: I HATE PRESEASON (now that I got your attention, click me)
honestly, this is the best pre-season in a while, not many things are outright broken, some things are strong, other things weak, map changes are...fine, I have my complaints but comparing to last few years this is a joy to play
: Bought the prestige riven skin but been buying worlds orbs every since... fml
> [{quoted}](name=Vîncénł,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=cgg6Er71,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-10T12:32:52.208+0000) > > Bought the prestige riven skin but been buying worlds orbs every since... fml Same here, I am sitting at about 650 tokens rn, I'll try to grind it out to get the 2k but if not I'll just buy more orbs I guess
: What is your 1st experience from league?
Spirit Guard Udyr came out, made me want to play the game, didn't know how to play the game, played Alistar top, no one told me not to, I didn't know how to play, got annoyed, next time I played for real was 2017 :D
Energy (EUW)
: Can I get a redo? FeelsBadMan
I got mediocre skins at best, only picked up Pentakill Morde and then went ot buy two skins from the weekly sales xD
: > [{quoted}](name=KillerCryptid,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=q5EaaTBo,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-10-02T15:28:13.216+0000) > > do be aware that the token awarding is bugged right now and you just don't get them half the time For me it's working just as intended.
> [{quoted}](name=Bananenschnder,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=q5EaaTBo,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-10-02T15:39:22.687+0000) > > For me it's working just as intended. I didn't get about 30 tokens yesterday, and didn't get the tokens for first win today, idk how many I didn't get prior to yesterday tbh cause I only noticed it yesterday
Acetyld (EUW)
: Whats the max amount of tokens you can get with the pass?
do be aware that the token awarding is bugged right now and you just don't get them half the time
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: are u actually not joking? then theres literally no point in playing ranked and trying to win, u can just go draft and have fun
> [{quoted}](name=WishIHadTeam ,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=al2HMG2E,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-09-02T16:45:44.175+0000) > > are u actually not joking? then theres literally no point in playing ranked and trying to win, u can just go draft and have fun Maybe I'm just on a string of bad luck, but lately it feels that way yes. I climbed all the way up to G2 94lp, everything was fine, my wr was around 60% give or take a %, then about 2 weeks ago I started getting toxic players in my team, and now I am G4 0lp, every game I have one lane that feeds and flames, every other game I have someone who goes afk or trolls. There are good times and then there are incredibly bad times, but it doesn't depend on rank, silver, gold, hell even platinum, it's all the same from what I understand.
: silver elo is doomed
don't worry, every rank is the same, you think it's different in gold? nope, not even a bit, but lately it's been absolutely terrible, my wr dropped like 15% and I dropped two tiers because of trolling or inting team-mates
: Honor 5 rewards
I hit Honor 5 months ago so that's not a problem, a friend of mine got the tokens so idk, I guess it's just random
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DaisyLazy (EUW)
: Rewarding Ex-Reworked Champ's players - A must read for these especially
This does sound like a cool idea, and I don't know why Riot hasn't done this already. I would have loved to have something to remember old Morde for, or Irelia etc.
: Main Role
I like to say that I main top cause I play a lot of toplane but my best champions are largely mid-lane
Suprémacy (EUNE)
: What is wrong with my MMR?
I was getting 18 for win and losing 18 for a loss while I was winning 60%+ of my games, now that I had a really reeeeally bad couple days and my win rate is...abysmal, I still get the same. Imo mmr makes no sense, honestly, higher winrate, lower winrate, better performance, worse performance in games...nothing matters, it seems completely random at this point
: %%%%%%ed teammates = new trend
I have to agree that last couple of days I've seen an influx of just bad behavior, from first trying a champ to ignoring a lane and then later flaming that lane cause it lost and ofc rage quitting, I had about a 55%-60% win rate prior to like 3 days ago, now...I lost 18 out of the last 20 games I played, a lot of them because of above-mentioned reasons. Now I don't want to flame my team-mates or blame it all on them but if I ask for help and my jungler doesn't come for 15 minutes while I am pushed to my turret while nasus freestacks cause I can't deal with them then yes, it is my jungler's fault. If my adc is on the frontline and dies first every fight cause he doesn't know where he should be, then flames me or others and rage quits, yes it's their fault, etc. I do my best to play the best I can and help other lanes but lately, it's just not possible to win for me. Oh and can we stop getting unranked lvl30 people in our G2 games (now G3 unfortunately), they are rarely good enough and in 90% of the cases just lose me the game.
