forbidden words. _"You NIGHOLIEORIA !"_ Wanted to type the N word, huh? change it in time, brah. By the way, I do not use any of my suggestions. I'm cool and politely toxic. Meaning that, I insult others rarely and even when I do, it is not found by the system and also, does not contain any form of insulting words. _"I want you to make love with the female parent of yours."_ Guess what it means. I've written it to a kayn once cut let me die when he easily could have saved me by moving 1cm closer to me. Yuumi ftw. So, shortly.. There is no shortly. Do not type, or type stupid. Or be politely toxic or sarcastic. Just do not write insulting words. You are never forced to do. It is not that hard not to do. Really. {{champion:350}} says, good luck!
I know the reason i got mad was pretty stupid(after i cooled off) but it wasn't the first time in that day when it happened, thats why i just exploded there. I too was 1 season ago honor level 3 checkpoint 2 actually, because as i said, i'm mostly keeping my cool and ignore most of the peoples who pisses me off. I also think that i definitely deserved that ban, even tho for me i never thought the n word was that bad, but for other it seems that is.
: After 14 day ban, you are in the danger zone. I recommend never use chat again. 1 small bad word in a heated moment like "omg n00b" can cost you your account.
idk about that, but from now on i'll try to keep cool and not test my luck.
: Well u gotta help it now or u gon get ur account in trouble, but anyway, you seem like a decent person I'm sure you'll manage to keep your account
Thank you for the help, i am decent, but it's hard to keep cool around some peoples, i guess that's why there is a mute button.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Well the N word is racism, which is actually illegal in most of the world, i mean you're quite literally breaking laws with that :P
I mean, idk about that, never heard of a country in which the n word is banned.
: it's pretty hard to get to the 14d ban unless you're trying imo, was pretty dumb of you do to what you did But once you're past the 14d ban it's v easy to get to the perma, you're basically on your last straw
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: got 3x 14 day ban so far. it's not that easy to get perma. but yhea, mute all is basically your friend sometimes. I usually mute at the very first sign of someone being an asshat
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: basically you need to learn to be a punching bag
I knew i'll see this kind of response, F in the chat for me please.
: Yes you'll get permabanned for the next offense, it doesn't even need to be that extreme So that it doesn't happen again you just need to learn how to control yourself and not blow up when someone pisses u off
That easily it is to get perma in this game? Now i'm genuinely scared.
Shamose (EUW)
: ***
Have you at least read the entire thing? Look at the last line and answer that. Can no one give a proper response, omg, you think this thread is not serious?
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