: Welcome to EUW. Tilt Population: Everyone.
EUW is far better then EUNE, IMO.
Djedo (EUNE)
: Ye of course. Why would we make the blind pick experience nice, if we can make it even shittier than it already is, right? That kind of attitude is the main problem in this community
they are ruining your game ... u can't win that game anyway
Shwiftey (EUW)
: I think that you are a huge minority in the general community, even comparing your self to the amount of chinese is absourd, and completely irational to expect something from a minority like that. No offense .. China: 1,357 billion people Iran: 77,45 million idk if "Iranians" cover more than iran, but be realistic ^^
i know nouruz is not as famous as Christmas and Halloween and I'm not comparing myself to anything or anyone , I'm just saying that we are here! cause most of us hide our self (not knowing English very well OR just shaming about our country ,like Ahmadinejad xD) from the world. all i want to say is there must be something for nouruz. "my shop" will bring good amount of mony for riot too, or even special icon for it... ANYTHING just a let something you know: we are more then million, you can find Iranians MOSTLY in Germany , Canada and USA (other then iran itself ofc :) maybe most divided nation of the world? idk... )
: i think it's safe to say more people know about christmas and halloween than nouruz.. first time i heard about it and im sure im not the only one. there are holidays like every month, if not every week in different cultures. though im all with you on this, we should have an event for this if it means getting a "my shop".
that is my point , because in nouruz people will get money as gi ft and if riot bring "myshop" back, can get good amount of money.
Djedo (EUNE)
: Trollpick / Instalock
the only way in these situation imo is you go troll too! they want due mid? then make it 3! because you will lose anyway rito will not punish you for that in my experience
: Im so tilted rn..
try {{champion:14}} adc or top with full ad build , u wont regret. :){{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rioter Comments
Gene (EUNE)
: That time of the month again.
May lag is NOT on you're side :D
BlueStr (EUW)
: Finally Friday!
Currently don't have any plans, my Xbox has problems and not working properly so I can't stick to games, and all of my friends are busy because they have work to do (feelsbadman). Maybe I will study more for my university classes just in case if our professor decided to get an exame, although I'm REALLY not in the mood of it
: RP contest ^.^ Best nickname
Lion heart or Uncle Mario (Mario has same kind of broum mustache )
: Riot, what have you done..
"Balance is weakness!"
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Indra. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indra
Funny, I was just thinking about that right now! :D
: I heard about the Mythical God Lono from Hawaii. He has something to do with rainfall. Maybe you can make a good combination with his name :)
Thx, it helps alot Edit: kialon? Or tishlon (tishtar and lono combined )
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Would love to. I love Mythology etc. but gonna look it up over the internet love doing the research than have it ready on a plate ;)
OK then:) Some persian gods have lot of similarities with Hindu gods, like God of death, who is good person in Persian mythology (he is the first person who will die, that's why he became God of death, just an interesting fact I think you might like) but in hidu is a bad person
Gocthor (EUW)
: Rengarain (Rengar rain)
That, my friend was AWESOME. Edit: I prefer mythological name though but it was nice . Thx
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: excuse my ignorance Mazda ? I thought that was just a car brand XD
Mazda Creator took name of Mazda, from ahooramazda, the greatest God in Persian mythology (which in word means "the great spirit ") he was like "Odin" in north mythology or Zeus I can talk about him for hours, if you want (you don't want to probably )
: How about Rengar hates rain get it? because rengar is a cat and.. he hates water... im cringy..
I don't like a sentence, but , maybe "rain guard "?
: You like water? Why not Leviathan. Or Cthulu
Tbh not only water, I also like fire and wind, in general I love 4types of element. About Leviathan, it's an interesting name but it's a little bit hard to pronounce (at least for me) but I loved it ! Thx (it remind me of scylla, which I like it)
DaveOneGo (EUNE)
: Kiarash'sTruePower
It's too long. :(
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: join the godly shave group . so far we got jesusshaves satanshaves(banned) and Buddhashaves . soo pick one and add a shaves at the end, jahshaves ?
