: Please remove chat in Solo/Duo.
You already have the ability to disable the chat, why take the possibility to chat from people who want to use it.
PhoeniXFini (EUNE)
: Here we go again... trash suspension system again.
You know they look at what you write without a context and you still decide it's a good idea to flame. That only proves the system is working and is needed to keep the system a little cleaner.
Mannerone (EUW)
: This is a joke ( but it's not a funny one ). Riot Banning system
Comparing real life law to a video game? Cute. Analyzing every game? If you ask china to lend their army to watch few games daily it seems doable!
mc4life (EUNE)
: Don't even bother. Game is acutally growing(with casuals ofc) soo they don't care, they already know it's shit. PS: on boards you have mostly gold and below players who still kiss their mom 500 times every day and behave like priests soo don't exepct much.
Not so sure if the priest part is an offense or...
LOVEzzm43 (EUW)
: How can there be such a person,Europeans now like to joke about Wuhan。
On the positive side plane tickets must be super cheap {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: So I got permabanned today....
There's no way you will get anything refunded from a banned account, why would you. You can write a ticket but permanent bans are rarely reversed, unless it's proven it's a false positive.
: I got hacked . Where do I write to to get this fixed.
As others said, write a ticket explaining situation. Also i'm pretty sure you can't gift anything if you don't have someone on your friend list for a prolonged amount of time.
: It could be a visual bug concerning the Legendary Lux skin. If he has Legend: Tenacity & Merc's, then it is highly likely that it is only the duration that lasts that long, and he was spamming E, while the visual indication that he's cc'd stayed.
Seems so, especially he spams the dash as he uses second charge into the air. Lux q is 2 secs if i recall correctly and shie made few steps after the initial cast.
Beolius (EUW)
: It seems that balancing sett will take another month or two so here is a solution.
If anything, Sett will get some buffs or tuning not a straigh up nerf. It's hard to think of a less mobile hero.
: mundo is really strong in urf and needs a nerf
take this, {{item:3123}} It's dangerous to go alone. Also urf, temporary totally random game mode where few champions just wreck everything else. enjoy it while it lasts.
Magneset (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kashiro,realm=EUNE,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=sEMf51OT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-24T17:58:10.287+0000) > > Pay to get better basic system of any sort... No, never even think of going in this direction. > > Tribunal, however you would implement it again, shouldin't be able to apply punishments. At most it should qualify it for a review for a Riot employee. > And the problem of it being slow still applies, even more so if you had to watch entire games. Watching only bits at a time won't give you a proper image of how someone behaved. > > I don't think we have any data on how many players have honor<2. It could make their queue times impossible based on a server and the time they play. Paying 10 or so euro for a queue would reduce the toxic behavior/afk behavior you encounter. CS:GO did it and it works just fine, even without a restriction to toxic behavior other than cheating. Yes the player base is smaller but the method would be the same. The Tribunal is slow yes, but the Tribunal focused on Toxic behavior rather than AFK behavior, 2 different things with 1 being way worse (toxic behavior) than the other. I could agree that once the players voted it could go to a Riot employee and action is taken, however that would slow it down even further, respectable people are also found amongst regular community people, and those are the ones who should have access to this voting system. AFK behavior is fairly easy to spot, especially sitting in the fountain, you would of course have the regular menu so you can fast forward. Note that we are not looking for toxic behavior in the chat, but simply if this person is actually playing the game, this is why i want experienced players to have access, so they know exactly what to look for and based on detailed reports it should be fairly easy to see when and where it happens. Honor level 2 is what everyone starts on. Honor level 0-1 are for those who received punishments. Queue times for honor level 0-1 players would most likely be longer, but that simply adds to the punishment. It does promote the "prisoners island" but i fail to see why we should cater to the toxic minority, instead we should make the experience better for those who are nice.
CS:GO isn't a paid queue, not strictly. Anyone can join as long as they have hit the level requirement which isn't high if someone as casual as me got into it. Also it requires phone number which will be banned from reuse i presume if the acc is banned. Unless they changed it for whatever reason but i didnt hear about it. Would it lower toxicity? Even on prime accounts i saw hacks and i mean the hardcore ones. Hard to tell how Tencent would implement it. I'm sceptical because microtransactions never stop, it's a matter of players to accept them into game elements or not. I know i wouldn't spend even 5 minutes on a tribunal. Time is of the essence. It can't do any harm for those that wish to participate tho. I guess it depends how much Riot wants to retain those <2 players, and how many of them are there. Current system, in theory, is to allow you to get the honor back, even tho i heard it's a slog. It would be interesting to throw there even players with a chat restrict until they clear it off, to let them taste hell {{champion:17}}. Some games already do this, even with hackers. Wonder if it would actually improve matches. I never checked honor of players.
