Sefiroz (EUW)
: Nice! Good luck I hope it stays that way too :D
I played 3 full games and I didn't have it at any point. I guess Avast is a virus itself.
Sefiroz (EUW)
: Yeah Avast has been causing some input stuff in other games for me when I used it a few years back. Try disabling all kinds of overlays(for example Discord and Geforce Experience) too, didn't cause any input lags but it's caused a lot of other odd issues for me with League for the last half year or so.
I played a game after I uninstalled Avast and I had no input lags. :D Hopefully this will stay as it is!
Sefiroz (EUW)
: What if in my opinion the client is responsible for climate change? Doesn't mean it is :D What I want to get out of that statement is that it might very well be something else on your computer's end. I'm not saying it's definitely not the client, though! :)
I found a similar post and the player suggested to uninstall Avast Antivirus. I'll play a game and see.
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: Insane lag input while in-game
I'm not playing the game for 2 months and this input lag is the reason why. Whatever key I press it takes much longer for the game to execute it (few seconds late and later it sometimes spams abilities when you don't click them) and this only happens in League of Legends. Everything else works fine. I'm sure they messed up the whole client with these new champions and map change that now there are so many bugs and you just technically can't play the game. It's really horrible.
: Well there is bug with win7 and dual core cpus. It gives all kind of issues,fps drops and even makes your ping spike, when you internet is perfectly fine, sometimes your mouse won't work or game freezes when you want to cast something, sometimes crashes the game too. So if your internet is fine and you have those specs, that's most likely the issue. So IF you have a dual core you probably wanna: - reduce the amount of programs that are running background, use the option "close client during game" - run game in fullscreen - maybe turn effect quality a bit lower, but not so low that it looks like shit, not worth - **set process priority to high** in task manager for the league of legends.exe, each time a match loads. My game doesn't crash anymore since I am doing that. Still getting a few ridiculous stutters, disconnects or other bugs though. They are fewer and less severe though and they usually stop in mid/late game - setting pre-rendered frames as low as possible in your graphic driver settings might help too, haven't tested yet, for nividia this used to be "maximum pre-rendered frames" but they recently renamed it to "low latency mode" If your cpu is kinda a dual core cpu xD... you can also abuse that to reduce stutter, by minimizing the amount of frames that the cpu needs to prepare.
I've got AMD A4 3300 APU which is quite old itself, not to mention I'm using this computer for 7 years straight. I've been playing Dota 2 and so far I didn't encounter this latency at all. So it's only on League of Legends. I have used set process priority to high in Dota and I could barely launch the game. Sometimes when I play chess my CPU usage goes to 90% which is crazy. My parents don't want to buy me a new PC nor they allow me to spend my money to buy it myself. :( Thank you for trying to help. I think I won't play the game. Maybe it's better this way.
: check google for BIOS virtualization . turn it off.. see if it helps..
Unfortunately, it didn't help me solve the issue. Thank you anyway.
5shaked5 (EUNE)
: It may also be a problem with you ISP, try talking with your ISP about lags and issues when playing games they might be able to help you out. if none of that helps contact [Riot support](
I contacted Riot support and they said that Dual Core processors have some issues with the game. I've never had this latency between keyboard and the server before.
: Is it consistent or only within the first 10-15 min?
I haven't played enough games to exactly tell. As far as I saw it usually happens in the early game and I think it did happen later in the game occasionally.
5shaked5 (EUNE)
: first of all I'd suggest you to check your internet speed [here]( and post your result here(hide your ip and location), and in the meanwhile download riots [Hextech Repair Tool]( open it with administrative privileges (right click and choose "run as administrator") and Make sure that the following things are checked: - Run Ping Test - Sync System Clock - DNS - Use Public (Recommended) - Force Repatch (optional, but useful in most of the cases) - Add Firewall Exceptions (Enable Firewall). and hit start
I've already tried using Hextech Repair Tool. It didn't solve the issue I had and still have. The download speed of my internet is 76.52Mbps and the upload speed is 9.78Mbps. Ping is 9ms.
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Aphidnos (EUNE)
: LF Plat 3+ Toplanner for Clash
I'm interested. You can add me: KingDario123. See you!