:D mazdashave? Or ahoorashave? Idk
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: Too Much Of Trolls In Low Elo Leagues
I think, it's not about trolls. It's about amounts of kid's who stuck in bronze. Like the other day, my team was vs a full ad team, we had ahri in mid, vayne and karma on botlane and renne on top (I was rammus on jungle). I told my team that all we have to do is w8 for late game in order to win the game, so play safe and it's gg. But what my team actually does: vayne and karma started to fight with jhin and morg, instead just farming, vayne had like 12cs at min 10! With my ganks we managed to hold bot lane. Renne lost top HARD to xin (I don't know how? ) and ahri keep running to yasuo's ult. Its not about trolls really... Its a bout KIDS ! Who when read on sites: ahri will counter yasuo etc... They blindly pick a champ that don't know sh*t about it
: Kled Champion Spotlight /// This is just insane
Kleeeeeeeeed!!!! The second most troll champion in league after draven... I LOVE IT.
Chanelyn (EUNE)
: Top laners can carry very well especially when playing champs like Riven or even tanks if you frontline properly
Yes they can but riven have hard difficulty. AndrivenAnd most of people (like me) can't play her correctly in low her.
: Need Help...Stuck in bronze forever.
OK, I'm not a person to give others opinion about climbing since I'm bronze1 but In last mounth I was bronze v (after my replacement in preseason and won8 out of 10 games) andused and I found LOTS of similarities between you and myself so here I tips that I used: 1- take a champion pool and choose 2main role's (for me it is jungle and mid) for each role choose 3 champ (exp: for me on jungle , Rengar, amumu, vi). 2- choose champions that require less mechanics (noob champs)champs such as Annie or ww. 3-most important tip of s6 to climb: find a groups of friends and try to go in ranks as a full team (I managed to climb 2elo in one day surely you can do it too). 4-try to play in roles that has high potential to carry like mid or adc NOT top or Supp (you CAN carry as Supp but it's almost near to impossible in silver and bronze ). And here my tips for you, these works for me, hopefully it'll works for you too. Also I will add you in my euw acc to play with each outher if you don't mind :)
Deeze11 (EUNE)
: Stupid arguments and the reality
I will copy paste these answers in game chat from now on. :)
: Red Post confirmed it's after Yorrick, before Urgot. If I remember right, Yorrick is due before pre-season later this year (Ryze should be with us shortly). That could mean we see Warwick around December time?
Why they want rework ryze again?
: My name
How about these? Shacosus (combination of shaco and nasus) , the grand ascended , Q doge Q, Anubis, smailingDeath, killing joke... I personally recommend shacosus though.
: 'no matter how much I ping to him' , tbh, pinging makes situation even worse. I hate when ppl do that, so If someone is spamming ping on me to don't take cs (even tho I don't take any of them), I try to take every single just because thats annoying AF!!! "NEVER EVER PLAY LOL IN SUNDAYS" In Sunday games, matches are full of TROLLERS,FEEDERS and RETARDS. BRO!!! You lost only 2 games, and you are crying ? Like srly, that's not that bad. Last season I named my self ''noob magnet''. I had trollers/afkers/noobs pretty much every single match. I was on 7 match lose streak. This season I started to play with my friends, that way it's kinda easy to climb, the only issue that I can't climb fast now, is time. You shouldn't play soloq. If you main adc, add me, maybe we can play few rankeds. Well, anyway good luck in matches {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
1. When someone not pay attention in chat and ignore you're words you are forced to ping him. And yes me and you have behavior, I do this in similar situation :) 2. to be honest I lost 5game's in row, I just wrote two of them, since I thought this post got way longer and people don't like to read a qq post of a random player. Actually the fifth game was most painful then others, throw 100% win JUST because my team didn't want to group mid and end the game... You don't want this even for your worst enemy. In matter of fact, I am an adc main(my first main is jungle and my second main is adc) I mostly play as jhin since he remind me of my dark side :p
: Just before I'm going into my own post: if you're in bronze, silver or gold you have fundamental flaws in your gameplay that hold you back. I don't think those players you mention are really trollish because it's bronze 2, people come there with no ranked games or people who don't really have a clue about the game. it's not so much the sundays. The worst is in my opinion the saturday. Especially if you decide to stay up a little longer and plat past 12. You will get drunks, assholes, duo / tripple queues who are dicking around and well generally unpleasant scenarios that make you want to just leave the game and do something else. It's a bad idea in general to play past 3 am. As an example I played today a game past 3 am with a teemo jungle in my team and a flash teleport shaco mid I guess. Well the Shaco never connected (likely he attempted to dodge then he thought the dodge was succesful and never looked back at the game and went to sleep). Anyhow I almost lost that game due to teemo just feeding his ass off. It wasn't this accouny by the way, it was a platinum 2 (now 1) account that I'm trying to also get to diamond. Those kind of games just don't make sense I don't even get it how that stuff just happens in an upper platinum game, but past 3 am it happens.
