: New op team comp might have 80%+ winrate if played right
Get a Nunu or a Lee Sin on the other team and Ivern won't get any dragons or the rift herald.
Smittles (EUW)
: Renekton E Bug - Double Dash
happened to me too, on this and on my euw account too, I literally lost some fights because of it as I wanna dash in and use my fury for w Q, but I end up using it on E on a non tanky champion, it's so annoying I hope it gets fixed.
RocoJr (EUNE)
: How can i open replays saved
it worked fine on VLC, it also works with your browser, and if you wanna convert it, there are converters of webm to mp4 or whatever extension you want, you can also upload it to youtube with .webm then in your video manager you can download the 720p version of it as mp4.
: so what happened to banning tyler1?
He doesn't stream league of legends, he buys accounts and ranks up off stream so no one knows it's him because he would be banned on sight, he wanted to grind to master/challenger and as the season is over and he got to d3, he decided to upload that video of him which of course resulted in that account getting banned right away, so yes he is banned and no he doesn't stream league of legends at all, but he still plays off stream.
Eiyuu Ou (EUNE)
: Can you get banned
No, reports from custom games have no effect, only matchmade games
mustafa2881 (EUNE)
: Aram is a fun game mode but full with bots
It is, I play aram alot on my main and I wanted to level up my EUW account by playing aram, and at some point I realized I was the only human among the 10 players that are playing the game, it's frustrating that there's at least 5 bots every aram game in lower levels.
LA Losty (EUW)
: Oho this is an interesting idea, ive played adc fiddle with as/crit, midllesticks ap, ap in the jungle, support and full tank top, but i havnt tried to go bananas with the movespeed yet, thanks for the suggestion :D
no problem :D I played it sometimes and it's really fun especially with the new fiddle passive
LA Losty (EUW)
: Already played quite a bit of ap ashe in almost all lanes, played full cdr ashe just to spam W, and played some normal ashe, i dont own LB and ive played Morg all roles aswell, except adc actually. Dont own Janna and im saving IP for someone else :P I have all the 450 champs, Zed, Yasuo, Vayne, Lee Sin, Rengar, Udyr, Cho, Sion TF, Jax, Fiddle, Jhin, Bard, Ezreal and Vlad :D
movespeed fiddle with stormraiders, {{item:1402}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3285}} Replace {{item:1402}} later with another {{item:3285}} or just play in lane and take flash ghost for the ultra spook :^)
: Arcsecond also playes fizz alot too nearly the same.
was just making a point about you saying diana is only affective in lower elos, I do agree with that partially, but it's not "only" in lower elos :^)
: Annie's stakes
it has always been like that, get MR/qss/tenacity if you have problems with her.
: diana isn't freelo, i can mention others that are effective in every elo even high. but diana is only effective in lower elo's
I mean, rank 1 challenger in NA servers is a Diana main, just saying lol
succ boi (EUW)
: Found a comma failure in the summoner spell section
I mean, the help tab in the client is still from season 1, which still tells you that the draft mode bans go 1:2:1 here's what's written in the client after the draft mode being updated 2 times from that time "Banning Champions Each team captain chooses two champions they wish to globally ban. A "global ban" means that no player, regardless of which team they are on, can choose that champion during the upcoming champion selection process. The bans are chosen in a 1:2:1 format, meaning the first team chooses one champion to ban, the second team chooses two champions, then the first team chooses the final champion." I think this should be fixed too, after 4 years lol
Craey (EUNE)
: What do you think, will i get banned?
idk, there are still accounts with those names, not all of them were banned, probably just the ones on top of the challenger ladder, not sure about if you would get banned or not changing your name into that.
SoulBawz (EUW)
: why would you ban it?
Because a boosting service had all their accounts named like that, QQ being the program they use, which is a chatting program owned by tencent, and the number being their profile on that program so they get contacted by that number on QQ, they were top challenger players in NA, it was a chinese boosting service, that's why they banned them.
ThePikol (EUNE)
: Yellow build Bard
6 zeals {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Speedy59 (EUW)
: Have you ever played so good that you were accused of scripting?
I was accused of scripting for hitting my death sentence on vayne way too often as thresh, and it was a plat 5 game, he was so mad he reported me for scripting and kept spamming in the chat all the time lol
: Promo'd to Plat - Take me back to Gold!
plat was always probably the most toxic tier, I'm speaking generally, but the dynamic que now is just making it even worse, everyone is just with 2 others and they're gonna be toxic most of the time, and you can't do anything about it, just mute all every game, it's much better.
