Karlo3110 (EUNE)
: Perma ban
Game 1 In-Game Karlo3110: dumb Karlo3110: zed Karlo3110: dumb ass zed Karlo3110: picke Karlo3110: DAVOR Karlo3110: stupid Karlo3110: hf yi Karlo3110: you loser Karlo3110: everyone buy thorn mail Karlo3110: so you get mail Karlo3110: by thorn Karlo3110: GJ Karlo3110: MASTER YI Karlo3110: YOU BOOSTED SHIT Karlo3110: JUST GO AND COMMIT NECK ROPE Karlo3110: fight them Karlo3110: GJ Karlo3110: GUYS YOU GOT ME Karlo3110: FOR THAT TURRET Karlo3110: MEN Karlo3110: niger Karlo3110: strat Karlo3110: yi Karlo3110: %%% Karlo3110: bronze Lmao as I look at it now I see that I am being stupid and not thinking Yeah... there
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