: i am not afraid of climbing. i am afraid of splitting the player base in half.. making the queue times even longer than they already are.. meaning i would have 1 hour queue times.. which wouldnt be fun at all.. you are part true why it is considered a team based game. it is considered a teambased game because you have to work as a team to win. playing as premades makes it obviusly easier as you can communicate via voice comms.. but i havent seen any problem with the dynamic queue for as a soloq player.. it has been as easy/hard to climb the ladder this season as it has been every other season i have played(started at the end of season 2 so i have climbed in 4 seasons now). i really dont see a difference in how hard it is to get to where u wanna be. i am currently sitting at diamond 3 with 64 wins and a 57% winrate. a friend of mine(also plays solo) sits at diamond 1 with around a 53% winrate.. one of the arguments i here from soloq players are that they cant show their skill anymore as the enemies are always premade. but if you manage to win shouldnt that mean you have shown even greater skill than you did before? shouldnt that feel even more rewarding?.. when you queue up as solo there is the possibility to land against premades. but in 95% of the games me and my friend played we have had the equal amount of premades, which evens it out.
People just try to find excuses of them being stuck in a division.Just ignore it,arguing won't solve anything since they will never give up on their point(if they even have an actual point) trust me I tried
Tawheed10 (EUW)
: Need help with Rengo!!!
1-6 youmuus 2-infinity statikk pd trinity duskblade youmuu 3-5 rabadons and a mejai
: Now i understand why this game is dying!!
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Same story once again. Hate it? just leave, no one needs you here making useless posts insulting the game.
: Anime on league of legends
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KhaLeapsOnUrAdc,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lvIsjNHL,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-30T16:43:32.124+0000) > > Same story.Hate the game?Ok.Still here? > Why?{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} i have probably been around here more than you since i have been here since the beta,i just hate how my favorite game has turned out to be an abomination of a competitive game.
I don't care how much you've been playing,like I said, just cause you liked it 7 years ago it doesn't mean you can never quit it if you don't like it anymore.No one is forcing you to play, also speaking about the game for everyone shows how selfish you are.Not everyone agrees with you so instead of saying this game is bad you should instead say "I don't like it anymore" and then leave or keep playing it and make useless posts like these. i personally enjoy the game as a solo player ,if you don't,you know what you have to do. No point in playing a game you don't enjoy is there? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Miss fortune
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: Dynamic Queue.
Same story.Hate the game?Ok.Still here? Why?{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: JHIN's bullets during curtain call are invisible?
Didn't happen to me but his w was invisible once.
: /Remake is way too exploitable
It doesn't work like that lol
Seikan (EUW)
: no, the truth doesnt contain insults, because insults are a subjetive way to negatively describe someone, truth and subjectivity dont have anything in common. And the adult flamers in league are way worse in my opinion
Talking about how many not how bad.And when someone is stupid and annoying how do you tell the "truth" about him without insulting him?The toxic community is mostly formed of kids cause they can't yet control themselves and get angry at literally anything in game.But whatever you say, not in the mood of arguing, so this is my last message on this board. GL and HF in your games {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Seikan (EUW)
: Ye but theres a difference between telling the truth and insulting
Not really, the truth can contain insults as well.The difference is when your insults aren't true.And A LOT of adults are dumb and annoying as well when talking about real life but talking about League of Legends kids are definitely the majority of the toxic community.
Lynxmetal (EUW)
: I disagree with that, I've been plat for a few months and I've found the attitude of players is far far better than that at bronze and silver. Can't say about diamond, but I've been enjoying most of my games at plat.
i have a lot of plats in my friend list,and since I only play normal games i see them a lot, trust me they are toxic af, but good for you that you don't get this kind of plat.To be completely honest every elo has it's toxic part and none is more toxic than the other,you probably just had 2-3 games with a toxic team and now blaming the whole elo being like that
Lynxmetal (EUW)
: Creating a Smurf has made me realize just how much salt there is in lower elo.
First,all the below lvl 30 games are full of smurfs so the salt basically comes from the same elo you are or lower but still smurfs.Second, plat and low diamond are nothing better than bronze and silver when it comes to behavior(most of them,not everyone of course)
: Bots farming IP
Happened to me few times,they were just going mid lane trying to push and feeding the enemy bots lmao
Seikan (EUW)
: Ye, i mean calling kids "dumb as fuck" and "annoying" puts you on the same level with the people you are upset about. But i gotta aggree, mostly the number of afk´s has risen drastically in the last few days. And scool just ended last weak in my country. Could be a coincidence, but its enough to speculate.