Infernape (EUW)
: >But rito wants to make more money so you would have to combine it with the blue essence. :/ And that's why you can buy mystery champion shards for IP and disenchant them into blue essence. No money required.
CaoZdravo12 (EUNE)
: Unfair ban
Love it :^)
Revarci (EUNE)
: Skin
: > [{quoted}](name=JQKAndrei,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6oUHtRMt,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-07-14T15:57:03.401+0000) > > Do you want to compare Vayne's range to Xerath's, Azir's, Syndra's, Malzahar's, Viktor's, Lux's? > > Vayne has to be in danger zone for her to lifesteal properly, she can't just stay back and throw stuff to do damage and heal. Vayne in turn has a tumble that makes her invisible and utargetable to get close to the champs, and that tumble is on something like 2.3 secon cd so she can use that a LOT.
Put a pinkward right when she ults and if she gets too close just burst her down with any assassin.
: Does the matchmaking system even work?
Well matchmaking is pretty messed up I guess, I saw the match on op.gg and the LB didn't even have a rank the previous seasons, she should have a new player's mmr which is around silver 3, the annie was gold 3 last season at least so that's understandable, but then again the enemy team had a silver 2 illaoi which is also strange, I have been matched with unrankeds but they would be gold or plat or even diamond from some seasons before this, so this is strange.
GLurch (EUW)
: Why would he do so?
So he can have a really high win rate on Zilean, not sure why would he do so, but there was also another guy on this forum who got banned and he was doing that, he got banned because of INTing too much, I think the one to get the idea was that teemo guy from korea who got #1 teemo on lolskill as he farmed his winrate to 95% winrate as teemo playing him from bronze to gold then getting to diamond 5 without playing him at all so he wouldn't touch the winrate and make it lower, or this guy just wants to have fun stomping bronze 5 elo and staying there by keeping his mmr low.
GLurch (EUW)
: Average score in all games : 3.0/6.9/14.0 Main lane : Support Last few games : **Tristana Flash/Exhaust 1/20/4 (not int. feeding?,buying real items,playing with premade)** Zilean Heal/Exhaust 3/1/32 (Jarvan,the premade, bot is 34/4/4,smurf?) **Kennen Flash/Cleanse 0/16/3 (int. feeding?,buying only Negatron Cloak,playing with premade)** **Gragas Flash/Smite 0/18/6 (not int. feeding?,buying real items,playing with premade)** Zilean Exhaust/Heal 3/2/39 (not int. feeding?,buying real items,playing with premade) Zilean Exhaust/Heal 0/3/20 (not int. feeding?,buying real items,playing with premade) **Zilean Exhaust/Heal 0/16/12 (int. feeding?,buying only Boots of Mobility,playing with premade)** Also,in the games he won,he always played with a premade as other bot laner. This other person most likely is a smurf too,since he usually goes with a score of 32/2, 34/4 or 20/3 when he is bot. All in all,you are getting carried every game you win by your smurf friend, while you are having really bad scores without him and sometimes even with him.
He's farming his zilean winrate, he wants to get a huge winrate before he gets his account out of bronze and probably not gonna play him when he gets to his actual rank.
Boo0o (EUNE)
: make easier to get bronze out
If you wanna stay in bronze 5 so badly by going 0/20 and 0/18 2 games in a row, there's no need to post about getting out.
YouSayWhaaT (EUNE)
: Elderwood Hecarim skin kind of disappointing?
I totally agree, bought it because it was on sale for 70% in the "my shop" tab, I still use arcade or headless hecarim, the changes in the skin are only worth 975 RP not a 1350 RP skin.
: ***
Pretty sure you're younger, and I'm gonna answer your other comment on here too, being a football coach isn't a business, especially for failures like you. Also, if you're English, how come you can't speak it very well?
: ***
Too much similarities to be a coincidence, that account played Malphite with 30 cs average, pretty sure only a "football coach" can be that bad.
: ***
Stop looking in the mirror young boy.
Yirai (EUW)
: so they made malz even more frustrating to play against
They made his autos have less range and his base ms reduced, what are you talking about?
: Sona 6.14
Each rank of Crescendo reduces Sona’s basic ability cooldowns by 20/30/40% (multiplies with normal cooldown reduction). Specifics below: HYMN OF VALOR: Cooldown reduced from 8 seconds to 6.4/5.6/4.8 seconds Getting 45% over this would add up to 3.52/3.08/2.64 while getting 85% would be 1.2 seconds You can calculate the others as well, that's how it works :^)
: ***
Kinneas on EUW, no games from some months, obviously banned, silver 3 last season, 2 accounts that indicates it's your account, get out of here already you crybaby.
