noobIord (EUW)
: Avast secureline and Cyberghost. Both with full membership
Hello noobIord, i saw some replays in here that say that both VPN got blocked ( not sure about it ), anyway try using hot spot shield the free version if it worked for u i recommend moving to the elite version since it will give u a better servers
asbany (EUNE)
: Umm, I use CyberGhost too ... afaik its the best free VPN out there. try other servers, I play with 130 ms using a server in Germany. Hopefully, the issue gets fixed soon.
Hello ASBANY, if you are looking for a VPN Alternatives u may check my replay to PROJECT A question . GoodLuck.
: Hey King Dark, Did you tried a good VPN that's working with the least Ping possible for us right now! I'm still using CyberGhost but ping in pretty high at 190+ in Ukraine for example. Thanks for the valuable info tho :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hello PROJECT A, try to use hot spot shield elite it will only cost u 5 EGP per month and i have been using it for a while ( cracked ) my ping without it in late night 78-90 and with it 96-115 . Note : the crack can damage ur connection and download hacks ( i tried it and noticed strange traffic till i changed my windows ) Another solution ZenMate there is an offer to have 3 months free right now also there is a discount on their 1 year License Key ( around 60 EGP ) so u can have both and enjoy more than 1 year with a VPN with a cool price i would say . Note : i haven't tested it much yet ( Exams Period ) but i noticed that some of their EU servers are mostly busy or not available also you may suffer from some DC in game but u can reconnect fast ( i was told this one from someone who tested it yesterday ). there is many other VPN but their price is really high adding that i never tested any of them . i hope that i helped u in some way . King Dark.
noobIord (EUW)
: I can't use any kind of VPN anymore. There seems no solution to this. Good game fellas
what VPN did u use or test ?
: All Egypt Down ? ( EUW )
Hello , Just to be direct . This issue have nothing to do with lol update or game at all . i have been playing lol since 2010 in EUNE and in EUW since late 2012 back in the day when i first started playing the game my ping used to be around 67-75ms with 1 mb which is really great ( since we would never see that now days in any game ). In the past three years their happens to be unexpected increase in internet users. Communications infrastructure has become very weak, resulting in our poor internet Experience. Also for the past 3 years internet provider started to act on their own closing VOIP ports IPs and stuff ( in order to keep us pay for international calls since Skype , Whatsapp will make them lose lots of money ). And so the only solution to overcome and bypass their VOIP blocks that we have to use a good VPN that is for less pain , unless if Riot can do something about it by talking to our government or to the NTRA ( National Telecom Regulatory Authority ) in Egypt . I hope that i cleared the misunderstanding of this issue as well as hoping that i had given a fair enough solution for this issue. King Dark.


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