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Adamssohn (EUW)
: You can get the Rank reward 2 months after the season end if you reach Honor lvl 2 back but it depends on your punishment
i got chatbanned like 1 or 2 months ago, lost my honor level 4 , it was totally my mistake, i tried to defend a teammate that got flamed and i ended up flaming myself afair
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Shamose (EUW)
: So because I don't play on this account my point is invalid? Let's see, your last Jayce game was 3 days ago and it was in Flex. So you don't didn't even play him in a competitive envoirment.
how do you expect me to accept your point if you are not playing , i just saw an account lvl 43 that barely plays.I know jayce how he is played and i like his playstyle , i just stated his late is bad , thats a fact and what they nerfed was not only dmg but his ad scaling on Q so yes they are hitting both his early and his late which is non-existent
: > [{quoted}](name=e621 Rengar,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=A7IIvg4Q,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-05-30T13:37:16.025+0000) > > Money does. > And i pref the Pro play patches instead of patches for low elo scrubs like u an me Money does. And i pref the Pro play patches instead of patches for low elo scrubs like u an me They ruined the champs? Just got 1shot 1game ago from a akali
your last game was like 3-4 days ago , 3-4days ago akali wasnt nerfed
Shamose (EUW)
: Wait. The champion that can put 6 points into his skills, which he has 6 of, does not scale? Are you sure you shouldn't have posted this in the Jokes section?
he has an irrelevant ulti that just changes stance and empowers the next hit 1 HIT, being sarcastic when you dont even play the game, you have like 2 games the last 2 and a half weeks.
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: remember cho?
cho didnt get consecutive nerfs he got nerfed once and it was neutralized with 2-3 stacks of ulti
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=KingCrownedClown,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6vOamw6s,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-06T21:58:31.114+0000) > > I don't get why the whole community should depend on the performance of champs in tournaments, i mean their whole playstyle is different i dont know why we should be affected and why the balance spins around the way they play The reasoning is simple: 1) Riot wants that the Worlds are played on the same patch the audience plays. 2) If something happens to be OP in the Worlds, Rito will have to change the client for everyone.
And do you agree with that?
OBS Okami (EUNE)
: because ryze is op af if you know what you're doing?
so 43% win rate in mid-high elo proves he is op, okay
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: What is Riot thinking, for real now? The balance of the upcoming Worlds.
I don't get why the whole community should depend on the performance of champs in tournaments, i mean their whole playstyle is different i dont know why we should be affected and why the balance spins around the way they play
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: Yeah, after the patch it stopped for me too but then started happening again for the last 2 games.
no riot tech gonna reply? why do they ignore us
KilroggD (EUW)
: Constantly freezing in 5 vs 5 games
it stopped happening to me since update , but happened again last match
: Do you mean Razer Cortex? Or similar programs that shut down applications to increase RAM and CPU power? Yes, you should be fine using those.
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KilroggD (EUW)
: Constantly freezing in 5 vs 5 games
same thing for me , ruined a lot of my games, client stops responding once every game at random, i ended up dying all of those times and fell behind , im glad its not my fault at the very started yesterday for me. everything was good up until then
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Allosen (EUW)
: > you remove their only sustain ability as marksmen jungler Dont you buy the Jungle Items, Lifesteal Items, or use Masteries for sustain ?
Can you even compare the masteries for sustain with -7 armor? except that early on you have only the jungle items the lifesteal doesn't come nowhere close to the flat lifesteal that the W gave. Except that ,dont forget that W now only triggers while active ( from what i can imagine). so there will be no passive to help you at all times.last but not least -7 armor makes her way too vulnerable to 1v1 fights. From hunter to hunted
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Joyi (EUW)
: What's your budget? OS version preference? Do you need peripherals? Do you need a monitor? How lenient is your budget? Which _other_ games?