: ***
And I was fixing the mistakes in your terrible English in my first sentence.
: ***
You're complaining about English when you can't even speak it. If you can't understand all that, I'll just put it simply for your special brain. Grow up.
: ***
from a* friend's* account because* Riot decided* "No some power hungry forum mod delete them" not sure what you're trying to say, and here your specialty comes in, arguments aren't about kicking butts, it's about talking, just grow up and stop going on your other accounts, "My friend loves me so much he got my name in his summoner name for me, hurray" just grow up will you?
: > [{quoted}](name=Kappasugi,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lZvoFAU9,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-07-13T13:49:44.524+0000) > > We'll find out nearly a week later when the pros play him and we'll see his potential eventually and his new play style. There are videos from PBE already, and he's really strong. His ulti is now a teamwork play instead of solo burst. But who would think a teamwork ulti would work in a team based game, right? :^) OP is just whining.
Who needs a strategic ult when you can have DAMGE? I NEED DAMAGE IAGHEAWPIGHWSLF;EGH Kappa :^)
: Im gonna make popcorn to celebrate now. jk but im actually gonna make popcorn.
: Well from the players perspective he'll either have a smurf on his or the enemy team (or both) after he wins enough times. dont really see how having a good player on your or the enemy team in any way differs from the actual experience, you'll always have better or worse people. No matter smurf or not XD. I guess i just dont see much change to new players observation (and yes ive started over multiple times and watched others start over)
Oh well :D I guess you're right :^)
Loonsta (EUW)
: New Ryze is complete garbage
We'll find out nearly a week later when the pros play him and we'll see his potential eventually and his new play style.
: Well but if the smurf keeps winning his MMR will rise and he'll no longer be matched with people under his skill level.
I know, but you're looking at it from the smurf's perspective, I'm looking at it from the new player perspective, who are the minority these last seasons.
: He forgot to use "" then...
Yeah, he used underscores then edited it for some reason, it's okay though, he means no harm lol
: Normals just like ranked games have a hidden MMR which decides who to put people with.
I do know that, but the majority of low leveled players are smurfs, so newer ones would just get matched with them, each time with a lower mmr smurf, right?
: I regularly play intro bots and explain things to players who don't know what to do. On the other hand a smurf will be pitted against people of his MMR, be it newbs as good as him or others smurfs.
I guess that would be fair, I don't have too much info on it.
: Thanks a lot. And here I tough my English was fine for someone who doesnt even use the latin alphabet is a base alphabet... (idc if it's sarcastic it's anoying) Y_Y
He's quoting the guy who made this post and the other one I linked in my earlier comment, but you wouldn't see that since he deleted all of his comments after he failed to maintain an argument that he started.
Sívir Bot (EUNE)
: Welcome to League of Legends...
I agree with you saying good luck to new players, because honestly low levels are just filled up with smurfs/bots, it's not healthy for the game, as it makes it an anti-fun experience for new players who actually don't know anything about the game.
Evanitis (EUNE)
: Sorry, can you type that again but in English this time? That might be hard for you since you are from EUNE and noone from EUNE can speak English... kappa xD. Ahh well, the guy got me. xD
Yeah, like I said I would also be defending him if I only saw this post, and he deleted his comment instead of editing it, getting on boards is fun when you're bored.
: Classic Udyr visual update
He actually does need it, it feels really different when I play the classic skin compared to the Spirit guard Udyr which has really smooth animations for his autos in each stance, he really does need a visual update on his classic skin.
Evanitis (EUNE)
: You make me wonder when was the last time you played with a >lv10 account. It's like bronze 5 when the jungle never ganks, mid never calls SS, bot keeps dying and support takes all the kills. Take a look if you don't believe me.
Go on to his other post, read what he has said there and come back here, it's okay I understand you didn't have any info on him and just saw this post, I would also be defending him if I only saw this post. here's the link to his other post below http://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behaviour-en/usz00lOf-ban-these-kids-riot
: ***
"I will only reply to you now once you have learned how to speak English" Just gonna leave that there so you would figure it out when you actually learn how to speak in English. you might pretend to be a newcomer, you might be one too as you don't have information on that, but you can have other accounts in other servers, I play on 5 servers since season 2, and I'm guessing you'll reply to this with another comment about my 2nd account's server, have a nice day and again, grow up.
: ***
Can you repeat that in English?*** You're getting there slowly, don't give up, English is not very easy for special people like yourself.
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