Like I said,not all the kids but most of them especially the ones below 11.Telling the truth doesn't put me on the same level with them.
: Fun fact: Yasuo has the highest average number of deaths per game. I think this already says a lot about this champ ;) And of course he doesn't get more XP than any other champ.
He's probably just mad cause he lost to some random yasuo because he made some mistakes.Literally any yasuo I see is feeding in gold elo, unless you know how to play him you will end up feeding most of the time.
: Why does Yasuo get's so much more xp than other champs / Or why Yasuo's kit needs a rework
i shit on yasuos, that champs is completely useless if you don't know how to play him and every average yasuo players will eventually end up feeding 70% of fis games
: Cus im actually more talented that most people in this game.
That my friend was the sentence that made me lose interest in even talking to you anymore,this game isn't for you and probably internet neither .
: This game is the worst shit ever made.
Quit the game,no need of you raging on this game's forums.Don't like a game?Don't play it.Easy as that, no one forces you to play this "worst shit".
: > [{quoted}](name=KhaLeapsOnUrAdc,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=iIP0VyAM,comment-id=0001000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-27T19:11:10.059+0000) > > Riot didn't manipulate me. Caring about such thing is stupid.If you do care about it you shouldn't be on the internet.i literally have no reaction when someone says something bad about me even in real life since I know they don't know shit about me and they do it just to trigger me.You say it like it actually affects anyone that a random person insulted you on the fucking internet when you don't even know him and vice versa lmao > It's like those cringy videos about cyber-bullying i dont even have to read all your stuff. if u allow others beeing disrespectful even though you COULD do something, thats just pathetic and not acceptable!
It's not pathetic It's called not caring about it, something you should try doing.You can't change idiots and if you care what they say you might as well be classified as one.The way you see it is wrong and dumb.
: > [{quoted}](name=KhaLeapsOnUrAdc,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JK6w6GvW,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-27T19:39:42.194+0000) > > yea and smurfs will for sure spend money on it when you can do it free i definitely would, i would of paid 30 euros to skip the leveling process easily on my smurf. currently my smurf is level 27, i would still be disposed to pay 15 euros just to make it level 30 without having to play another non 30 game.
Maybe you would but smurfs have fun in non lvl 30 games so why would they
: how to monetize on smurfs.
yea and smurfs will for sure spend money on it when you can do it free
: > [{quoted}](name=KhaLeapsOnUrAdc,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=iIP0VyAM,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-27T16:30:55.664+0000) > > And why would you care about a brainless idiot insulting you?You'd have to be as brainless as him to do that.The insult really doesn't matter you block them so you stop the spam and play in peace nothing more. the insult DOES matter, do you know what some people do/say? and all you say is, "ignore it"....pathetic. i have no words for this how much riot did manipulate you all that you allow such a thing...
Riot didn't manipulate me. Caring about such thing is stupid.If you do care about it you shouldn't be on the internet.i literally have no reaction when someone says something bad about me even in real life since I know they don't know shit about me and they do it just to trigger me.You say it like it actually affects anyone that a random person insulted you on the fucking internet when you don't even know him and vice versa lmao It's like those cringy videos about cyber-bullying
: > [{quoted}](name=KhaLeapsOnUrAdc,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=iIP0VyAM,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-07-27T14:34:57.516+0000) > > Block them, easy as that won´t make the insult dissapear...
And why would you care about a brainless idiot insulting you?You'd have to be as brainless as him to do that.The insult really doesn't matter you block them so you stop the spam and play in peace nothing more.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sona or Janna,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=iIP0VyAM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-07-27T14:12:30.640+0000) > > The logical option would be to ignore these people. In match reports, pre and post game lobbies are looked at when summoner's code violations are considered. As for in game chat, ignore the person is the right thing to do. > Adding that person and verbally abusing them makes you as bad as they are. > {{champion:37}} i think you should read the post again....they add me AFTER the game to verbally abuse me....and i never said i would do that....but thats typical for this community
: Maybe, but I think that it the reaction of the other 4 that might change that. I was in a game once where there was 1 guy flaming everyone for every mistake. No one responded to him at all and just talked to each other as if he wasn't there (perhaps they all muted him, idk). But there was a lot of "gj" and "nice gank" and "ty"'s being said. He stopped once he realised that no one was giving him the attention that he was looking for. Another time in a similar situation, one person said "i've muted the flamer" and then others said "same" and "me too". Same effect, it stopped It is often our reaction to such players that can turn the negative into a positive. That is the benefit of being part of the majority I guess?