Evelμnn (EUW)
: Brazil's boards look better than ours
wow that looks so cool, and ti actually looks more like a forum
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Nice matchmaking Rito
LP gain is a complete mystery to me, with a 60-65% winrate I am still getting 17lp for winning and lose 18lp for losing...I do not understand it at all if my winrate is this high shouldn't that mean that I can play at a rank higher than I am at rn? and that it should be easier for me to get out of this one? I am climbing but sure as hell isn't like riot is doing anything to help me, more like the opposite
smolboii (EUW)
: Gemstone's made me very sad
don't forget, glorious champion capsules, every kind of chest, orbs and honor orbs can drop gemstones
: Riot Balancing Champions *RIP*
you mean...champions now have counters? oh no like seriously, the only point that you are making that makes sense is Aatrox, revive isn't the reason why he is strong and it made him lose his character identity but the rest? no thank god TK top is not gonna be played anymore cause playing against that is not playing the game, it is not healthy for the game and it was a correct decision to remove it, you want to play mundo? well ban kled if he is such a problem, want to play shen? ban renekton if you pick after them...maybe don't pick into them a losing matchup? seriously this is simple counter picking
: Patch 9.14 - Bug Thread
Here's some that I encountered -GP randomly stops attacking but keeps following the item he was pointed to attack and that action can't be changed unless he gets killed. -Entire lobby disconnects in champ select and if you wait to be reconnected the person selecting the champ is stuck on 0 and the only way to get out of the lobby is force close the client -Client can randomly freeze/crash your PC -If you find a match it can happen that you get permanently stuck on the accept/decline loader, this causes your PC to use all available resources from GPU/CPU/RAM and you have to restart or force shut down your PC Now I wish I had some proof for all of these but considering the situations, I was not able to take screenshots and since I had to force close things hextech fixer thing doesn't have any error recordings I would go in the game for GP screenshot BUT since I had to force shut down my PC twice I am not risking opening the client until at least some problems get resolved.
: My champion stats in the client don't refresh anymore
oh yeah it got to 700 for me and then stopped, pretty sure I played about 200 games since then, I can't follow my winrates and champ stats anymore and I don't see Riot is addressing this problem at all
True Sight (EUNE)
: Aatrox without a revive isn't Aatrox
you know what's the best part? Revive ISN'T what's making him strong, I rarely see him proc it anyway The problem is that the balancing team and the champions team (that do stuff like lore and backgrounds and stuff) don't seem to communicate, and now the last remaining Aatrox staple is gonna get removed cause the team that balances this champion has no idea what his identity is.
: Pre lobby trols. No punishment options.
Something of this sort happened to me recently, I even submitted a support ticket that got completely ignored, not even a bot response. Basically, in a ranked lobby I got mid, and this other guy got support, he didn't want to play support so he said I am mid and locked in a mid lane champion, at which I asked him if he is serious? to which he answered yes. I took screenshots, dodged and submitted a support ticket, never got an answer. So tl;dr someone can basically steal your role and force you into a role you do not want to play and you can't do anything about it. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} EDIT: I did get an answer, the person said that this behavior is not ok and that they'll look into it. But still, what are the chances anything will actually happen?
: Profile Stats Tab not updating
pretty sure that's across the board, everyone I know that plays has the same problem
: Gangplank skins
you can't go wrong with either of those, both are pretty cool looking skins but then again most of his skins look pretty good
: Finally RIOT!
can someone explain this chromium thing to me? I'm not sure I completely understand it
: yeah.. actually i thought he could ult someone without being tower aggroed ..that would make it broken, aside from that seems pretty balanced, actually at this point i hope he won't be too weak.. the stats he gain after killing on his ult will be lost when enemy respawn if i'm not mistaken...
> [{quoted}](name=Sir Prepuzius,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Q52v5BY0,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-05-29T14:07:13.615+0000) > > yeah.. actually i thought he could ult someone without being tower aggroed ..that would make it broken, aside from that seems pretty balanced, actually at this point i hope he won't be too weak.. the stats he gain after killing on his ult will be lost when enemy respawn if i'm not mistaken... yes, we don't know the stats yet but depending how much he gets it could still be really good, not to mention that ult basically removes the target from a fight, now imagine a teamfight, you remove the adc, even if you die that's 7 seconds where your team that has an adc fights their team and if you win the fight? oh boy
: any thoughts on mordekaiser rework?
