: I personally don't mind how girly they are, I just want them to stay quiet. I hate obnoxious champions, people like Lulu or Zyra mumbling while their safe kits play the game for them. Pyke is a sissy too, all he does is Q from a bush and E away at the slightest hint of trouble. He's an obnoxious, predatory, opportunistic coward. Zilean and Nautilus are good designs, so is Thresh - they don't mock you when using their spells. Taric and Braum are big offenders when it comes to this behaviour - one always has something to say when using any kind of spell at all, and the other dares to open his mouth when he Qs you from a bush for a 99% slow and his Lucian buddy abuses his passive to stun you instantly. Soraka is a very feminine champion, but she doesn't laugh at you when she throws a Q to avoid confrontations. I don't mind her. In fact, for all champions, they've been getting progressively worse and more pompous. From the quiet Ashe and old Taric to Xayah and Rakan overcompensating for their dying relationship by forcing out dialogue after they kill you From Volibear only producing groans of exertion to Aatrox screaming how he's immortal and you can't touch him and Gangplank calling you scum after shooting you for 300+ damage from across the lane with one point-and-click spell From Malzahar staying dead-silent in lane until it's time to unleash the void's power on you (ulting) to Zoe consntaly commenting on getting free summoner spells & actives on RNG while you can't do the same yeah I don't need to elaborate any more. They're making pompous braggarts that mock you for towerdiving you like a moron and still somehow making it out (Kayn going untargetable mid-dive only to execute you and dash away, then telling you you should've ran)
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Male supports: {{champion:12}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:26}} Female supports: {{champion:43}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:16}} Yeah, there are definitely too many girl supports...
Don't forget {{champion:427}} ^^ even tho he is played in jg, he kinda is support as well.
xCrying (EUW)
: Neeko W passive bug
Apparently, as I read on reddit, the passive from W doesn't proc on structures if you have more AP than AD. Which is stupid af... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
: https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/5HiccLBX-clash
Oh. Thanks. {{sticker:sg-soraka}} {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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Hansiman (EUW)
: It'll most likely be activated soon. It was activated by mistake yesterday.
  Rioter Comments
: To be honest, if being gay is a prominent "highlight" of you two being a couple, then the nicknames _Dull & Boring_ and _Lacks Personality_ might suit you? Being gay is nothing special, mate. Try finding some part of your personalities that is not based on a basic instinct of attraction that everyone has. Use that instead? Something that is actually unique and interesting.
Did you think about the fact, that the creator maybe mention that, bc he didn't want the nicknames to be something like "Her King x His Queen" and stuff like that? Aka inindicating that one of them is a girl? Creator asked for nicknames... if you don't have any (actually usable) ideas don't comment.
Hansiman (EUW)
: If you only had a chat restriction, you have until February 11th to get your honor level to 2, and still qualify for season rewards.
Oh. I didn't know that. >w> Sorry for spreading bad info. ~.~
: Season rewards
To get season rewards you have to you honor level be atleast lvl 2 at the end of the season. So... basically if you had lvl 1 or less you won't get any rewards.
6XNumb9 (EUW)
: Why does Zoe exist?
The things is... everyone has a few champs that the person finds unfun to play against... for me few of the champions are: {{champion:89}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:157}} Even If I manage to go even in the lane or if I *somehow* manage to win the lane... it's so frustrating to me and I am not enjoying the game. And if you think about it this way... league would have like 3 champs if they would remove every champion that someone finds unfun to play against. {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
: Seriously dude, you basically called out a bug because if your statement is true, then it would be one. At the same time, you declare your statement as true, because you "played 10 games of Nexus blitz". That's a very small sample size AND there's a low chance you'll have DH off CD and proc DH with a box AND monitor the box at the same time. Furthermore, you don't do anything to prove your statement. Go into a practice tool and try it, it takes like 5 minutes. Instead, you make hasty forum posts with undescriptive titles in possibly the wrong section while spamming emotes and questionmarks at anyone responding.
How do you know, I called out a bug?? Did you thaught about the fact, it can be intentional? And again... do you think that if I didn't see, that it really doesn't proc DH I would write about it? I watched it several times in NB that the boxes don't proc DH/comet but his E does. How would 1 game in practice tool make you believe me more, if you already don't believe me, when I said I played several games of other modes?
PhoPhoW (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Kioshek,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=br9w1E3P,comment-id=000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-12-26T12:24:47.232+0000) > > 1. I tested it??? Hello? Why you thing it would work in practice tool and not in Nexus Blitz? Can you read my god? > > 2. I never called it a bug... I just asked why it is like that... you really can't read can you? It's in a gameplay section not a bug reports section... {{sticker:sg-lulu}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} Are you temporarely banned from league? If not, it might happen sooner than you expect it with this behavior...
