: Anyone else getting a stuck mouse and keyboard?
I even started to have random lags in this patch..
WarlockBN (EUNE)
: you are in silver cuz you have brain like that .... there is more gay champs for you .. and by the way taric is not gay tho ... {{champion:110}} and {{champion:518}} are 100% gays ... go play them ... ez is not and taric is not ... taric is officer who lat his man die and then claimed mount targon to die but he lived ... ez love lux ... and etc .. stop with your gay shit ... and taric don't give a fuck abut guys or girls he is an ex officer who is trying to defend all just to find peace from the man he lost and lat down ... end of storry
Man relax, why this much anger to fun? Ezreal for Taric in one of paralel universe , you don't know that but it exist
Rioter Comments
: i think you mean "misinformation" XD
Gİving only part of whole as information is misinformation. Saying when saying their skins got erverted or something like this true. But they left with lifetime supply of OE and not 1 prestige skin but hundreds of other skins chards for free...
: i mean, if the skin itself was in the 1820 RP or 3250 RP tier i'd understand them making it only unlockable with money, but this one is a golden chroma for a 1350 RP skin, WHY would e want to pay 120 euros for that?
FleaLess why giving missing imformation to people, tell them the whole truth, saying their skin is removed is wrong. They lose 1 skin, but they have ove 100 capsules content on their account for 100 BE only..
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: LP system has a very big problem...
No one really has problem about this?
FleaLess (EUNE)
: >I don't understand, why it is so hard to demand your rights? because you dont have the rights to ask them for compensation when you lost nothing....
Paid players lose the their privilege of looking fancier; that was what they have paid for. İs it that hard to understand?
: i'm just assuming that, since the capsules were set to cost only 1 BE for a short while and since they give you 4 tickets, one could have simply got prestige aatrox with blue essence (=free)
THe Capsule was 1 BE in ALL SERVERS for 14 Minutes. THeir aatrox Prestige skin is got removed( WHo cares), but they have left with capsule contents they abused. cuz you could basically but 100+ capsules https://twitter.com/kyachmkae/status/1083528907121414145 Rİot is not doing anything about it
: sice it seems everyone forgot about it
People who are saying their prestige skin is removed is funny. SO they remove the restige points and prestige skins, but they have left with over 100 capsule content. They have like content that most of paid players will not have. https://twitter.com/kyachmkae/status/1083528907121414145 THe OE they left with is so much that they don't need to reroll any skin shard they acquire... https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/uk0MeJ18-update-on-yesterdays-capsule-pricing-error This is what riot said. It is possible to remove but since it will take time they will not do it. https://lienminh.garena.vn/thongbao/loi-hop-huyet-nguyet-mo-ban-bang-tinh-hoa-lam While Riot is saying it will take so much time; one of biggest server of lol reverted all the bugs in 4 days . SO either there are more people abused this, but they just do't want you to realize it. Or they are so lazy. People with all got this much skins for free. And maybe more. Why make people shut up about this?
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Which champion makes you feel happy when you play it no matter if you win or lose? ^.^
: No matter what riot does, there will always be trolls, feeders and flamers. And no matter what riot does, there will still be people like you who think there is a solution to this problem.
Yeah they know that too, but I think when there is afk, obvious troll at least they should make us lose less LP than what it should.
Pandaii (EUW)
: Neeko ultimate
Yeah we don't need an other new Champ :) This is really better. We need more bans with all new champs created..
Rioter Comments
: My first chest.
Still not 1 BE Capsule :) Lucky but not that much{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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Gavarta (EUW)
: stop crying ... its preseason
Yeah but it still effect your season, why you say stop crying when people are demending for their right. People like you should find an other universe to live. It is hard to get LP but easy to lose. You can lose with afks, troll, smuurfs on enemy, unbalanced game etc. So people are right to have more lose prevention Help or keep your silence...
Rioter Comments
Mak3M3Happy (EUNE)
: Veigar
Yes yes, so we all can ban it forever. I am actually retty sad for Nasus, cuz his life is like "stack, stack, stack, stun, stun ,stun, die" XD
: You are only allowed to troll if you used the 1be bug
XD Yeah {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
matis2000 (EUW)
: Idea Mastery level
I think we can have one very long lasting one, get 4 S+ token :D
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: I just played againd zayah-zoe enemy and twitch-Viktor in normal mode :D Was very challanging
Also darius and Garen at bottom toether was also cool :D
: But you can still pick whatever you want. If I want to play Lucian support I have the right to do so. Playing off-meta champions isn't reportable or bannable. And normal games are exactly for what he's doing. "playing off meta champions for fun" he's not doing it in ranked games.