Drda (EUNE)
: P4 SUPP main LF ADC (Duo)
I don't play adc often nor very well, but we could try. Platinum 3.
Proditum (EUW)
: Delayed response
It's due to keyboard on batteries (if you're using it). I've had problems like these as well. Keyboards that work on batteries are not good for gaming. You have to press multiple keys in a fast sequence and short period of time and keyboards with batteries don't register too many clicks in a short amount of time.
TIlted Hero (EUNE)
Hi out there! Welcome to EUNE server! I'm not sure who are you looking for exactly, are you looking for other smurfs or just players in mentioned tiers? If you want, we can play some games together. I have never been even close to the rank you're currently at on EUW. I'm currently sitting in Gold 1, which is my peak tier and division.
: looking for a duo partner, 65% winrate nautilus support main here, LF ADC silver/gold elo
We probably won't be able to queue together because I'm Gold 2 currently, and as far as I know you can't queue with players higher more than 1 tier.
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: looking for a duo partner, 65% winrate nautilus support main here, LF ADC silver/gold elo
Tarolock (EUNE)
: if all the crying ppl who dont like the newer patches would just leave instead of crying we would have a better time playing...
How would you feel if your runes were deleting every time you enter the client and your settings reset to default? Or get disconnected at the start of the game and not be able to reconnect and then get a LeaverBuster? The reason we make various topics is that we want Riot to make a move. That's why boards are full of people reporting bugs. How would you feel if for example you were sure you would takedown a champion by electrocute and it doesn't activate and you die by misscalculation and then people start flaming you? Or if you play against Mordekaiser who breaks the game when he uses his ultimate by not allowing other abilities to work? Or when Annie players abuse perma-stun? I'm sure you would be one of the "crying people" too.
Rioter Comments
You are not the only one experiencing it. It happens to a lot of other players, including me. Rune pages that I created keep deleting, I've only got preset rune pages. My summoner spells are set to ghost and heal every time. My settings are set to default. Skins back to classic ones. Runes are not even activating when they should (Electrocute, Manaflow Band and Phase Rush as far as I know don't proc, not sure if there are even more non reacting runes). I've heard of champion bugs as well that occur when playing Annie, Qiyana or Mordekaiser. Those champions in combat with other champions bug their abilities as well (this is what I've been able to figure out through other people posts). I've heard people keep getting disconnected and can't reconnect to the game, therefore they get LeaverBusters and lose promos. There are plenty of unbalanced champions. Bugs lurking everywhere. I believe everything came when Teamfights Tactics was introduced. I think at that point the game went downfall pretty quickly. The current game state is horrible. The game is under devolution and unfortunately it will just be worse and worse until people quit playing. This is my prediction.
Wal4ok2 (EUW)
: It's mainly decisionmaking imo. Of course theres stuff like mechanics also, knowing limits of your champion(s) too. But it doesn't help at all, if you're unable to control objectives. Then theres people who mainly focus on one or two champions, well that's another way to effectively climb (considering you actually know your champ). Emotional discipline plays a big role, don't put blame on your teammates. It's a waste of energy and will cause you many unnecessary defeats. People are valueing kda a lot. Having bad kda doesnt mean you're bad if you got some objectives. Another effective way of climbing is to dodge games. This takes away the fun part of the game though. Some teamcomps are just impossible to win against or to win with. PS: hi catty
Most likely decision making. I believe my mechanics are good and limits of champion as well. I've noticed I roam way too much in hope to prevent my team from losing and then I become the one who's weak. I've not been pushing too much as well recently. I honestly flame rarely (1/50 or 1/100) games. Even if I'm tilted I'll try not to spread that to my teammates. Maybe my vision is not so great as well. Thanks for the tips.
: ***
Most likely I'm roaming too much because I'm scared of my teammates losing and if I don't successfuly roam I lose precious time for farming and pushing. Most likely that's the problem. Maybe I have to work on vision as well. I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the tips.
1vs1 me (EUNE)
: Farming,no greedy,objectives,vision.Play top dmg-tank champs or mid ap cc champs.We are in screwed meta so play save picks.Actually Platinium is not that different from Gold.Thats from me.