You mentioned a good points that I never noticed. BTW I never thought that we have those kind of players in plate!
Mada (EUW)
: I had like 5 great games and then I lost every game I played after that. Support in gold is harsh. If you get someone who plays adc, you can win. If you get someone who picked fill, you have a problem. At least stay in xp range. If you stay under tower outside of xp range, it's better if you just stay in base.
Thx for your tip mada. ^^ I will keep that in mind for future games.
SloPro11 (EUNE)
: Worst premades I've encountered
You Still managed to win you're lane?! Are you a GOD? O.o
Rioter Comments
: We are speaking about the same champ right? You can easily counter talon with tanks, and hard cc mages like liss or cho'gath.
You CAN counter talon with buy a lots of health items, armour is not counter him because full item talon will ignore armour. You are right about hard cc thing... That was what I mentioned above (at least I tried to ;) )
: I played a lot of Talon lately and i feel hes very strong if he can snowball.
He WILL snowball no matter what you do... He just need 2or 3 items, however if you want to counter him nowdays (with the nerf of QSS) is that cc him.
: As someone else said, he's a snowballer.. without that he's nothing.
"talon is not a snowballer... He is the BLIZZARD it self! " From vapora dark's guide for talon in mobafire site he learned me ALL about lane phase, mana mangment, talon and a lot more...
: your key drop rate just hasn't reset yet. Mine reset yesterday and i get fragments on almost every win.
How can we know that when our drop rate will be reset?
Eambo (EUW)
: Done! His name is Mordekaiser. "You only need to click once, fool." :-) I think there's the odd other interaction where a champion talks to the player, but Mordekaiser is the one I remember most because I played him so often ^_^
And vaigar: "I'm an Evil why you laughing?! "
Joyi (EUW)
: Zed Counterplay as an ADC.
Why riot nerfed zhonia in the first place?
: An open letter to every Yasuo player.
ModMayhem (EUW)
: We need this Riot :)
IMO lol need a logo, like dotA's logo. Oh almost forgot to ask:When new client will come out?
: Party IP Time...a bit dissapointing.
Speedy59 (EUW)
: Any good LoL app for android, that provides all champ info?
I prefer "lol platform" it has almost all of these you said... ALMOST. For items you can copy from mobafire,lolking,etc... or create you're own set of item or guide, give it a try.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Soraka mid/top d4 main advices
Just one question: HOW YOU MANAGED TO DO THAT?!
: hi. my name is Alireza my spells is best of spells {{summoner:4}} and{{summoner:14}} .these are very good spells.try it.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Esmet to midoonan vaghti summoner namet to bebinan. Hame azina estefade mikonan na %%%hat to OSKOL. Hadafet chie ba in post ha? Mikhay Chi begi?
: iran LOL
Haji fazet chief? Ina che rabti be lol too Iran dare?
candoodle (EUW)
: Suggestion: key fragment drop rate reset timer
Canthem someone plz tell me about drop rate of key fragment and how to get them?
XSerodX (EUW)
: Udyr's tiger vs phoenix
If you are going udyr jungle you must Max R for better clear but if you are going top it is better to max Q because reason's that you know better then me.
Solash (EUW)
: Not quite sure why people are saying Overwatch will be the death of LoL...
Over watch is NOT a free to play game, you have to buy it in order to playing it. ( Unlike lol) you have to compar F2P games with F2P games. So I don't understand why people keep saying this?
Lux Venator (EUNE)
: Is Riot trolling our promotional games?
"something is wrong here " To be honest, EVERYTHING is wrong here
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