I just played againd zayah-zoe enemy and twitch-Viktor in normal mode :D Was very challanging
: You learned the word testosterone today or what? Nothing to do with it.
XD Nope it makes you agressive adn competetive that's why it is kind of related :D
: Maybe you are the one who should check see who is wrong. The only good sources are the Riot himself. First search there and after get here with your problem. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/1K9NayXk-everytime-you-get-reported-does-it-effect-your-honor?show=nested
: Just tell the other team to run it down mid. Let them finish quick. Trolling in my mind is something like anivia wall, thresh not throwing lantern, kench eating you, trundle pillar, using summoners for no reason
I wanted to mean, like letting them win :D Yes you are right :D
Enorize (EUW)
: How about you practise a real support in normal game to master it more and improve? playing a normal game isn't a reason to pick off-role champions!
xTitanZed (EUW)
: Galio or
I have most of the champs, but what I can say is if you wanna climb you need a champ that withs your gaming style, and you need to know about other champs too :D Especially if you play against champ you have played. THan it is easier for you to dodge etc, cuz you know how they can attack. If you like soraka, than you might like Karthus :D Soraka is like reverse Karthus :D But it is mostly about your skillshots. Try them slowly :) Hope we can have them on nex free champs rotation :)
Shamose (EUW)
: > false reports also effect your honor process You have a source on that?
Checking for it. CUz I remember I read about it, it was stating that " Report are for to slow your honor process" And these players are always like this. They always "report this report that" especially game is a lost.
Shamose (EUW)
: > (Their report effects our honors) No. Your behaviour effects your honor. False reports don't do anything.
Nope, false reports also effect your honor process. We try our best, even my adc is bad in normla game I mostly defend them.
Rioter Comments
: I guess you need to move more than that. If someone in your team is disappointed or changed his choice and might report you, the result will be the consequences of being AFK, since now if reported it can detect it even if you are moving your characters side to side on base. if I am not wrong. If I am remembering it right, in Korea they use a method to end the game quickly once it seems to be a lost one. I think they just open mid so the enemy team ends the game faster. When the rest of your team is taking jungle, or dragons, things that won't bother that much. But still, cant say its a good idea.
I love Koreans :) Thanks :)
: I don't think that's the best solution buddy. {{sticker:sg-janna}} But I mean... dont feed the enemy like you look like a feeder. I mean..... Stay most of the time on your base I mean.... ugggghhhhhh why?!{{sticker:sg-janna}} {{sticker:sg-janna}}
If I stay at base it is okey?
: I wouldn't rely on that as a method of defence. When looking at offenses, other players behaviour tends to be disregarded in the way that the report was enough to say they were upset about what happened. So realistically, I'd say there's a good chance they wouldn't look at that. I can't answer this with 100% accuracy, but I'm fairly confident when I say: It's a bad idea.
But in that stuation it is really waste of time, isn't it? there is at least 9 minutes needed for the first possible surrender. + It is waste of time for enemy also. I wouldn't enjoy playing 5 vs 3 game too. Than if we don't troll but don't fight is it also bad idea? All we need is to end game quick.
Shamose (EUW)
: If the whole team agrees is it really trolling though?
Nope but from outside it will look like trolling :D I would also not enjoy enemy trolling when I am trying to practice :D
: I mean, that depends on your team really... The system is only going to detect that kind of behaviour if it gets reported. So if you do and post game no one reports you (because you all agreed on it), technically then I guess you can. However I wouldn't recommend it, nor condone it. Especially since all it takes is one report, whether they agreed or not, to cause a problem here.
Yes, let's say we agreed on chat :D And someone reported. Can I use that chat log as prove that it was team choice? That is the question :D
Rioter Comments
: i wasnt angry at all i was just confused by what the others are doing running into the turret ... the game was NOT hard waste of time i had a lot fun by doing it. but 1 afk 1 feeder and premade of feeder, so - 3 mates mean a lot ... i just tryed to skip the game ... nexxtime i just go afk if somthing like that happens ! i dont wanted to troll or intentional feed i wanted to try ammumu build ... wit that intention i was starting the game ... but when i see my mates walking braindead into the turret i was so confused and dont know what to do so i walked intothe turret too, if they think that makes things better, but it doesnt ! very wired game ...
