Infernape (EUW)
: Basically you want a useless meat shield that no one would focus because they zero deal damage and therefore poses no real threat.
ma %%%%% u know what a taunt is?
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: Veteran Master tier player giving tips to improve your gameplay - Just ask me!
ZolyS (EUNE)
: Riot should remove challenger because only a few people play there.
: I don't know, what lane you mainly Play, but if it is top and you hadnt any Problems with riven Players, congrats for you, that noobs played her, but if a REAL riven main Plays, you could see how it would piss you off and thanks for the hint, to Play this b**ch champ but no thanks, im didnt fell this deep to Play riven
Top and mid gp and tank mains is what i play sometimes jungle and whatever is meta, I do have alot of problems with Riven. Gangplank if early riven if 6 and after so i lose that match up but i win riven match ups 50/50 if its not a riven main i often a win the lane going out with a cople or kills is the riven dosent know how to use her passive do that shit with her ult idk what its called i win alot of the time
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: Like what? Please, do tell me about these "important things" that you're talking about, so they can't focus on this "unimportant" subject. I sincerely wait for a mature response.
ur a gay %%%. Naw but for real think of anything New patches, New champions, Bugs, u see?
: Worst Update Ever..... Is League of legends try to survive ???
u just dont like change you will geet used to it. if this game stayed it would get super boring
: Remove Riven, if you are not able to fix her damage and her skills...
Please. Shut your mouth. (EHH REMOVE RIVEN SHE IS OP I DIE TO HER MOM) like dude if she is so broken and easy play her your self my dude There is so much to her which you dont see when not playing her.
: Remake IP award
Like its not important. stop taking devs sight away from important things
Jakooob (EUW)
: hes only doing it for entertainment {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
thats what i said dood
: who DUO ranked this night !
BillWithIt (EUNE)
: Yes ofc it should be allowed, so flamers brake the psychology of millions of people every day. You are joking, i hope.
It was a troll post but i kinda ment what i said flame is not "hurtful" or anything of that sort. I think it trollers and griefers should be focused 95% and flamers 5% becuase trollers and griefers ruin the game more then flame.
: Look at nightblue3
Nightblue is troll toxic xd its not real toxic my dood
Jakooob (EUW)
: Most toxic mains
rengar mains arent toxic
: I don't want to discriminate people or something, but it's typical kido from Poland.
BillWithIt (EUNE)
: Can the word "cancer" become blocked?
flame should be allowed
Long n Hard (EUNE)
: Is Gangplank glitched/bugged?
% hp heals + that masterie that makes heals better in the green tree can heal 90% but maybe 40%
apofis pl (EUNE)
Thanks for a good laugh :D
AkisAza49 (EUNE)
: Get a life
lets calm down shall we? stop taking it so serious
: Because I'm simply trying to converse with another player... And god knows I already have so much skins for my acc. Then you get other people "reporting" me for seeming to be arrogant when I tell them not to go alone, ward and stop getting baited like... Wtf is that?? I don't get treated like shit irl and Im damn not gonna take flame, tantrum, etc. from coward faceless players online.
if you are not doing anything wrong you wont get banned the ppl reporting might get tho
: But then zz'rot is probably better and both share the same passive :( If you proxy farm, the moment the laner chases you, the voidlings would immediatly hit the tower along with your minions.
you can't really leave your zz rot alone bro
: Who uses OHMWRECKER?
its not that bad on singed if you are proxy farming and getting chased so you can disable the towers and run in and out
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Scepterin (EUW)
you can't bring back something that never got removed xd
: Tyvm, I'll be doing this from now on... It's so depressing tho.
can you expain why you get irretated tho? i would just find it weird and move on
Ráion (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kalle02,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=u73O5TTu,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-11-03T21:29:10.800+0000) > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} have u tried draft pick normals? Yes I did. It is not the same , like I said if you'd read the text.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
what is the diffrence?{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
jppeer123 (EUW)
: How do i get my account back? (Read before commenting please...)
we cant help shit just send a ticket or tweet @riotgamesupport
Anechrome (EUNE)
: Give us a choice!
thats how league works sometimes its your time to suffer and if you que against lower elos its always their time to suffer
: I'm utterly sick of curses and cancer wishes
i hope everybody that wishes me to get cancer would get aids
Ráion (EUW)
: Would a return of the Team Builder be possible ?
{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} have u tried draft pick normals?
: Tank Meta
there were alot of op champions in 2014 lul
: Pleas try to make it clear...
here is something that works agaisnt all players? press enter shift 7 ignore all
ZaLeonix (EUNE)
: Names for an Udyr main !
: Autofill is great!!!!!
When your to low rank to get autofill FeelsGoodMan
IˆwˆI (EUW)
: A Zed mains view on the Quicksilver Sash/Mercurial changes as of patch 6.9.
as a support player... well i am moving the fuck out of this role and ill let some other guy deal with that salty af adc
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Kalle02 (EUNE)
: Trick is not what ppl think he is...
Holy crap i didet get called a trick2g fuck boy there might be some hope for this community
Rioter Comments
: My friends are .. taking over my main roles ?
Tell them fuck off my role. or you invite to the lobby and then you can just take what role you want if they dont want to take another role you kick them invite them untill they lisen
: Take a look
no support mains online :P
IThrorI (EUNE)
: why riot why im good person :(((
No you are not a nice person if you belive that and even if he was feeding you should not flame and make him feel worse he was 3-15 dont you think he knows he fucked up
: UNFEAR WHAT is going on riot why you banned me right now
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HdtvTh (EUNE)
: Riot, if you let us select just one role, the que times will go down!!!
: Need an explanation
you get matched by the ranking of your MMR so you still have bronze MMR
: What u mean EUNE down? Im there atm and no problem
: Sure. And then I vote for League to move to monthly subscription model in addition to microtransactions. I mean it is an outrage that people are getting hundreds or thousands of hours of gameplay without paying a dime for it. Simply disgusting, leeching entertainment out of the product like that completly free of charge.
yaya you do that FREE SKINS
Kalle02 (EUNE)
: EUNE Down i vote 1 free skin of our choices
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Ruskronos (EUW)
: Illaoi disable or leave
ffs stop saying heros and if you know how to plays vs her shes not a problem
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