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: I hope you are joking.... "Dota 2 But it's Played On Summoners Rift"
Dude, did you ever heard about Baumi? Baumi is a DotA 2 player well known for his League of Legends content. This sh!t must be real.
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Ökami (EUNE)
: Give me some names for Thresh that can go in other words like my new name JhinTonic
ThreshHamster UndieThresh Threshtastic PapaThresh Threshoholic ThreshicBone(r) Here you go I guess?
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jaramara (EUNE)
: Well, honestly i have played a lot of ARAM games (let's say it's about 100) and i don't think that i am this lucky, because in all of those games i encountered only 2 bots (ironically in one game)
Well, I guess you have better MMR on ARAM then, I play with worse friends sometimes and I can encounter a bot every 2nd or 3rd game. They're also swarming the vs. AI, where they follow similar pattern, only going mid.
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Ebenguard (EUNE)
: + Ruined Game Teemo {{champion:17}}
No, for Teemo I've something special: Deleted Champion {{champion:17}} Teemo :D
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: Idea for a Featured Game Mode
Or just an Ability Draft from DotA. Random heroes with their passives, picking their abilities and ultimate via draft.


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