I've noticed in some of my games that I farm really good in the early game and then I think I waste so much time trying to secure my teammates and leave myself weak. Also I've not been pushing quite a lot recently. Maybe I have to work on my vision as well. Well, thanks for the advice.
: most brainless and most skilled champ?
For the highest skill cap champions, I'd say: Azir, Aurelion Sol, Riven, Gangplank, Twisted Fate and Cassiopeia. For the lowest skill cap champions, I'd say: Tryndamere, Darius, Nasus, Veigar, Fizz... For the middle skill cap champions, I'd say: Yasuo, Talon, Zed...
: > [{quoted}](name=KingDario123,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=yWTUE3RA,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2018-12-17T20:22:03.816+0000) > >Even if I outlane my opponent I lose my games sometimes. I'm not sure what's the problem. You are just going to need to accept the fact that you are not going to win every game you do good in since this is a "**team based game"**. >I'm quite versatile but I've been trying to play mid and top preferably. I tend to freeze waves quite often so I don't get camped by the jungler. I try to farm as good as possible and I'm going agressive only if my opponent's jungler won't assist my laner and when I have decent advantage over my laner. I push when I see my opponent will have trouble CSing the wave because I'm a agressive midlaner with huge waveclear. I tend to let minions fight near the two walls that are close to my turret. When other lanes are pressured, I first look if the opposite jungler is near me and if he isn't I will push and roam to help and hopefully kill. I can often predict movements of my opponents and dodge most things but when it's 5v1 I can hardly escape. I try to dodge those situations. Still, I can't seem to win games. By the way I see it is: You talk about all "me good cs, me good kills, me good 1v1, me good positioning, me good roam", but you forget to mention dragon, herald, baron, securing objectives, turret plating, turret first blood, tracking enemy jungler and killing him while he is doing his clears, assisting your jungler in clearing scuttle if he is being pressured, ward placements (people underestimate this), ward control, avoiding being seen, faking movement/roams, all these little things that help out your team and confuse the enemy team. Try focusing more objectives > kills.
If we talk about map awareness, sometimes I forgot to watch map frequently and then an unescapable gank occurs or the jungler dies, but so far I have been trying to assist my jungler while doing scuttle. I wasn't always successful though. I place wards where I think they will support me the most; for example, if opposite jungler tries to hide in bush and then gank, I'll try to ward the bush. If he decides to try to gank via another route, I'll try to keep that route warded. If I eventually get ganked (which did happen sometimes) I try my best to dodge things that are dodgeable and possibly escape. As for this escaping, it doesn't work always. I've been trying to locate opposite jungler and track his movement. I've been using this lately as I found out it increases my winrate by around 5-10%. I never really thought of this before. As for Dragons and Barons; Before I was just going dragon when it already spawned and when it's probably already dead until I come and my team was fighting there. Now I'm looking at Dragon and Baron timers more than my jungler (strange but ok xd) and I ping my teammates when will Dragon or Baron spawn so they would prepare. I thought a bit of my mid and late game playing. I am trying to force myself into calculating enemy positioning (the jungler, my laner) and my team's place and I'm trying to evaluate a plan with highest win probability and lowest risk. I've lately been trying to inform my teammates a lot about movement of specific opponents which are problematic. Sometimes they listen, sometimes they do not. Now, you might think that I think way too much of myself but I have just described my thinking process in my games and how do I do. Of course, like everyone, I also make inaccuracies, mistakes and even terrible blunders sometimes. I'm always trying to decrease the number of inaccuracies, mistakes and blunders as I play more games. P.S. When I've been trying to push my lane, I would sometimes get caught and run into a 2v1, 3v1 etc. and, if I die (while my team has the opportunity to push as their lanes are left vulnerable),... I've had plenty of teammates who would rather farm the jungle or recall when they can push and gain the advantage at the cost of my life. Because they wouldn't use the advantage (most of them, not all though) I stopped to sacrifice myself that way and stopped pushing that much. AGAIN, I know I'm also making some mistakes I'm not able to see them but I'm always trying my best.