300-400Euroes I have no problem about OS No need for periferals No need for monitor other games would be World of warcraft,Smite,overwatch ( if possible)
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jayweed (EUNE)
: Worst day of my life.
same here, except the MK Jogo part, i got banned while playing from my sister's laptop which only has LoL and WoW installed (as far as gaming goes)
Declined (EUNE)
: Oh crap..... I'm sorry to inform you that just having it installed means that it has changed your files, and that's why you were banned.
im sorry but isn't that kinda irresponsible from the company as well? new patches should disable the program.If you uninstall it then its gone and that's about it. I never thought someone would need xpert knowledge of computers to play an online game
Moon4Lord (EUW)
: Well I didn't even had that program ever installed, still got banned
I didn't have it either, my friends are logging from the same computer when they come over to my house, they would have been banned as well if that was the case
: If they have no reason to ban you, and you aren't using a restricted program, I don't see why you would be banned. Appeal to Riot by sending a ticket.
I already did, the staff member that replied to me didnt give me an answer, he just told me the same things that the e-mail said nothing more nothing less. IM willing to provide every evidence he wants if i can provide any. I dont wanna lose 6 year worth of gameplay for no reason. I never used 3rd party programmes, never in my life and thats so frustrating, i really dont wanna quit LoL but if nothing is done, i guess i have no choice, i wont waste another 6 years of my life, im already getting old enough to stop games
PengWin (EUNE)
: I feel you,today at 10 32 am i logged on my account,was waiting for my friends to come online,what happened,i got banned,also for 3rd party programs,i only used mk jogo but 5 months ago i got an email from them saying that my account has been banned for that,so i uninstalled it and never even thought about downloading that or something worse,I've been playing since season 3,yeah i was a really toxic player when i was bronze-silver 1,but ever since i got gold (and now plat) i have forced myself to not rage not flame not blame,i was really happy with the results as i just kept growing but who cares about that now riot thinks I'm a hacker that needs a 7000 year ban and all the time and like 200 € i spent for this game because i enjoyed it went to hell.GG Riot splendid decisions and just let the bots do the work at the Player Support,we need a human for this not a bot that will keep spamming crap that doesn't help at all.I hope you get your account back,somehow,and mine too.Otherwise I'm moving to DotA 2 as i dont want to have anything to do with this game or company. {{item:3070}}
I never got any warning or anything and as i said in another post , my friend's have been playing from my computer as well if i had mk jogo or any leftovers of it they would have been banned as well.I hope you can get your account back as well man,take care
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Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. Your friend will have to send in a ticket, and Riot will recheck his case. If the ban is a mistake, they will revert it. However, if he was using the tool, he was violating the ToU whether he intended to or not. Ignorance isn't a factor that forgives players in these cases. He can contact Riot [here](
they haven't been so helpful to me so far,no Mkjogo involved in my case, My computer is clean(im even using my sister's computer because mine is out for repairs).My friends that come over and use my computer as well (since we gather sometimes and play together) didn't get banned? doesn't that prove that i have no Mk-jogo in my computer?Im willing to provide anything they ask but the staff didnt seem so helpful he just copy-pasted the message that was sent to me by the auto-mailing after the ban mentioning a violation that i never commited.I'm so desperate, i would never risk my 6 year old account that has 99% of the stuff purchased through IP, i put so much effort to gather all that and here im getting banned for an offense I never did,not quite what i would expect from such a popular game
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Evanitis (EUNE)
: Yer sis's sys might have shady stuff. Bud do ask the support just to be sure.
im so desperate,6 years gathering IP buying all champs ,rune pages,runes and here i end up having my account banned for something i havent done
: Marks for jungle (Runes) (need some suggestion)
Magic pene reds/armor seals/cdr glyphs/ap quints
Joyi (EUW)
: Some people are saying they had it on their pc but don't use it. If you have it on your PC but aren't currently using it you're probably not aware of the background processes it runs and the fact you've previously used it which are why it gets picked up by League.
what about me?I dont use MK ,in fact im even using my sister's laptop cause mine is at the store for repair
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: You should write your support ticket with a linked NR inside the tinket, so they can see all the proof of uninstalling MKLOL. if there were some leftover files from MK lol, then, that might be the core problem, and thus ban can not be lifted.
so if there were some leftovers after uninstalling it how is it his fault and it cant be lifted, he uninstalled it
Joyi (EUW)
: Dear people who use MKLol
I got banned for the same reason and I dont use MK jogo, i dont think its the case
Dazelz (EUNE)
: Pemanenly suspended ???
that message doesnt say the reason you got banned for,there's a second mail explaining what you did.I got banned For no reason as well.