I understand that stiation, I have been in stiations like that :D Like being in a game where there was 4 afk once :D 2 of them disconnected later on who said no to remake :D But ıt was fun to try by myself :D It was lose in 5 mins :D Always ask your team mates what to do. İf they wanna quir, surrender with them. If them wanna troll, troll with them. BUt always ask in chat for them to give their opiniums; by that way yu won't get banned for trolling cuz it was a team choice. But never try to troll alone :D I mean if everyone agrees it is lose anyway than there is nothing wrong about it :D BUt I think if with 2 afk if the rest wants to try to keep game going. THan you should try with them too :D
: sooo there is nothing that I can do (expect killing that guy)
You can open infinite amounts of account but not share them :( SOrry man. Feel bad for you Even saying I share my account with my friend is itself a reason for ban I guess
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Mate, no champion, no matter how good you play, can take this much RAW damage and not die.
I am maining Urgot at top :D And I have been killed many mnay times with him :D He is slow, and Once he used his W to get Minions. He is also vaulnerable. What I would suggest is play always safe :) Try to run away from His R, and you will be fine
IF you feel angry just go afk, THat is best thing you can do + YOu can always troll without meaning it :D I mean try build normally you won't build etc. Trolling is useless, like it is wasting your time for no reason :D
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Urgot - am i missing something or is he totally broken?
All Champs are broken if you know how to play with them :)
Riot wants money to transfer accounts between servers :D If you find a account transfer for 1 BE bug, than you can use it XD The best thing you can do is, have new account on Turkey's server :)
Brokenhz (EUW)
: So when is nasus gonna get Nerf?
To be honest, making buffing him this way turned him into walking dummy. Whenever we have Nasus as enemy as team all we do is stun him one after other till he dies. İnstead of buffing his stack, they should have buff his ulti or something. Like this it is so funny to see him walking around :D
Montri (EUNE)
: It's indeed a big situation. My opinion is that such an action would be too difficult. Just think that maybe almost everyone who got those capsules disenchanted , rented, rerolled and made some permanent skins. Do you imagine what it takes to undo all that? {{sticker:darius-angry}} I think the hunt would be a mess.
It is indeed looks hard to undo all, but they have done it on one fo the servers. But yeah,I see your point.
Montri (EUNE)
: League of disappointment
I wanted to learn your oppinions about 1 BE Capsule bug, since you were player for 5 years. DO you think it is okey to not revet it?
: lol ur so salty, i don't use skins even if i have them, don't wanna fall into that monny eating abys, but if some peaple got lucky and ended up with all the skins of the game, so be it, it doesn't mean they will be beter than you, it only mean they got lucky mean they will, so dont be grumpy about it and just forget it, be like Faker, he never use skin (exept uncle ryze vs US teams XD) but is still one of the best players in LOL history !!
I don't care about skins :D But as person I don't like injustice. I will not play for a week. Wish people were feeling how bad it is having broken trust...
Requıem (EUW)
: Did anyone actually read the post that riot made on the issue? https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/uk0MeJ18-update-on-yesterdays-capsule-pricing-error Less than a 100 players in each region took advantage of the bug. That seems like a very low percentage of players to be getting upset over.
Than don't you think it is easier for them to do in manually? I think believing that is also funny. 14 minutes in ALL SERVERS :D And Only less than 100 people abused it :D Very funny joke :D
: Your post is saying Singapore and not Vietnam so...
I couln't change it :D It does not matter, it is fixable bug anyway
: The post title is saying Singapore and Garena as a whole. I'm just commenting on what is written
I couldn't change it. THe server name is Garena, sorry :D
: > the server with one of the largest player's database So It is kind of lie to say that it is gonna take so much time to fix it. EUW : 3,137,653 Singapore : 124,840 It's actually one of the smallest regions in the world... Please, make sure to check the stats before giving false info. Reverting it on EUW is so much different from doing it on Singapore. Stats from op.gg . They are not 100% exact, but they give an idea on how big the difference is.
THat post is from Vietnam, but I didn't change it cuz it does not matter where it is from. CUZ İT İS DOABLE. https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/8fpkcu/server_by_ranked_population/ Korea 2,249,606 Europe West 2,010,943 North America 1,232,157 Vietnam 1,164,877
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