: League will degrade faster and faster
"dump" ? Are you sure? Riot doesn't exactly make hotfixes, they seem to wait to not make any hasty changes. Threads aren't the cause for patches. Threads crying about things being OP are a constant thing almost, even if a champion sits at 40+% winrate. Even if you had exact number of ranked players, if you compare it to a monthly playerbase, you will see that Riot is in a great shape.
Magneset (EUW)
: A partial solution for a better Queue and AFK dodgers.
Pay to get better basic system of any sort... No, never even think of going in this direction. Tribunal, however you would implement it again, shouldin't be able to apply punishments. At most it should qualify it for a review for a Riot employee. And the problem of it being slow still applies, even more so if you had to watch entire games. Watching only bits at a time won't give you a proper image of how someone behaved. I don't think we have any data on how many players have honor<2. It could make their queue times impossible based on a server and the time they play.
: Thinking that if someone is by your definition "toxic" in let's say 5% of his games, he is an overall toxic player is just illogical. I don't understand how you cannot accept that just because you slip up and actually flame people in a small amount of your overall games does not make you toxic and punishment worthy, just like how having 5% of the deaths of your entire team, doesn't make you a feeder.
Stats and chat are quite separate problem. You can have a very negative score and still be a contributing member of a match because the gameplay is more complicated than breaking chat rules. Never said someone is overall toxic because 5 % of their games they "slip up". You try to rationalise being toxic. You either play by the rules or not. You act like you would get perma banned for being ocassionally toxic which is not true. You still don't get any severe punishments if you didn't go full ham. If you were to look for further examples walk outside your house. You can't just break rules and explain yourself by saying "well, out of those 30 times, i crossed the street on red lights only 3 times officer"
: What is considered toxic in LoL is pretty much an illusion.
Getting reported is easier than being honored, so what? It only matters if you actually abuse chat in those report cases, not the amount of reports someone sent on you. People would want to be judged less harshly because they spent money on lol, because they played for the longest time etc. None of those posts seem to give a real answer as to why that should be, they only want to be privelaged based on their personal belief. Not controlling your emotions is only on your side. Justifying people won't make the system work better, it will just let players know they can bend the rules.
Bæka (EUW)
: Idk why people are downvoting us for saying the player was nice and that he won, this doesn't make sense
I guess they want to be very mad that someone who had a long break was matched with them. Instead of looking at a current game they focus on all the stuff outside of it.
manolis201 (EUNE)
: I got matched with a player that hasnt played since 2014 on Ranked?
: Its a very long process. It took me very long to climb in s9 and now Riot is saying do it again
Every game with "seasons" work like that and here you have a better start than most people because you had a higher rank previously. Ranking is your own goal anyway no one else is expecting any player to climb.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Everyone shines with good team. Adcs are bursted if they are bad players and dont know to position according to all variables (team iq, is there a fed assasin...) pd/dd are more than enough to be able to 1v1 assasin, if ur playing against some creature like kench wits end will do the job. And his e isnt ward, it reveals ppl that stand on it, not wide area. There is enormous diffrence between wards and traps :p
If you are so biased towards him to say everything is good and everything can be outplayed then what's the point of asking.
mc4life (EUNE)
: Why people play Jhin soo much?
For me Jhin shines with a good or at least decent team cover. He does enormous damage, has slow-ward and a snare that requires only a damage from any champion (which is even better on any CC your enemy lands). IMO he falls off in damage only if a fight allows you to fully use your attack speed. Every attack of Jhin seems to count and ADC's (in my games at least) seem to lost their meaning given that most other champions burst them in 2 seconds tops. Props for making only 4 points :]{{champion:202}}
: I think it was better that we didn't know our rank until after the placement matches
What would the rank matter if you only had to get there once and never drop.
: why do people like you always try to find a way to be OK with everything? why not have a button for it instead of trying to figure out how to Get used to how annoying it actually is for most people?? xD
Why people like you always try to have a problem with everything? I didn't say you are wrong for wanting more customisation. I gave you and honest answer and a solution, be it temporary, but only i could think of. I doubt you have any basis to say most people have a problem with it. You're the first person i've met that would fiddle with this option based on who and what you play.
1von (EUNE)
: Point of playing League in low elo ranked. Last post.
You can only improve yourself, not others. If that's not enough for you to keep going, then nothing will stop you. People play better on higher tiers, but it also means that smaller mistakes can be punished greatly. Insulting others and assuming you are better than most of the players won't get you anywhere.
: Do Win Streaks affect the pick order in ranked soloque?