I am not and never was. lol {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Just bc I called out his obvious trolling I should be banned? {{sticker:sg-lulu}} For what?
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: So basically you don't even want to find out yourself, but call out for a bug. /me gives a hug <3
1. I tested it??? Hello? Why you thing it would work in practice tool and not in Nexus Blitz? Can you read my god? 2. I never called it a bug... I just asked why it is like that... you really can't read can you? It's in a gameplay section not a bug reports section... {{sticker:sg-lulu}} {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Go to practice tool and test it out. And I don't trust people using the forum emotes monkaS
Why would I have to go to practice tool, when I literally just said I played several games with it???? {{sticker:sg-syndra}} Well that's your problem not mine. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Are you sure?
{{sticker:sg-syndra}} No, I have only played like... 10 games of Nexus Blitz with DH and 1 with comet (hoping the boxes would proc atlest the comet...) Do you really thing I would create a thread if I wasn't sure? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Μaeve (EUW)
: Hmm, I feel like this would go well for Thresh [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urV8MIcLDFk]
More of a Pyke song to me. {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Rioter Comments
: Champion Bans
This was here several times and the answer will never change... baning a champion that your ally has preselected will not be banneble nor disabled. It's a fair option... if someone don't want to play against the champ and there is the option enemy will pick it first... the person can ban it. If someone doesn't want to play with some champ, bc he finds that everytime he has the champ on his team he looses a game... he can ban it. Heck even if someone bans the champ bc he saw someones match history and knows the player can't play the champ... he can ban it. The end.
: i don't have level 7 teemo O_o i think i'm level 5 with him, shaco is like level 4...the hell are you smoking? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I meant that I have them. :D W/e. :D
: old irelia
Reworks usually happened for a reason... and won't be rewerted unless the rework is even more problematic than the old kit. (Such as LB and Rengar...)
: i just don't like troll champions like shaco and teemo (and yet i keep finding teemo skins as rerolls -_- )
*has lvl 7 on Teemo and lvl 6 on Shaco* Oh... yeah... I... don't like them either... {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: better yet, no more shaco XD
Someone is salty about a bad game with enemy Shaco? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Why would you even want that?! :( :D
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: 7 days until Christmas! What is your wish? ^^
Some new skin for {{champion:35}} would be lovely. ^^
: Guys... What happens if Neeko
IDK if this is just a joke or a serious question, anyways Neeko's mimic doesn't change with the real champion changes. She can't mimic Anivia's egg; Elise's, Jayce's, Udyr's... forms. And such. So, if it was serious question I hope I helped you. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: As I have understand it they are not, you should also be able to see it in the league client. If there is a little clock icon on the top left of the skin then it is legacy
> [{quoted}](name=FPZ Kryddan,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8VrKgA0u,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-11-22T13:45:52.877+0000) > > As I have understand it they are not, you should also be able to see it in the league client. If there is a little clock icon on the top left of the skin then it is legacy Uh. I have never noticed the clock icon on legacy skins before! XD I guess I will have to look more carefully. x3 Thanks!
Rioter Comments
: Versus event 2019
I would much rather see Xerath vs. Azir. ^^ Xerath didn't get new skin since 2015 and Azir got new skin at the start of last year... and they could even incorporate Nasus and Renekton. Shen hot new skin this year, so I doubt, that he will get new skin next year anyway. :shrug:
Rioter Comments
: well, i understand what you mean. Yesterday I got 14 days banned because a player flamed me during the game because i was not playing that good and i wrote him "k.y.ys" and it triggered the 14 day ban. When the game end, after 5 mins i got message saying "account suspended the client will now restart" and i was like what? -.-". I have reported players that wish cancers, worse death threats and worse things but i have only got 1 instand feedback report out of thousands reports i have made. well, riot should check this
The fact someone was toxic towards you doesn't justify your toxicity. O:) So your ban is perfectly reasonable. ;)
SK Cyde (EUW)
: Ping Issues for the last 2 days on both EUW and EUNE.
Same here! Usually have 30ms at max... recently I have 100+ ms almost every game, since patch 8.16. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
: being emphatic and decent human being. has nothing to do with some online videogame banter ?XD ... > who doesnt laugh it out when you do a %%%% up and somebody BMs you and banters you. Its just those XD moments. its just like sportshate in a way. But yeah.. snowflakes nowadays getting offended by every word... Bet they take a sit while pissing as well
Yes it does... you are communicating and interacting with another human being. So having some kind of decency should be "common." I am not saying you have to treat everyone in the game like your family or w/e. But you can't just be toxic towards everyone and expect them to ignore it. And if you do, expect more bans and restriction. :shrug: You know that "snowflake" is pretty good word to describe humans? Bc everyone of us is different, as the snowflakes are. So you can't expect that everybody can ignore toxicity as you can. O:) Also is "funny" how you just can't get rid of your toxicity, can you? And yet you are complaining about your chat restriction. :face_palm:
: ***
Well you didn't say anything about you having more accounts. :shrug: And if you read the comment again (I edited it...) I play rankeds just for the free skin. :joy: And even with that.. I don't play just "4fun." Again... I try my hardest even in normals... I want to win. Not for ranks... but bc loosing is just not fun for me. ;)
: Its fun that u actually take time to downvote every single thing xD. W/e you might understand the game 1 day and see how %%%%%%ed everything is at the moment. Enjoy the kindergarten... you also play fortnite right xD!