True but most of the time people start arguing with flamers when it's clearly like talking to a wall.But yea this community is nice but the flamers even tho they are lower in numbers make it look bad
: As much as I hate saying something against a thread that is actually positive for a change, I still feel like this should be said: Children are NOT more toxic than all the other players. There was recently done some research about and it confirmed that a correlation between age and toxicity exists....but it's incredibly small (R<0,01). This effect is so small that it's impossible anyone would ever notice it. What you ate for breakfast probably has bigger influence on your toxicity than your age. Thats why holidays also hardly have any effect...especially if you additionally consider the fact that Europe has so many regions that there isn't a single day in the year where no part of Europe has holidays. Thats why "OMG it's holidays, LoL is so toxic now"-threads appear all year long because people forget that it might only be their region that actually has holidays. So the effect holidays have on toxicity is basically purely imaginative. But I agree with everything else you wrote :)
It might be a coincidence but the number of flamers I've seen in my games are bigger than before summer.I am not generalizing kids but most of them are actually dumb as fuck and annoying.
Eveninn (EUW)
: Actually, I think I recall reading that most flamers someoen would encouter ingame are not People that would generally be judged as toxic, simply for the fact that they by far don't flame every game, but just happen to on rare Occasion. If a lot of Players do so you'd still find a reasonable amount of times that is flamed, while a single Person themselfs only flames in the smallest fraction of their games.
Do they flame in my game?Yes .Is there a chance of me being with that guy again in another game?Very low. So for me he is a toxic person and will probably never see him as a non flamer in another game so basically is the same thing with having a toxic teammate
: It's basic mathematics... 1 flamer on your team of 5 = 20% 1 flamer per game (10 people) = 10% You stated that 8/10 games had a flamer. If my maths is wrong..please correct me.
Since a flamer is enough to ruin a game I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter what the majority is.Even if you have 1 flamer and 4 non flamers the game is basically already toxic and trust me there are more than one flamer per game.It's summer, every kid has enough time to play league now.
: [Counter balance] The league community is great!
I get flamers in 8/10 games, for me personally the majority IS toxic.Glad you can find people that are not retarded.
Doomley (EUW)
: you dont even know what difference there is between kha and those 3. You keep on being ignorant so it's like talking to a wall. I'm done talking to a guy who ignores facts.
Dude idk why you are so obsessed with baron and shit but his w rly doesn't make sense lmao,he needs a small tweak that's it, what u said aren't facts they are dumb reasons.
Doomley (EUW)
: you are thinking this the wrong way... He is not supposed to build ap so he is not going to get bonus healing from w. Baron buff on the other hand is supposed to make you more powerful and the ap scaling helps achieving that without making him strong without the baron buff. again. The reason why it doesn't have ad scaling, is because riot doesn't want the heal to scale without baron buff.
yea Riven Zed and Vayne also benefit a lot from that baron buff indeed, what you said makes no sense lmao.if riot would want that they would give every ad champ an ap scaling and every ap champ an ad one.It's unfair to only give baron bonuses to only a few champs isn't it.His w scaling aren't that big of a problem and i barely notice it and just gave them an idea on how they could fix some of his abilities nothing more.I'm not crying about kha needing buffs or anything just gave some small tweaks ideas.
: OK, listen. The way it is done is to gate his sustain without sacrificing his damage. Having it be AD scaling would likely make his clear too strong, which would likely lead to nerfs elsewhere. And it doesn't really make much of a difference if it had no scaling whatsoever, because the heal would end up being almost exactly the same.
Wouldn't be broken if they would do it like i said, making the ad scaling really low.
Doomley (EUW)
: no. stealth is not balanced on kha either. The reason why kha can't really os anyone except adc, is because he doesnt have a strong ability like zed or talon has. He can just get resets and keep on doing his job while zed and talon are at a disadvantage without their ults. Stealth is never needed. It can be replaced with other mechanics or by tuning numbers.
like I said,if you jump in fights without an ability that would make you survive it's basically flashing with draven into 5 enemies , You die without killing anyone.it's either stealth,any other survive ability or change his playstyle and give him a damage based ult that would let him instakill someone.So stealth is balanced, maybe not in 1v1s but you should be really stupid to even try to 1v1 a kha unless you are ahead and he isn't.In teamfights is nothing compared to other teamfighting abilities
Doomley (EUW)
: if he can have it for even 3 mins it's not useless. His passive also has only ap scaling.
yea his passive is a basic attack so it's his normal ad damage on basic attack plus the bonus ap with passive kinda like zed's passive so doesn't have anything to do with the fact that his w scalings are not for an ad champ but for a hybrid one like akali's passive
: I didn't say abilities with ad damage scaling and AP scaling healing. I said similar scalings on their healing abilities. For example, Yi's Meditate, Xin's Battle Cry, GP's Remove Scurvy and Trynda's Bloodlust. All AD based champs, all with AP Scaling healing abilities.