It used to be based on performance, now it's random so you should have about the same chance to be on each pick-order position.
: Autoattack Toggle. We need a Button!
You can just use a stop button, it stops auto attack until you move. Personally never had it OFF on any role, for the most part you should try to always be on the move.
: Honestly... a 28% ban rate isn’t that high for a new champion I’d have expected much higher, and only a 12% play rate. For comparison Senna has a 21% ban rate and a 21% play rate, and aphelios has a 68% ban rate. They are already getting tired of him.
Didn't look at stats, just my games, so maybe it's right. I didn't see him in the game since release. Maybe on urf once.
: New breed of Sett
Considering the amount of bans he gets it's surprising there are any breeds of him. People will get tired of him like they did with Senna, give em some time.
: > For someone who says he is experienced with human relations you have a very shallow sight Again, You're simply just jumping to conclusion based entirely on an experience with a video game. Example, A doctor plays call of duty, Ergo within your logic he has a disregard for other people? Your argument is flawed as you're completely focused on me being "toxic" which isn't what should be derived from the post at all, If me, Who is so undeniably and uncontrollably toxic is fed up with intentional feeders, shouldn't that say something? Instead you're just the Atypical white knight "h-he's toxic! deserved ban!"
You are so stuck on the idea that you are seen as a toxic person, when you yourself stated that... Doctor argument is totally backwards. If you want to feel offended you will always find an argument.
: You've entirely misunderstood the purpose of the post. You're also falsifying the fact that "like to have my accounts banned" I never said that, I simply stated I'm aware i'm negative towards others, However only those whom instigate something before hand. > Because chat isn't for you to judge others. It's tempting to respond and point out their mistakes but it doesn't make them play better Again this just proves you're blindly ignoring any point I provided, I don't "flame" unto those whom have TRIED to play the game, or are perhaps new or are learning a new role/champion/item path etc. The main point of the topic was how unfairly it is that INTENTIONAL feeders are allowed to continue to play the game whilst those of us whom question their actions are punished. If you refuse to co-operate at all why play? there's quite literally hundreds of other games where you can go to sit in silence and "troll" your way around. But a team focused fast paced INTENSE MoBA shouldn't be one of those games. I'm supposing it's people like you whom failed to miss my point are those that are downvoting my comments? You opened with "chat isn't there for you to Judge" But I'm not basing my jurisdiction on me judging others, I'm basing it entirely on griefers/intentional feeders whom I'd be willing to bet most would say plague this game at the minute, You read the part of me being toxic and instantly assumed I'm not level headed outside of the game, which I am. My career forces me to engage with client's of all ages on a daily basis and I've achieved several qualifications to do with customer support, Services and have always received excellent feedback on my attitude towards assisting others, I'm not toxic because I'm a child who as you say "enjoys it" I simply stand my ground as any normal person would when met with such hostility.
I didn't literally mean you want to get banned, but you just accept how you behave, acknowledge it and don't want to change your ways. For someone who says he is experienced with human relations you have a very shallow sight at whatever the case may be. Suppose all you want, decisive most of people don't bother to score posts, and it's not like it matters anyway. What do you want to achieve by pointing fingers at feeders in chat? At best it changes nothing, at worst it makes matters worse and even impacts those that actually tried to win. You try to justify being negative based on a situation. It's entirely up to you if you use chat, and how you use it. Is it so weird they punish someone who breaks chat rules?
BläzeD (EUW)
: About Hanbot the Human script cheat
That 3/4/7 cheating elise convinced me those scripts are too OP.
: Being punished for calling out intentional feeders/griefers.
Because chat isn't for you to judge others. It's tempting to respond and point out their mistakes but it doesn't make them play better nor the system will care why you insult others. The fact that you like to have your accounts banned has nothing to do with it.
: whats the point of urf?
Doesn't arurf add last 3 champion rotations to a pool of champions like aram does? I doubt you can make an account with 1 champion and always get it.
RareshuTzu (EUNE)
: Would you mind guiding me where that option is? I only have Enable Language filter, Warn Me When I Click A Link In Chat , Display "More Unread" Bar or Show Me New Friend Request Toasts.
In a client go to "Interface" in settings and One of the sections will be labeled "Chat", you can then turn off all-chat and ally chat separately. I'm pretty sure if you will feel the need you can do it during a match also. I keep chat on, but i mute anybody that spams in it. More often than not they won't type anything useful anyway.
RareshuTzu (EUNE)
: I honestly don't agree with the mute I received
You can turn off the chat in the options.