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Well can't really tell much about an individual, but here's a few I see with a lot of golds: 1. They try to cheese/cheat elo instead of getting good. Yes, x might be strong now. It will be nerfed soon. Play something that isn't at the top of the food chain and you'll learn them well; they won't be nerfed and you'll be good as hell with it regardless. Better yet, pick a champ that can carry under the right circumstances, and learn to get there consistently. For example I play Jinx quite a bit. Lategame its hardcarry, and I usually play safe until then (unless I have extremely good synergy with my support). I'm usually quite a bit ahead of my opponents in cs, even ~high plat, although I didn't have time to get diamond this seasons. 2. They want to be the big carries, not the carried. Simple; someone makes a call, you need to understand when to follow it and when to not. Ditch your ego and let people carry you when they are about to. It has been SO many times I've called an early dragon that, as a jungler, I am certain of, but my team won't listen and this sets me and them back quite a bit. 3. Just increase your general gameplay I just recently had a game where our high plat support would roam more towards enemy jungle around the mid, than our high gold midlaner. The support lux and I carried hard that game, but it was extremely annoying when our midlaner should've been the one to come, but he/she rather stood mid farming... %%%%ing hell. This, and also understand lane mechanics so that you don't fall behind in farm. You can also learn to outcs even in unfavorable matchups. There probably are a few more, but these are the things that first come to my mind. Usually golds aren't too different from higher elo's in terms of mechanics, but they have a bad attitude towards the game.
Hey, thanks for the reply! When you said about OutCSing my opponent. Last game I played as Cassiopeia against Yasuo and I had like 50 cs more than him. 40+cs 5 minutes. When his toplaner ganked I managed to get a kill 1v2 and escape. I managed to win the game. I always follow people who are the carriers when I'm not. Cassiopeia is now top class for midlane, but I was playing her and doing well even when she was one of the lowest played champions on midlane. I'm able to predict around 80-90% of lane movements and therefore poke to death. That's how I whooped the Yasuo player. Everytime he tried to Q a minion I would Q the spot where he would come and then he wouldn't survive, or, he would waste flash and have to recall while losing precious farm. That's only 1 game though. Even if I outlane my opponent I lose my games sometimes. I'm not sure what's the problem.
íGengar (EUW)
: You went on a 10 game winning streak in which 9 of those games were Kha Zix so cant you just like do that more? ^^
Yeah, I had a huge winning streak with Kha'Zix and I was spamming him till I started losing games with him even though I had good KDA and I was ok overall. Stopped playing him because Dark Harvest got nerfed and he's got less impact now but yeah after I stopped playing Kha'Zix and after I got into Gold 4 I'm on a losing streak and I'm not sure where I'm doing wrong. I'd like if I could still maintain my winrate on Kha'Zix. But as I said, I stopped playing him after that Dark Harvest nerf.
: If you can't do it solo, try playing with your team. Group more, pay attention to what others are doing and if you can help them in anyway
I try to play with the team, but since I'm the only one who's got the advantage and I shouldn't intiate, my team will neither intiate and then I will be just wasting time. That's why I try to farm and do something worth more. As I've said in previous replies, I'm roaming whenever it's possible and it happens a lot that opponents notice that and get back. When I get back to lane, those who I wanted to help suddenly die (botlane most common) and give a double kill. So I don't really know how should I play better.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: For one, you gotta give us what roles you play. The reasons will always be different depending on the lane. I would say, if it's jungle: Efficient farming. Too much time gets wasted on ganks that wouldn't have worked out. You need to check if you have - 1. CC. 2. Follow up. 3. Lane pushed in. 4. Enemy cooldowns. Even if your team pings you, if you decide the gank wont work out, keep farming. If it's mid: Wave management. Keep the wave frozen, know how and when to push to gain lane priority and get roaming advantage. You'd have to look up full guides on this one. If it's support: Vision control. Not just warding lots, but denying vision as well. Roaming. A lot of supports just chill in their lanes. Supports should roam and by roaming during appropriate times you're also giving your ADC solo xp. And depending on the support, excel best at your role. If you're a healer, heal the crap out of your team. If you're a peeler like Janna, save your abilities exactly to disengage. If you're an engage, make the enemy terrified of you. Mechanics are very important here as well. For top I have no say, and for ADC I could say something but I'd rather not, since those 3 are my main roles.
