: aatrox rework
His kit is fine, but his Skill cost as 10% of current HP should be reduced to 5% and just give him more base armor and magic resist, hes so suquishy and dies in couple hits
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Nherax (EUW)
: Champions randomly stops attacking/switches target even though you click 3 times on the enemy champ.
Boop chan (EUW)
: Looking to become a support main. Can I climb?
Last season, I mained support as bard, climbed from silver 4 to Plat 3, yes it's possible you just need to be good support, and patient
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Katatrick (EUW)
: You destroyed Katarina
Trash? I played with one kata a hour ago, she destroyed everything! She hit all time triple or double kills..
Yakaze (EUNE)
: Maokai Skinn
I just got my rewards :))
Neur0tiix (EUNE)
: Plants and Smite
This would actually be a good change. But even better, remove them.
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: For all the people that lost their brain
The thing is, they removed Normal Draft pick for good.. Now we only have this chaos mode to play with.. BLIND.. ''Normal Draft will be retired at the start of preseason for all regions except North America, Europe West, and Brazil. Our goal is to offer the fewest number of queues that give unique experiences (so we can keep queues healthy) while keeping disruption low, and in all regions except NA/EUW/BR, normal draft had very low participation. In an ideal world, we’d like to retire normal draft in all regions.''
: WHY is Normal Draft pick removed??
I'd like to get free ticket to EUW, please {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
strut (EUNE)
: Why i think the removal of Normal Draft without compensation is a step backwards.
Well written! 100% agree with this. I'm glad PS4 pro is coming thursday and I'm getting it with couple games. I'll keep break with LoL untill Riot stop making this kind of bs moves.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Don't remove Normal Draft! PLEASE
When I switched from EUW to EUNE in season 5, it was a fucking mistake.
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: Why is normal draft disabled?
: brand should get some opdate/nerf with passiv and hes w with blaze on
Agreed, I just hate thease ''brand support'' they do so much damage whitout items, it's hell to play agaisnt him in bot lane
: Untouched lanes (what will happen)?
but, they are programmed right?, how it can be random. o.O
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: Banned for standing up to bullying. [Banned for trying to defend myself against sexism]
In the first place why would you reveal that you are girl? They don't know it unless you tell them, what you think when 13yo lil boys find it out? Ofc they take the ''gender card''.. your own foul
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: "Plants " seem like a concept taken straight out of Super Mario
totally agreed, why'd they wanna fuck up jungle? The plant idea is so stupid!
Proxie (EUW)
: This community is vile?
Don't worry, toxic people will get premaban eventually, just report and move on with your life.. In game mute them :)
: Things I love about ranked
start playing support? no need to wait..
: Would it kill you to make new supports?
I don't need anything else than this guy>{{champion:432}}
Puckomodo (EUW)
: Best Anti-Assassin mid laner?
Abrabaws (EUW)
: Viktor
I'd like to see some video about it, I know that victors laser animation looks kinda narrow, but its hitbox is wider that actual animation.
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: gaming pc a waste of money?
If I would have money, 5/5 would buy and build my own pc..
: URF Is dead
Imo urf as a game mode is just stupid and 2 games were enough for me, game is balanced when skills have cds etc. I'd like to try urf, that only cds are taked away, why there have to be those insane atack speed buffs an all.. :/
: This game is destroying me
Shit happens, I dropped last season form Gold I to Gold IV, it was horrible.. I lost promos to plat and then the lose steak started..
: Yorick re work
Balanced imo
you have video from that? I would like to see it o.O
KR Hunter (EUW)
: NEW Korean 3-Shot Vayne Build! (ThunderLord's Decree)
MeGusteak (EUW)
: New Yorick BUG
I think it's not a bug, you can't send him to the ''empty lane'' The Maiden needs to have minions against her first, then she will continue to push the lane solo. Tested it myself
: Using bots in the game
Today I think I saw a bot too. He didn't say a word during the game and he acted so robotic, I was supporting it, it was ashe. It just moved stright lanes and didn't use any of my gates or heals, (I played bard). I'm not 100% sure tho but it didn't feel like human o.O
Julybabo14 (EUNE)
: Yoricks rework is genius!
Yeah, he has awsome laning phase, but lacks some power in teamfights.
: so i just finished my 10 game chat ban
Well If you didn't do anything wrong you can show us your chatlogs, right? ;)
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: when is yorick coming out
tomorrow, withn in patch 6.18
Braum59100 (EUNE)
: Don't tilt, you can always still win, here's the proof!
How in the fu** this is possible? In plat 3 elo?? DAFUQ?!
: F*ck ranked is so unfair
You have low MMR?
: What are smurfs?
They are people who sucks at their own rank and that's why they create a new account to bust newbies to feel good about themselves.
S0kaX (EUNE)
: How do you deal with kids?
what I've seen and experienced, just agree everything they say and eventually they shut up, or switch their target. Just say 'Yes I'm noob'' ''Yes I can't play this game'' ''Yeah my mom has big fat a**'', ''Yeah I do have cancer''. So they will get frustrated. :)
Wayay (EUW)
: I have a perma ban..deserved or not?
If you get premaban, trust me you've deserved it.. '' Also muting people wont work since this game is teambased , you need to communicate!'' why in the hell would you still lisen guy why flames all time, instead of muting him?
galaktisk (EUW)
: B.O.T have entered the rift. Call all Riot personal!
Alaundril (EUW)
: Main Account got hacked and permanently banned, now I have to pay the negative balance
This shows how much riot cares for their players.. it's sad
tom7aar (EUW)
: How to deal with afkers?
report them after the match, all you can do :)
lulencepro (EUNE)
: Read this pls
As a jungler try to ''lead'' your team, because that's actually what your job is. Try to focus on objectives with your team, kills doesn't matter when nexsus is down.
: What counters Yasuo?
{{champion:127}} how you forget to mention this lady, Lissandra is hard counter to any melee midlaners
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