Not every single things. I didn't down vote several of your comments. :shrug: ;) Just the one I disagree with. Understanding the game doesn't have anything to do with being emphatic and decent human being. :face_palm: And actually I don't. I don't like fps games. ;)
: but yeah im getting some pathetic resposnes from low elo people who play 4un hehe only... hehe
Ehm. You are lvl 22. {{sticker:sg-lulu}} {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} And even tho, I am playing ranked just cuz rewards.. doesn't mean I don't try my hardest even in normals.. I play for win and for fun... bc loosing isn't fun.
: do you know that such thing as menthal illness exists? - natural selection - who lets them on the web anyway I've never used that in league either... just an example.
Wow... so you are basically saying that anyone suffering from theese ilnesses deserve to die / get hurt if they doesn't deal with harrasment well? Aka "natural selection?" And with "who lets them on the web anyway" ... like menthall illness is not equal to crazyness. Just how much hatefull could you get? I never said you used it, but justifying it is bad enough.
: cuz instant report feedback exists?
1. You don't get that message every time. 2. The way you have written your ticket.. I doubt anybody from RIOT will give it their times... hell I woudn't. 3. "Would anybody for real commit suicide after a 3 letter acronym?" like dude... do you know that such thing as menthal illness exists? Some people could actually harm themselfs. And even if they woudn't.. why would you wish death to anybody? Like you said.. it's just "the net" so why are you getting so hatefull? 4. Overall... if someone is toxic towards you... mute them and report them. Don't responde to them with toxicity. Their toxic behaviour doesn't justify yours. Same if they troll/feed/what ever. Report them and that's all you can do, if you don't want to break the rules and get restriction/ban.
: I'm trying to think of something that can counter Garen, but right now I'm not able to do so... Hmmm...
Well every champion has counters... if we would talk only about counters... no champion really need nerfs... actually we can buff everything! When there are counters.. no need for balancing. :) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Teemo
Garen player talking about some other champ needing nerfs. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} First let nerf Garen please. ^^ Someone who is tanky as hell, thanks to his passive, W a build. Yet deals so much dmg thanks to his armor shread on E, true dmg ult and 1 or 2 dmg items. HOW is that fair? Basically almost unkillable tank who can kill you in few seconds? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: my comment got deleted due to the violating board rules which i might be violated when i wroted word ''shit'' which i hardly disbelive since that is not really that ugly word and i belive riot is using the same or simmilar words which i can prove if i must like i have already said ''it is okay to ban someone's preselected champion if you are toxic little shit'' when i've said **that**, i **didnt** say that above listed player is toxic either i have in any way wanted to point that he might be above said all i have wanted to say is that such of things are for me a manner of being an assh#le ingame and that is something what i find to be done by toxic players also, i am not willing to disscuss why i find it that way since that is my oppinion against above listed player who disagrees with my oppinion and he has any right to think that way, same as i have my right to think that players who do that are **toxic ** if my comment gets deleted again i want this case to be reviewed by RIOT Games and i will try to seek my justice of freedom of speach, since, i repeat i did not in any way wanted to insult above commentator and i would not definitely do that since **that is not something i have came here to do ** all i want to do here is discussing game and part of the games and i belive i have right to have my oppinions there you go, when you have made me to reply further on this thread which i've really tried to avoid have a nice day
If you don't want your comment to be deleted don't use bad words. ^^ Simple as that. Even if you want to say that I am toxic, you could say it in much nicer way. Otherwise you are toxic yourself. (Even tho the name.. what would we expect right?) Again. I don't believe that I am toxic if I don't want to play with or against some champs. I am not saying it's a nice thing to do, to ban you allay's pre-picked champ. But some of us dislike some champs so much we don't want them in our games. And that's not toxic. You and other people forcing us to play with theese champs is if anything... if you don't want your pick to be banned play blind pick... ARAM... what ever. Not mode where there is a banning phase. Even tho I don't do this thing often, sometimes I just don't have the right mood to face Yasuo, Leona,... (any champ I dislike) and I really don't care if someone on my team wants to picked that champ, bc there is a chance enemy team will pick it first. And I am not going to risk that. That's what I wanted you to understand... yes a lot of people do it just to troll others, but in the other hand a lot of us do it, bc we just dislike some champs so much... Even if it will get deleted, I doubt that RIOT will rewiew this... it's not important. :shrug: And btw. you have your freedom of speach... you said what you wanted. It was taken down, bc it was breaking rules. :) Your freedom of speach doesn't prevent you from facing the consequences of your behaviour. ;)
: ***
Actually I am not toxic at all. ^^ (Almost lvl 5 honor.. never banned or even never had chat restriction.) You know why? Bc banning a champ is not toxic nor is it against any rules. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} btw. Someone who's name is "Toxic player" shoudn't talk about other players being toxic. :shrug: :D If the name "stands up" to what you do in games...