I'm quite versatile but I've been trying to play mid and top preferably. I tend to freeze waves quite often so I don't get camped by the jungler. I try to farm as good as possible and I'm going agressive only if my opponent's jungler won't assist my laner and when I have decent advantage over my laner. I push when I see my opponent will have trouble CSing the wave because I'm a agressive midlaner with huge waveclear. I tend to let minions fight near the two walls that are close to my turret. When other lanes are pressured, I first look if the opposite jungler is near me and if he isn't I will push and roam to help and hopefully kill. I can often predict movements of my opponents and dodge most things but when it's 5v1 I can hardly escape. I try to dodge those situations. Still, I can't seem to win games.
: What are the key mistakes in Golds (like me) who can't reach Platinum or higher?
@Awsane I think my skill of predicting is fine. I sometimes calculate few minutes before Barons or Dragon's spawn, I regularly ping timers to my teammates. Sometimes I also calculate jungler's movement and try to alert my teammates and myself as well of opposite jungler's pathing and decisions. I have also sacrificed myself quite a lot so my team would get Baron or Dragon and get a huge compensation throughout the late game. I have noticed that my laner usually wins the game even if he fails early game. Sometimes they never roam but still for some reason I'm losing. I believe calculation is not my problem. Even if I punish my laner's mistakes really hard in the early game I can't seem to spread the advantage to my team even If I'm roaming. And if I push alone I will get into 5v1s. When I calculate the outcomes of teamfight I often leave them and do something with higher win probability. Still, I'm not winning games.
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: Looking for support to duo with
Hello. I'm also looking for a duo for Solo/Duo. I'm only g4. I'd climb alone but I'm not able to so I need someone to help me. I have plenty of supps. EUNE.
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Bisquit (EUNE)
: Let's duo queue and create a team!
I could play. I believe I meet all the requirements. EUNE.
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Rioter Comments
: Nerf Kai'Sa AP broken ass champ, you trash company !!!
Hey hey, stop with negative posts. I agree that a lot of champions combined with different builds are way too strong, but being aggressive to Riot is not something that's going to solve the problem. Do you hate a certain champion? Ban it from that game in the champion select. Are you hating a certain build for that champion? If so, try to counter it with one of yours and of course, play wisely. That's all I can say.
: From gold to silver?
Yes, indeed you can. You just have to lose enough games to demote to Silver tier. But why would you want such thing? Interested to see your answer.
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: im searching clash team
Try to search on EUW boards. Also search under topic "Clash Recruitment". I hope it helps.
: Why people dodge in games under Plat 3-2 elo ?
It's because some people simply can't handle some things they have to deal with.
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Lsayu (EUNE)
: I don't think this *should* happen. Idk. Christmas shop is shop, it's still shop and you get massive discounts depending on your luck so this is enough in itself.
Discounts are ok, but people who don't own RP and which can't buy RP can't buy any of those skins. Basically, they don't get anything from that feature because they are unable to buy.
IceGambler (EUNE)
: Need a teammate for Normals Draft
Which rank were you on the OCE server?
: 16 year old dia 3 mid laner LFT
Hi there, This is not related to your post, but you can answer my question. So far I've been placed into Bronze tier, division V. I was able to cilmb it and reach Silver tier. I peaked Silver tier, division I with an impressive 99 LP, I lost many games and now I'm in Silver tier, 2nd division. Any ideas on how to climb? I'm really looking on improving myself, but still I think I've still not got enough to leave that tier. Hope your answer helps me. Regards, KingDario123
Laby oωo (EUW)
: Merry Christmas everyone :)
Thank you, man! Merry Christmas to you too! Unfortunately, we can't play because I'm playing on the EUNE server. Regards, KingDario123
: Tell me tomorrow on what you get...
I'm probably gonna get a Chess clock.
: This is what 45 Snowdown Capsules and 20 Hextech Chests look like (about 200€)
What a large skin shard pool! Congrats for you to be able to spend money unlike some people (featuring me)!
: SOS: Question about The picks Order!
Hi there, As for this, I'm not sure if you're able anything to do, but to buy the same exact champions for all five players to make sure you can switch between in Champion Select if you want to secure that champion for your team to use. Regards and happy Christmas! Dario
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