Not a main but I love Morde and have him on mastery 6. In my oppinion, this rework looks great and I don't think he'll be too broken, there will be things he is really good against, moments when he'll be incredibly useful but also there are plenty of ways to shut him down. After all, as with all juggernauts, he can be kited around and has no gap closers.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Why do you ban Yasuo?
because I just don't have the nerves to deal with him, I can play things that can deal with him but I just can't be bothered
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: What the fucc am I supposed to do against Nasus?
if possible build items with grievus wounds, for mages morello, for anything ranged mortal reminder plus if you have an adc that can get BoTRK it should be good, build banshees so that he doesn't slow you and build rylai so that you can slow him down early game he is easy to bully around, not every top laner can stop him from stacking, eventually, he'll just have enough stacks but anything that can out-tank him or slowly kill him from a distance should be good Nasus might seem really unstoppable but he is easy to kite around, same as Garen, if you can cc him or slow him down enough in a fight then he shouldn't be a problem
: Being able to disenchant emotes
I have to agree with this, I have like 10 emotes I don't use and getting a meh emote from a chest is worse than getting a champ shard, at least I can use the champ shard fro BE which I can use for new champs or mastery upgrades...what am I suppose to do with unused emotes?
Kurotsu (EUW)
: The Loading Screen cards still need improvement
I kinda miss the banner you got for mastery 6 and 7, now you have to click on someone and then it shows the small mastery emote icon or whatever, it's just not that...interesting
Entiloak (EUW)
: A computer for league.
since I don't know the price points of all these things in UK or anything (and I see someone already did a very detailed post about it) I'll just tell you how LoL performs on a somewhat older PC like mine and that should give you an idea of how powerful you should go since you are on budget I got: GTX 650 Ti (2GB) Intel i5 3550P 3.1GHz 4GB of RAM W10 and 500gb HDD The PC is around 8 years old now and I still get 90-120fps on max settings in LoL so for that it's still great. Considering better things cost the same I paid for this back in the day, you should have no problem getting a PC that will give you a great LoL performance for a low budget.
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: Can we finally get some free stuff to compensate all the trouble u cause to us ?
I would only ask for compensation for the recent disconnectocalypse where EUNE Balkan region consistently disconnected every game at least once, even though the fault wasn't on their end, by the time it was noticed or resolved people lost time, patience, LP and games and it would eb a nice PR move to compensate those players with a random skin shard or masterwork chest or smth like that.
Shamose (EUW)
: > firstly her movement speed is incredibly low, if irc one of the lowest in the game and I see no reason for this There are 40 champs with a lower MS base than kayle. 335 ms base is a middle point. It's fine. > Third thing I want to talk about is how she can't really trade with anyone in top-lane Try to duel that same person late, Guess who'll win. She's a hypercarry no shit her lane is bad. Your only point in kayle being bad is that she has a weak early game, which is compensated by her insane late game power.
> [{quoted}](name=Shamose,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=M2THBKmB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-07T11:45:53.357+0000) > > There are 40 champs with a lower MS base than kayle. 335 ms base is a middle point. It's fine. > > Try to duel that same person late, Guess who'll win. She's a hypercarry no shit her lane is bad. > > Your only point in kayle being bad is that she has a weak early game, which is compensated by her insane late game power. So what? You can't farm, trade or win a lane with her but you know what, that's fine when late game comes and you can wreck stuff...oh wait you can't cause you still need 2+ items to be able to do that or lvl16 for true damage but also oh wait since you can't do anything in lane cause you literally can't deal with any champ, you will constantly be behind and it will take you even longer to get to those 2+ items or lvl16 if you even get to it. I don't care about late game, I care about early game, I don't want her to be able to kill everyone or deal with everything in top lane but for the love of god you can't expect from people to play a champ that gets dumpstered by everyone until late game. I don't ask for damage buffs I don't ask for something crazy, I just want to be able to try to farm early game which at this point I can't do unless I get camped by my jungler or the other laner isn't in the lane.
