: I think this idea is pretty weak, you don't want to reward players for reporting someone just for rewards. This is the biggest issue, us players will find a way to abuse the system to the point where it just becomes "report because he said frick in chat" and get tons of BE for it. Also, I **THINK** that there has been something similar in place and they removed it. Don't quote me on this. However, a reward for reporting lots of uncommon bugs to riot should give you some sort of rare skin that you can only obtain it through those means, would promote a much less buggy game don't you think?
If we had a community that looked down on offensive behaviour, inting or afk:ing. Then the game would be a better game. If we Riot communicated that they want our help, and they reward behaviour that is good, i.e. reporting someone for being toxic or whatever. That send out good signals, and less people will be offensive? If IP ban was a thing. That would do good things for the game, IP ban for 1 month, 2 months etc. At this moment there is no stop to toxic behaviour. And why should anyone tolerate being given "sh*t" over the internet? Would you accept if you workplace or school or whatever gave you sh*t constantly? I think priority is toxic people. Not buggy. That is what i think :)
: I almost never report people since I don't see a point in it. the only time I report them is to basically get them shut down, not because I'm offended by what they said but because I know they will be taken down. it's part of the game and I am offensive too, I don't get why so many people cry over it. the punishments system only affects people that put money into this game, the rest doesn't care like it's not difficult to create 1, 2 or 15 accounts. greetings from someone that has been permabanned and still hasn't changed.
What would it take for you to stop being offensive?
Tarolock (EUNE)
: they tried this with the tribunal, it was horrible, ppl started reporting every silly thing and just screwed up the whole system by false reports etc, so this wouldnt be as good as you think the reward for me for reporting is that i know that the guy will be closer to his punishment
But we are only a few that actually reports and try to clean the game. There should be something that incentives people to actually not accept someone who behaves wrongly.
kiwishrew (EUW)
: Isn't this just like paying cops to meet a monthly arrest quota?
Well yes, but this is the biggest problem the game has at the moment. So it is a good quota to fill, that is my opinion at least.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: if the reports would actually do their job of cleaning the community and being more transparent, then it would work far better...but also make chronic toxic players find new ways around the system. tho they would be minority instead of "common occurrence."
I have this feeling also. That is why I use the support link to do a report "again". It seems that they are forced to close tickets and actually do an investigation proper. As some point, there will be so many tickets that they will need to hire more people. And then Riot will look at why they need to hire more people since it cost more. Then maybe we can get a change?
: Knowing that I'm helping the community is a reward in itself. I'd use the report function exactly the same way/times with or without "rewards".
True, but things are becoming worse and worse so there is a need for some kind of incentive.
: Pretty sure this would result in people reporting for not actually reportable stuff, just completly stuffing the support with pointless reports and probably making the report system worse, since afaik it tries to learn from reports and when people just report everyone and everything it will have a hard time.
But a penalty is only given after review to my best knowledge. I do not see this as an issue.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: We already get enough rewards for that: https://i.imgur.com/eawC9k4.png
True, but I never know who got punished. Since I report so many. Also feels like I am some kind of cleaning lady for Riot.
Iakovia (EUW)
: I always report if someone flames. I would think more people would report if the person being reported actually got dealt with appropriately though. You don't need rewards for having someone ruin a game. Punishment should be reward enough.
I like this as well. Harder punishment. Should be on IP sometimes.
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: Riot should give us 500 BE for every toxic player who disrupted hard our games and which got 14 days ban or permanent banned ,such as trollers or extremly toxic players , i mean is BE what we can do with it than just buying champions or rune pages.. ,anyway the game is lacking in Be resources for players.
Agree, would be nice to see some appreciation. Further, maybe Riot will think is too expensive so they punish players harder. That would be a good thing.
