: 2Axes5Victims sums it up. Both champions are infamous for their toxic player base.
im not toxic lmao ...
: It all depends on your playstyle. Do you like to feed? go Zed! Do you like to feed and blame your Jungler while spamming Q? Go Riven!
this isnt helping
: Should probably just roll over and accept your ban for toxicity.
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: E-mail or ?
: ''Death is best cc''
is there a way i can contact you ? :P
Zil0 ZilCel (EUNE)
: Im A Toxic Riven Main Somone Help me Get more nicer
/mute all And then take it out on no one
balkanac (EUNE)
: i have a problem!!??
Making a ticket to Riot Support is your best choice
: What should I pick?
Personally i enjoy Lee Sin you wont be good at him when you start off you need practise but when you learn him he becomes really amazing to play there are many combos to learn
: Yasuo
Not quite the awnser i was looking for but thanks ... I would play him /main him if people didnt say yasuo players are braindead xD
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