: i would never ban a champion which someone wants to play even if i knew he will play it poorly what you do is..... its just not okay
Banning a champion you don't want to see either on your or enemy team is perfectly okey. :) Even if someone pre-picked it. ;)
: You obviously have never played Yasuo so i'm just going to ignore this.
Yeah bc, even tho I played Yasuo several times, the fact that I played AGAINST him doesn't give me ANY idea what the champ can a can't do. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} And you are asking why you are getting down votes. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
: XD Well here are a list of Yasuo's disadvantages: 1. He is a squishy melee champion. 2. He has little CC. 3. His Ult requires a knock-up, his own knock-up is situational not to mention it is hard to land without an E+Q combo, so without a knock-up he has no ultimate. 4. Without minions, he has 0 mobility. 5. Champions that counter him, counter him hard, and there are many of these champions. 6. Current meta makes him weak. 7. If he is behind, he is almost useless with this near non-existent damage without items, his ultimate to cc multiple enemy champions is the only thing that prevents him from being as useless as a feeding assassin. 8. He pushes easily meaning you can get him to push you under tower and have him camped unless he freezes the wave.
1. Squishy? You are joking right? He has free shield that's charged BY MOVING. And his W block almost every ability in the game + ranged autoattacks. And don't even try to tell me that the wall is hard to use properly or something like that. You just have to not be bad as hell to block anything you need to. 2. Yeah... little CC bc his Q knock up every 5second isn't reliable CC at all. 3. Knock ups.. that are not hard to find. His Q alone is enough. But it's not like Malph, Janna, Alistar, Orianna and so much more champs do have some knock ups and are played fairly often. 4. Yeah... such problem for him, when the minions come to lane every few minutes. 5. Every champion has some counters... 6. CURRENT META MAKES HIM WEAK? HOW? Conqueror + IE gives him so much true dmg, so building armor won't help you at all against him. 7. Again... same with counters.. most champions are useless if they are behind. 8. Pushing is the players choice... if you find it bad.. don't do it. :)
Player 00 (EUW)
: How about Dominion ?
1. Dominion was removed bc almost noone played it. (According to RIOT) So why bring it back? So it can be forgotten again? 2. Well Nexxus Blitz is in alpha testing I believe, so yes. If it doesn't hold up it will be removed. But I think, based on the feedback I see on boards, YT and reddit, people like this mode. And want to make it a better mode with their feedback. ^^ So I think it will hold up and ends up as a permanent thing to play in league. ^^
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: Chroma skins
Lunar skins are legacy line. That means they are avaiable for just few days a year. ;) I you want to buy the chroma you just have to wait. ^^ Don't not when exactly the lunar skins will come back tho~~ sorry.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Answers Q1. Her abilities gain 9 stacks then heal her Q2. Violence solves everything: Katarina Q3. Blue buff is Blue Sentinel Q4. We're in patch 8.16 Q5. Essence Reaver gives 75 AD Q6. Fallen Angel belongs to Morgana Q7. Mightiest mountain of Runeterra is Mount Targon Q8. Twisted Fate is from Bilgewater Q9. The game was created in 2009 Q10. False! Annie and Amumu share the same voice actor, not Lulu :D
You know, that Ahri has a different passive right? ^^
: Why me applie gravenous wounds on that mundo kr soraka when my adc can build executioner's culling for 800 gold to completely ruin the day of those champions or my ahri(for example) in the mid lane with her morelonomicon or her own ignite and me having a more supportive summoner spell?
Well bc a lot of times your teamates don't build that item? Even if you ask them? Atleast that's the expierence I have and I learned to trust only myself in league. ^^
: "My shop" does not contain past 3 months skins. So don't expect to see the newest skins in "My shop"
Oh. That's sad. >w<" But thanks~~
: Release a new offensive support summoner spell or buff exhaust for supports only.
1. Exhaust buffs would be okey.. but I would much rather see some new summoner spell for supports! :3 2. Ignite is indeed a viable summ. spell for supports! Bc it's not only a dmg dealing summ. spell! It grants you vision of the target... + it reduces healing effects on that target! So it's extremly helpfull when laning against Soraka,.. or playing against Mundo, Darius,.. ^^
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