: well if its not on the system you played on then its definitely not the same reason.
i got banned saying i use a 3rd party quite desperately browsing the forums to find if its a bug or smth.I never used any 3rd party program my account is 6 years old i would by no means risk it i put a tiny amount of money in the game so i had to work really hard for my account to have all champions and 13 rune pages,why would i cheat after all that?I dont have anything installed on the computer and LoL is the only game i play next to Wow (which i cant bear playing more than 2h a day)
stanko56 (EUNE)
: Permanently banned coz of mklol
I got banned for the same reason without even having MK on my computer
: Stuck in Bronze V :(
farm a lot, copy runes from high elo players,pick a main champion,Judge each situation ( for example when you go on someone know your chances, dont go all in turrets, one kill from can give the enemy a huge advantage and possibly give him the laning phase)
L3sius (EUNE)
: I think Its a glitch In RIOT system, even few of my friends got banned.
i got banned here for 3rd party use but i never used anything lol, check my post as well
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I already did, thanks , its so frustrating and shocking , im quite desperate, why would i ever use a 3rd party programme.... im not a fool, i wouldn't risk my 6 years old account to cheat in normal games (since they are the only thing i play, rarely do i play solo anymore)
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Hello, i could provide pics instead of Teamviewer i guess. About your question nope,nothing was running , the last week + im the only user of this computer so they haven't been playing.Nothing was running and nothing was installed im 100% positive about that
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
my sister doesn't play LoL , i just use her computer when im playing with my friends at my house but im logged in from the same ip because we are playing together so thats about it. Right now my computer is at the engineer to get repaired and im using my neighbour's internet connection because i didnt pay the bill and they stopped their services (my mom forgot to pay it) but the IP location is next door and i can verify that) my computers have been connected to the other networks in the past as well since im a unistudent and sometimes i fail my money-management. I can use teamviewer to show the networks that I get signal from my computer. I'm so desperate, i mean would you risk your 6year odl account taht has everything bought (except some skins) using IP? I wouldn't even dare. The ban notification says about 3rd party programme anyway so i doubt its because of the connection that im getting from my neighbour, My account hasn't been logged from another computer except a few times in the distant past that i played from a friend's computer ( which was MONTHS ago) And i can prove that my connection is cut with pictures
Smerk (EUW)
: So, first of all answer few questions: 1. Do you use only one PC all the time? 2. Are you the only one who uses it? 3. Did you use ANY programs during game? Even unrelated to League
1. Im using my sister's computer cause mine is out for repair (it doesnt boot for some reason, well mby because its too old) also i gather with my friends at my house sometimes and we play together , they are on my sister's laptop and im at my desktop but htats not the case, when i was banned we were playing seperately , they were at their homes, if im not mistaken Riot says that they understand this case. Im also currently borrowing my neighbour's internet connection ( u can see from their IP it belongs to the house next to me) because I didnt pay it this month and they cut the connection 2. Im the only one using this account, the account is logged in from this house only , i dont go to internet cafes or anything like that 3. No i dont use any other programmes, i wouldn't install anything else except the game in my sister's computer ,she barely let me install this one last but not least , when they log their accounts from this computer my account is logged in as well from the same IP as them and my account is logged only from my house location (which means we are next to each other) I hope I cleared your doubts, feel free to ask me anything you want, i have nothing to hide , i didnt use anything that violates the terms of use (except if playing with your friends in the same house is a violation, but I read somewhere on their support page that they understand this and it's allowed) I could even post pics of the Laptop im using right now and the cables that have been removed from my computer before i took it to the engineer to fix it. Also when i got banned I wasnt running any other programmes even unrelated to League, as i mentioned before it is my sister's computer not mine,I dont meddle with it , im only playing LoL and WoW from it
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