: I report players almost every game for toxicity, enemy (that flame their team in all chat) or allies. Rewards will not affect me I would never go to report via support, its to boring, and long process and those people are better things to do, just give them a brake (I did it only one time because I was curious what they respond and how the process work) > To clean this game up In my opinion punishing players for toxicity, dose only that punishing them, the system work grate to detect and punish the toxic players but in my opinion does nothing to reduce toxicity since toxicity in my experience growed exponential as years passed by and they are more and more but in same time more and more complaining about punishments. So punishment system works to punish but not to reduce toxicity. After my fun was ruined by a flamer it nto warm me that he is punished after. Community is so easy influenced, they speak in memes, in quotes of high elo streamers or pro players, etc, they complain all time about builds or picks because they are influenced by guides or steamers. If are so easy influenced it's so easy for RIOT to create contend and clips to help reduce toxicity, to show that its ok - if people die since is a war game about killings, somebody need to die, some time is enemy, some time it's your teammates, some time is YOU. - it's ok to be inventive not need to follow only guides - from 140+ champions is ok to not choose only from 20 that community deem fit - it's ok to miss skillshots thats why are called like that - it's ok to make a bad decision everybody can make a bad decision. Only good video to reduce toxicity they did in 10 years was last year preseason when they release a video telling player preseason is for testing builds and offroles etc, video like this can reduce toxicity and influence the week mids that the community is. That video helped to shoot out the mouth of flamers that keep whine OMG WHY you don't play serios, just because somebody tested things. Instead of creating think like this what they do ? allow casters to be so aggressive in their casting if somebody make a mistake they get so hyped. For example I remember a game in which MEMENTO the so4 jungler went to gank mid and instant use stopwatch and a caster (forgot who) start "omggg, omggg why memento, why you do that, why use your stopwatch" was so hyped so aggressive, in my opinion that was equivalent of 100pings of your teammates over your head, then pings of broken stopwatch and then follow by "/all report this troll jungle baited me to die", then whine on forum that RIOT don't punish trolls. When in reality after Mic checks what happened, he told his mid laner to fight because he is coming but by mistake instead of predators boots he pressed his stopwatch, he said "omg sorry I pressed my stopwatch instead of predators" nobody in team rage, cry, whine they were calm and ok. But casters were super aggressive, I think this is a bad example that casters give to players and translate in game as toxicity. Then they encourage blanter between teams and I listen to Rekkles what he said on his stream couple of times, those blanter talkers they push them to do it. So while I understand blanter talk between rivals is fun, and viewers love it and is good for the show. What is terribly wrong from RIOT is that they allowed terrible words, they curse, swere, and even they call each other braindead. The most disgusting language I heard from MAXLORE, he called others braindead, and one time he said about a jungler that all he need to do is to decide if he he wil take it up his ass or anywhere else (something like that I forgot exactly). That terrible in my opinion and as people get fine in tennis for raging and breaking racquets, and other sports, this language should be punished in League and pro players educate to use sportsmanship blanter, even boxers in a violent sport use fair play and sportsmanship when they blanter in press conference. Pro players should know they are example to player and they should act professionally. One of the biggest mistake RITO did to give bad example wich astonish me to be honest was the long spoken on boards tyler1. So he was so toxic that he got 20-30 accounts banned. He was so toxic that hey banned him as player and forbidden him to make new accounts and all new accounts were banned instant if found. Riot did a press release to explain he was ID(player) banned because they don't want such individuals in their game. After 2 years they remove the Id(player) ban ( for delusional players - his accounts are still banned). All this is alright they give the man another chance to make a new account and stream after 2 years ban. But i find it so bad and terrible example for the players to have him invited as a special guest to oficial events, to have him on caster desk, to have him take interviews to players, to have him play oficial games on stage. What players in this community understand form this ? tdlr: ignore my post to long, boring, useless
Not a boring or useless post at all. I failed to see this during writing OP. You are a point. Everything that is connected or advertising LoL contains flaming, it is the "status quo" if you would like. A preventive action would be to remove the possibility of any negative words what so ever. Always censor them. What I am worried about the the constant mentioning of death and people that tell other to take their own life (within 4 days i have reported 5 of those cases). Great repsons. Thank you for taking the time!
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