Yea and i was referring to kha's w which is not like those abilities so what u just said is like saying zilean's ult makes sense cause kayle can ult too.
Doomley (EUW)
: it's not useless. Baron buff gives ap so his heal gets more powerful. The ap scaling is from times when trinity force had ap so almost every champ had some sort of ap scaling. But shyvana and noc also have ap scalings to get stronger with baron buff. Also the thing about stealth is not an opinion it's a fact.
Doesn't apply on this champion.And you can't have baron for 30-40 mins so it's just like a 3 min thing so basically useless rofl
Doomley (EUW)
: the stealth is what makes the burst toxic = stealth is toxic. And someone like eve doesn't have a good burst late game but her stealth is still oppressive.
Kha can't really instakill anyone with a full combo unless the enemies are behind as fuck and kha has like 50-0. after you jump on them you need something to survive or you will just die without doing anything, stealth IS needed and balanced on this specific champion.if they remove it they would need to replace it with a damage ability that would make his combo fully instakill a squishy target or another survive like ability
: It actually makes perfect sense. It's designed to gate his survivability. Many other champions have similar scalings on there healing abilities.
Tell me one ability that has ad dmg scaling and ap healing scaling, he's not a hybrid champ, they need to fix it .
Doomley (EUW)
: it does make sense. the heal is there so he can sustain in the jungle, not to heal in fights. Stealth in itself is a toxic mechanic that riot wants to get rid of because it's impossible to balance.
Since it's only a one second thing I don't rly see it as much of a problem but I guess everyone has their own opinions.And you didn't get the point,the ap scaling is literally useless and should either be removed or made into an ad scaling.
: Except of course Malz got nerfed, Zyra got nerfed, Brand got nerfed and Anivia got a functionality nerf on her kit. They're strong, but they're nowhere near broken.
I did say that even if they did get a nerf on the rework they are still better than before the rework.Also never said they are broken.More like annoying to deal with.
Doomley (EUW)
: only thing that is problematic in his kit is the stealth and that is what needs a rework. His w is fine as it is.
The w as an ability is good but the dmg is scaling with attack damage and the heal with ability and that doesn't make sense at all.His stealth is basically a vayne ult and isn't rly that much of a problem.
Doomley (EUW)
: kha isn't one of the big reworks so maybe some number tweaks but most likely nothing more.
Yeah i think they will just give him some tweaks, in my opinion only the w needs a tweak the rest of the abilities are pretty good as they are.Or maybe change some of the bonuses on the evolves
: whoever gets reworked will end up on the banlist.. soon followed by nerfs ''ala sona 6.14 treatment''
Just saying that his w damage and healing part doesn't make sense lol.And i'm pretty sure that won't happen since malzahar and zyra are still cancer and annie only got buffs and 0 nerfs in the mage update, same with anivia and brand they all just got better and got 0 nerfs or if they did get nerfs they are still better than before
Rioter Comments
: Why Riot ban me ''
Because you deserved it, there is no way u get perma banned without the 2 weeks ban which is proof of you being toxic.
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: #I play nidalee in every lane. Also, I have seen assasin nocturne. But since I always get atleast 2 defensive items on any role, I have not had a problem with him. Alsk, he still has to do a full combo.
Every assassin needs a full combo to instakill someone lol, unless they are overfed.
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: An Interactive Animation Environment For 4 Skins But Still Champions With 2010 Lore
Zoom 9x (EUNE)
: A problem I have as Jhin main against Zed.
You need a support to stay with you all the time if enemy has a zed,that's the counter to assassins dude, supports.But yea not every support is a good one and there will be moments where you will be alone or they will protect someone else instead of you.There's nothing u can do tbh, it all depends on your team mostly the supp
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KhaLeapsOnUrAdc,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=jfcQ2Xfn,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2016-07-11T19:03:26.452+0000) > > No, if he goes full ad he will actually be useful and not useless like the attack speed build lol. That&#x27;s the point of the assassins in case you didn&#x27;t notice yet. Too bad he is a frontline engage diver, not assasin. Same as vi.
Too bad you don't realise some champs can be played in different ways.And trust me assassin nocturne is worse than a rengar, I hope you will fight one once and get instakilled by it.
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