: Try contacting support. It has better chances of getting you somewhere.
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: If they send you a chat log and you got a chat restriction, you got a punishment for toxic behaviour in chat, not because of the feeding. I mean, let us look at this from a logical angle. Why in the world would they punish an intentional feeder with a chat restriction? So he can't tell his teammates he's actually inting? that doesn't make sense. They send you chatlog to show you prove of their findings. If you post those chatlogs here, we can examine them and tell you wether you were toxic/flaming or not. Because I believe you're convinced you are not toxic or did flame, but maybe in Riot's eys you did.
Well by definition, being toxic/flaming means insulting and provoking, right? aka ''trash talk''? And why didn't they mark the toxic part in the chat log? And i'll send you the chat log pic here, but it sounds dumb out of context and without the other person talking
: > and i can't talk for like 10 games Thats a chat restriction. Chat restrictions are no a punishment for intentionally feeding, but for chat violations. The only punishments for intentionally feeding are 14 day bans or permabans. So if you got a chat restriction, intentionally feeding has absolutely nothing to do with your punishment. You got banned because you broke the rules in the chat, for example by flaming, blaming, threatening, asking for reports or anything like that. Your stats have absolutely nothing to do with your punishment. If you want a more detailed explanation why you got punished and what part of your behavior was not okay, please post a screenshot of your entire chatlogs. The chatlogs are displayed every time you log in to the client.
Oh... Well i didn't know that tbh, i know you get banned but i thought that the chat ban is like a first ban, then a few day without playing and etc...
GLurch (EUW)
: Could you tell us a bit more about your punishment? You only mentioned you got punished at the beginning of your post. After that, you stop mentioning it. For what did you get punished? What was the punishment? Did you even get punished? All I can assume from this post is that you got reported. Getting reported however is useless and does nothing, as long as you didn't break any rules. If you encounter players like this again, mute and try to ignore them. After the game, just report them. Paying attention to them doesn't help anyone, it will only make everything worse.
Yeah true, the tilt got over me ._. I did got warned only once before, never punished (As far as i can remember), when i started to play LoL (Bard login), i didn't know much about the ruels, it's an online game so if someone insults me, i've defended myself or said something back and the Riot warning was actually nice, something like ''try to not get angry, we know people may have a bad day so try to mute them if they get you angry'', so i was chill, didn't rage about the warning, they gave me a nice and polite chance, so i'm not gonna waste that... --------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------- But back to the subject: I got my honor level locked, free rewards locked (not sure what that is tbh) and only my chat log after i logged in after a while, and i can't talk for like 10 games, like a spam report, which i didn't spam, i did talk ''a bit'' yeah, which i do in general, not just in LoL, i tend to talk/type a lot as a person... And you probably figured that one out so far, as you can see ^ I.e. i asked the enemy Renekton if he picked him for countering me as Riven, when he killed me i said in a jokinlgy way to let me farm etc, didn't flame, when our Shaco ganked me i said that now it's a bit too late for ganking after 2 top turrets are dead, but not in a mean way, i laughed it out, i wasn't like ''omg shaco noob repot no ganks'' and all that stuff, and if Kata or Lux or whoever asked me somethign, or yelled to report me, i'd ask why and told them that i'm new with Riven etc, but nobody cares about that nor to be reasonable even if i told them for the maybe third time that i'm new with Riven, and i'm up agains a Renekton mastery 7, who btw counters Riven, they need to vent their frustration on me because i was the worst player
: For the sake of the argument, let's just assume that you are honest about not feeding intentionally. Even if that is the case, you being punished has absolutely nothing to do with getting reported by all out teammates. You got punished because the Feederbuster (presumably) made a wrong decision. However that decision is not influenced in any way by reports. Reports just trigger an investigation, that's all. They have no influence on the outcome of said system. This might seem like a technicality, but it does make a difference. What is flawed is not the report system, but the Feederbuster. Anyway, lets's get to the part where I try to help you: Please contact the support. If you know for a fact that you did not feed intentionally (not a single death!), contact the Support and they might fix this situation. However keep in mind that the Support can see everything that happened, so don't bother lying to them. I am sorry that I am considering the possibility that you are lying, but you have to understand that people who complain about their punishments on the boards have a tendency to lie... A LOT! You wouldn't believe the amount and audacity of the lies that are told here every day. So in case you didn't lie: Sorry. It's nothing personal, it's just a possibility I have to consider because it happens sooooo often here. edit: Wait a second...did you even get punished? I just noticed that you only speak about being reported, not about actually being punished. If you didn't get punished, everything is fine. Who cares about reports? They don't harm you in any way, unless you get punished.
I know why you'd think that i'm not honest, but if there's a way for you to watch my replay, go and watch it, i'll send you my .rofl or whatever, you'll see it for yourself...
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: These is just something you had to get used to, locked camera keep me in B5 for entire season 5. In time you learn to compensate for the lost vision. Sometimes you can aim whit help form the minimap (Sions ultimatie for example) sometimes you learn how to guess where to shot Thresh hook, Varus piercing Arrow. But you will never again be as good as you where whit the long skillshots. But its Worth because with unlocked camera you start to develop mapawarness automaticly. So in time you will be harder to gank, suprise and so on.
I did see some Diamond players how keep it locked, i think it was a locked/unlocked youtube video, idk from who (maybe Gbay99, can't remeber), but the comments were something like ''i play locked for years and i'm diamond'' etc... I do try to play it unlocked even if i'm ''forced'', so i do kinda ''learn'' but it's really hard, the hardest part in this game for me...
Nakhishia (EUW)
: I use the Y key (Default for unlocking/locking the camera) to toggle it. I find this a lot more comfortable than holding down space.
Yeah, same, but it's kinda hard sometimes to do that when you need some fast reflexes, that's why it would be neat for a ''hold to unlock'' option, same as ''hold space key to lock''
TTekkers (EUW)
: I use spacebar to keep it toggled, it gets the best of both worlds, easy unlock and easy to keep locked. But my keyboard is really light so it's almost no different to just hovering my thumb over it. A good semi-locked camera would be a godsend, but the one they released a while back was terrible imo.
Well if you played HoS you know what i'm talking about, that would be even better for LoL because it has more sharper lanes, while HoS has a smoother map and it's sideways, the top/red base is has a tiny camera angle disatvantage because it's tilted... This is a bit farfetched, but... What if... You could rotate the map? I know that's not gonna happen, but, what if?
: I'm a veteran player myself and also had issues with playing with unlocked camera when I started playing. I couldn't get used to using mouse cursor to move around the map while micro managing. Thats why I use hotkeys w a s d to move around the map and have my champion abilities on 1 2 3 4.
That sounds interesting, i might try that... But how do you use the items like potions, wards etc? F1, F2?
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