Rrstonius (EUW)
: Either way, there are simply no plans in the upcoming future to rework any mages, where as the other roles with outdated kits have been and already in the plans for a rework. And my point isnt even the champions themselves, its the itemization, runes, versatility, impact and scaling that they have access to. In terms of everything except their kit, they are too overloaded as a catergory of champions. Tell me one weak point that mages have. Ill wait.
They have weak AA :) You don't seek the answer sadly, because some of the things you pointed out could be discussed and maybe taken into a consideration if someone would take time to look at them.
Rrstonius (EUW)
: Do you know why a lot of mages havent been reworked? its because most of them dont have outdated kits. The only ones i can think of, from the top of my head are Anivia and Annie, and both of them are terrible atm.
A lot of mages haven't been reworked, because they decided so. And it's not sarcastic. After we get new Voli and Fiddle we wont get another rework for a year if i remember ocrrectly, so they just pick those favorites and focus on pumping new champions. They already have few queued up for this year. To be outdated you need to compare things. How did Voli get rework before Mundo? Well he got more votes, not because he needed it most. It's all subjective. I'm not against talking about changes, i just think generalising about whole groups, when every champion is vastly different doesn't lead to anything.
Rrstonius (EUW)
: Name me one mage that doesnt have an outdated kit thats bad right now.
Adding enough restricitons like that you can make anything undisputable. You generalise and then disagree with it. Outdated is mostly subjective. There isn't a single rework that won't have a backlash, because people loved old kit.
Rrstonius (EUW)
: Mages
I don't think you can put literally all mages in here and say they are all too good. Mages that are mobile and bursty, sure. Many mages have little to say because they get oneshot like adcs do right now. They have a lot of ways to build. I would add items for other classes rather than reducing mage items.
MinchSko (EUW)
: thats why many pro/famous and guides are saying just play yi ... easy win without any skill. yep sure thing buddy
Written down, therefore true. Go on, main yi and send me me the proof that you just easy win. Want to see that easy diamond rolling.
Sasser (EUNE)
: Tips to leave gold
With that attitude what kind of answer do you expect? If you think you are so above gold players it should show in your games and give you an edge. If it doesn't then it's just an empty ego talking.
MinchSko (EUW)
: When you know Yi is a S tier jungler
Pointing out challenger and master levels hint at him being counterable. If you argue about lower tiers of ranked games, you can say that most champions are OP, while they don't necessarily overperform in anything. Yi can do a lot of DPS, and that's about the end of his kit. It's not like every Yi game is suddenly easier because he just exists, you still need to have some experience with him to perform well enough to not fall behind.
: How should bans work?
I think the banning priority changed because with time we were served champions that require way more effort to counter than they need to put to be super effective. It's visible especially in solo Q, where ADC can do very little to counter Zed or other hyper assasins. Your death recap is under 2 seconds when they jump on you, often invulnerable or protected by other means, so the best you could do is make a single attack. Until they add tools to counter them, or somehow change how they work people will just ban away the most problematic champions, insead of those that that they personally struggle or don't want to face.
: Write it notepad, when loading LOL copy and paste it.
Don't forget to name the file "PASSWORDS" and put it in a folder "PRIVATE". Maximum protection {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
14'th is the day, it's written in the patch notes ;x
: your banning system is DOGSH!T
You don't get banned over few arguments and tone of this post shows it. Why would number of games matter? Being a decent person is a standard, not something out of ordinary.
KuroCorbeau (EUNE)
: Riot officially gave up on Duo Core Users, change my mind.
Brand new dual core doesn't mean it's a brand new technology. Laptops are for the most part overrated and overpriced for what they offer. If they told you LoL requires quad-core, then you need one to play and it certainly isn't anywhere near high-end PC.
: One level honor loss after season end today?
New season, new honor, new rewards. You have exactly one season to reach the honor level you are interested in, and then it gets reset for the next one.
: Like you guys did not read top? i said my jungler fed my lane than did it on purpose who wouldnt be mad than he called me loser monkey like he is the reason why i was toxic and i spent 150€ on this acc please riot at least refund if nothing else
Doesn't matter how much you spent, you knew it's all digital and will vanish with the account. You can't excuse rule breaking because you lost a lane/game.
And vice versa. That's why people take mage supports, because they are viable and don't require you to be synced with adc as much.
Sejer2000 (EUNE)
: I know, but its still annoying that people are using it wrongly. and it causes a lot of reports to people that actually don't deserve it, due to this misunderstanding. And by that Riot is the ones that have to look through the games to view if its an actual troll or not.
They surely have systems that will sort out reports before they look at the games manually, otherwise they would need an army of people sifting reports and replays. Don't worry about them. Who knows, maybe an official statement from a riot can do some miracles, they made some sweet informational materials and videos in the past.
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