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: you are like the eve in my yesterdays game that didn't shut up all game spending so much time typing is time you spent afk even if you were dead while typing or walking to lane typing is you not spending your time on winning the game -Kabs: i wont talk no more 50 messages later
tough not to reply to people who wish bad things upon ur family and consistently flaming, so yeah like i said in the post i know i'm wrong but such a punishment for 1 game out of a 100 when i was showing good behavior in all the 99 games is kinda harsh
: > Kabs: its not how the system works Well i guess it is ;) After the two week ban any further offense will give you the perma. And hell, were you toxic... But what really made me laugh was > Kabs: perfect > Kabs: i was waiting for that > Kabs: and thats reportable xD Wanting others to be banned but crying when big daddy riot turns to the real offender.
i will admit, i was really tilted but held my nerves, the things they said in that game was no joke, hoping someones mother die of cancer and encouraging someone to commit suicide and direct threats, yet i said 3 words that were toxic and i admit i should have not said it and should have just muted them, i'm not saying i'm not wrong here, i am
: You flamed which is against the rules and you got banned, what's so hard to understand? You had a 14 Day Vacation warning so this is on you, also calling people kids when your telling them to suck your balls is just so ironic...
flaming in one game out of 100 games ?, and those were ONLY the words i mentioned, you should have seen what they said, %%% %%%%%%, i hope ur mother dies of cancer, i will kill ur parents. that's fair right ? defending myself is not allowed ?
: Riot is one of the biggest players in the market for over a decade now. How is this "destined to fail"?
i said a game which adapts this strategy is destined to fail and mentioned that riot does not do that
: Dudes.. Why so hard to understand that, the 14 days ban is your final warning. Even writing "You are silly" makes you perma-banned. Even coughing during a lol match makes you perma-banned. No matter what you do. After the 14 days checkpoint, you HAVE TO be the example of being the most polite players or you will be banned. There are no insult levels anymore. After 14 days ban, there is only one filter _Did he write ANY insulting words?_ _If yes → ban_ _end_ People can't get this. 14 days ban is serious. Not a joke. You learned it as well.
I'm pretty sure if any game adapts that kind of strategy is destined to fail and i don't think riot does that, if a player is punished for whatever reason then there has to be consideration to the player himself if he decides to change, which i have, having one single bad game should never be enough to launch such a harsh punishment towards someone when they have changed themselves to a better "version", judging me without knowing the context or what has actually happened is unfair, i've played lots of games where i was actually spreading good behavior among others and encouraging them to focus and not to tilt and saying kind words, one bad game where i said 3 toxic words should not be accountable for a perma ban when i have played lots of games on good behavior
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