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Arthymst (EUNE)
: Noticeable delay and high ping during the game
well if you don't know, signal from your computer does not just magically go to riot servers, it has to go through nodes, and some of those nodes are in Croatia, and even then, during the early 2000's T-HT basically made the internet infrastructure in the whole region, pretty sure Bosnia included so they are the ones responsible for it In any case think of the route signal has to go through as a straight line _._._._ and then one of those dots starts to be a problem so they have to re-route where the signal has to go so it looks more like this _.I°I._ it has to go to a different node so that the signal can come through with no problems, and since it is longer, it takes longer for the server to respond, ergo your ping is higher
Arthymst (EUNE)
: Noticeable delay and high ping during the game
if you have been affected by the disconnectocalypse that happened recently then you should know that T-com who is in charge of the infrastructure in the region, had to re-route some things so that it doesn't DC people constantly in games. Apparently, something happened in the standard route or rather one of the nodes where it was connecting just has some issues (idk the specifics). In any case, because of the re-routing it takes longer for the signal to come to the Riot server and that's why we all have about 10-20 higher ping than before
: Disconnecting in-game, in launcher etc.
I mean it might just be about the seriously outdated infrastructure, there are places even near the big cities you can't get internet speeds better than 10mbit/s and they don't have any plans in improving it {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
EnzymeX10 (EUW)
: Hello! I'm from Croatia too and got the same multiple dc problem during a single game. My ISP is Iskon, but i'm playing on EUW server. Hope it helps and that problem will be fixed soon coz i'm tired of losing LP in ranked on things that I cannot affect
If you want to continue with ranked, try a VPN, but I'd advise taking a break from ranked cause you can't know when and if you'll DC and it can just result in you losing games and LP and no one wants that.
: I have the smae problem i am going crazy i play on eune was plat3 before reinstalled game about a month ago did promos and everything fine played ok for 2 weeks then the problems started i dc everysingle game one per game its been 2 weeks with this situation i lost promos for gold my mmr has gone really baaad and i ruined other people games please help anyone how do we fix this my internet is perfectly fine i have 20mb iternet and ping is always 50
If you want a quick solution look up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) there are a lot of free and good ones, hopefully, it helps you. But imo I'd avoid ranked for a while, until this is fixed.
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Shamose (EUW)
: The LCL just had it's first ALL FEMALE Team play.
it's almost as if they don't want female pro players to exist oh hey let's make an all female team and let's sign players that are not the best and let's also take all support mains and put them in roles they don't know how to play best... not very subtle way of telling %%%% you to female players that are good, and play something other than support
Pepee (EUNE)
: State of the game and top lane
I'll be honest, Singed has been really strong or at least with a really high win rate for like last two seasons (I haven't really played before S7), so I am surprised he is bad now, as the oldest champion in the game I think he does deserve a rework that will hopefully make him a bit more...useable
Append (EUNE)
: Upgrade Riot Games Merch Shop Shipping?
literally this, I wanted to buy my gf the dabbing pengu mug but to my surprise, not even the polish site (which is suppose to be the EUNE main for some reason) is shipping to Croatia, very disappointed
: Hey ! It's me again. Here's what I got : Me : > Hey Sap ! I'm from EUW and have a question for you. Let's assume that I did my 10 placements games by playing different positions and got silver 3. And then I didn't play any ranked game after that. How will you handle the positional rank once you guys ship it to EUW. I'm I gonna be silver in all the roles? Or will I get silver in one random role out of the others (since I played many of them during placements) SapMagic : > We'll probably make the position you play most your highest.
doesn't completely answer the question but it'll do I suppose my best guess is they'll retroactively look at all your ranked games and then adjust the rank on your roles
: You won't start from zero. Don't worry. Right now, they are tracking both your positional and your normal rank. So if things go bad in the test regions, they will roll them back to the normal rank. If things go well, they will upgrade us to positional rank. We still don't know the full details about how they are gonna upgrade our 1 rank to 5 positions. But you won't have to start from scratch don't worry
yeah I didn't think we'd start from zero tbh but I am also wondering how they'll split that one rank into 5, maybe they'll give us a rank for what we played the most and then we have to do provisional matches for rest? idk, hope we get some info
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owow (EUNE)
: About the capsule abuse
here's the thing though something that for sure won't happen is them finding everyone who abused this and removing the skins, I can 100% guarantee that another thing that will 100% not happen is them giving 5 capsules to everyone, not a chance IF and only if they actually respond in any way we might all get a capsule, maybe
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