: Ok dude I fully support you . My email is threshchawar@gmail.com (yeh yeh i main Thresh THE CHAin WARden) If you want me to help you just contact me there and I will try to make Riot un-ban your account with 7,700+ RP (phew I don't even have RP :D) Lets work together and try to make Riot give-out some mercy ,and your in EUNE right? So if your bored you can use my Smurf named HelioVANCE II , just email me man! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}} Kaahuwaghhhh jikalymanaananghaaa Translation : Let's Do This!
Amazon prime is like Netflix, a platform where you can watch movies or TV series for a monthly subscription. I don't read e-mail while on holiday, I had no idea the account had been suspended for 14 days, let alone perma-banned until I got back home and tried to log on. My brother came clean after that.
Kibibi (EUNE)
: Went on Holiday, returned to see account has been perma-banned
I totally respect the fact the story seems " convenient " to some people. All I will say is this: If we have come to the point as a community where people think others would lie or use the death of their uncle as an excuse for a video game, I am very sad for the way society has evolved. I sincerely hope none of you have anything remotely similar happen to your accounts, but more importantly, in your lives. I am more than happy to provide any proof regarding address or if RIOT could check into the logs and see that over the last 3 weeks or so the account has been played from a totally new and different location. Please leave my uncle's passing out of the retorts though, not even sure why i bothered mentioning it in the first place. I could have lied about my brother and just said the account was hacked by a random person and used ISP/IP to back up my story. I didn't because I was raised an honest individual. Didn't think honesty would go against me. Never mind. Still hoping a RIOTer sees this and at least takes the time to explain things to me.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Since you mention your brother is better than you, how much did your rank increase during him playing..?
My MMR remained at low plat level, as it has always been as I am a casual player. Having looked at Lolking, I can see that he got the account to Gold 1 from Gold 2, but as I said, MMR has always been Plat ish, every since gold 5 or so. Edit: I would be happy to be demoted to bronze 5 with 500 mmr with a final warning regarding verbal abuse if it meant I got my account back.
: There is only one thing i wanted to ask: so your account was already banned for 2 weeks and your brother managed to get you the perma one?
No he got me the 2 week ban then inside a day of the suspension ended managed to get the account perma-banned, all while I was on holiday. If I was the one who had been given the 2 week suspension I wouldn't be as upset as I am.
: If you have wasted over 150$ for a game would you troll or AFK ? And would you lie for that ?
I'm willing to be ridiculed etc by some people who may think I am lying for this exact reason. It's not just the money, its the grinding of pretty much every rune, every champion and 20 rune pages. I am aware it was naive/stupid of me to not think about the possibility of him logging onto my account, but to be totally honest, I wasn't in the best frame of mind. Thanks for all the comments, hope I get some kind of response from an individual who may at least be able to explain the procedure in a clear and concise manner.
Kibibi (EUNE)
: Went on Holiday, returned to see account has been perma-banned
I should add that I just went through the chat logs. My brother is a very very angry person. His behaviour was terrible. I must say though that his chat excludes any racism, hate speech, anti-gay, doesn't ever tell anyone to kill themselves etc. What I have found out, regardless of the outcome of this, is he loves the word trash. Hoping to speak to someone, thank you for the up-votes guys!
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