Kuschizu (EUW)
: Sylas champion reveal! abilities explained!
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: This thing is happening again
And Aurelion Sol is turned off for 3 days now. If it would be riot favourite Corki they would have it fixed in less than 24 hours:/
: Game is unbalanced @Riot
Game is so balanced that only 25-30% of times are viable and lest are free wins for enemies. There are champions who are good for month or two to get nerfed to the ground when there are few who are nearly always viable and if they are not meta riot quickly starts to buff them to make sure they are at least high tier all the time.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: Thoughs and reaction to the new akali!
I think she will be bane of Aurelion Sol. Like he wasnt rather weak even without it. Asides from that she continues trend of rising mobility for new champions. At this rate when league will have its 190th champion anybody without at least 2 dashes or 350 points of base speed will be considered slug and probably out of meta. After I saw Aatrox rework I suspected scream will rise that he has very fine cc, damage and adding dash with 2 charges will make him monser but characters have so much mobility these days that noone complained. Dash with 2 charges that can be used in 2 sec interval is considered average/below average these days. In near future nobody will dread Darius at top. Everyone reworked or brand new will be skating around him and laughing that he has devastating damage but he can never even graze anybody without flash or aid. Welcome to league of speedsters and acrobats. Keep up or forget about being used above bronze.
: Which champions do you consider only "newbies" play? And which ones do you think "pros" play?
Newbies are too rare in this game to tell. Seriously today you make new account play few bot matches and your first match with players is you and 9 smurfs who flame that you are reported.
: Flash cancels Aatrox R.
It is pretty much like boat that is not water proof.
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: INSANE 1v5 DRAVEN PENTAKILL | Plays by the KK-Community | LoL Best Moments
Taking enemies mostly 1 by 1, lifesteal, feed. Nothing impressive really. But somehow spectacular. Good job.
: Why does everyone hate the new Aatrox?
I know Aatrox needed rework. Badly for 3-4 years. I wont judge how good this rework is just yet especially that he is now much more demanding.
: As a former Aatrox main. I just gotta say.
If you were Aatrox main you probably knew that above bronze he gets terrible because peoples can dodge, focus, cc. He needed rework. If rework is good or bad we will learn in few months.
: Just your daily reminder that no one likes to play vs Yasuo
Yasuo can be pain in the ass for some champions, be crazy strong whyen feeded a little (snowball machine) and bad if enemy scores first kill against him. Lets face it: He should marry Fizz by now and leave league to some hot island. Aha if you want to convince riot to do something good luck with that (I'm not sarcastic rework wouldnt suked for him). If you want to convince players to stop playing him... such and threads are more like advertisement. Peoles love to play annoying champions and when somebody confirms that they are annoying they are even happier to play them.
: An old player's wish
Reworks have dirty aspect to them but some characters just can be fixed by changing few numbers. For example Aatrox. His last as riot called it mini-rework made him better by allowing (and mildly forcing him to be builded tankier) through it one of his problems were resolved (he were no longer character who can be focused/cc'd and killed in teamfight easily while being cancerous to deal on lane due to strong self heal [strong selfheal is always a problem because on lane these champions are extremally hard to kill outside of ganks and in teamfights focused attack, cc and less focused attack are killing them easily]) by decreasing his selfheal, allowing him to build tanky and overally he stopped to be so unhealthy in solo and teamfights. His second problem however is harder to deal with. This problem is mobility and lack of ability to catch enemies. Meaning that his solo were UNHEALTHY since he couldnt be killed in lane solo, he couldnt kill solo so there were little hope for action on top before teamfight phase (where he were pathetic) minirework made him at least a little easier to kill in solo situation (discussive I know) and definitely better in teamfights. But as I said earlier his initiation skills were pathetic so unless he would be buffed alot he still were bad pick both for SoloQ and organised play working well only against players who are newbies and cant dodge very well yet. Of course stats buff I'm speaking about would gave birth to many other problems so in the end old aatrox had little future. Sure through more work on numbers riot could get him closer to being healthy but it wouldnt take them far. I believe Aatrox rework is great idea and only thing bothering me is his self heal again which I hope will be small because strong selfheal is really unbalancing in this game. As somebody who used Aatrox enough to have 170 K xp or so and considered him favourite character (before Aurelion sol) I'm glad of this rework. Riot does alot of bad things with balance like literally shutting champions down (hi Kalista who is nearly completely absent in proplay for months and just pure failure in lower tiers of play). About balancing character for each skill level (bronze, gold , diamond, pro) riot already said they wont do it because they want to let even silvers feel that they are playing the same game pros do) also I think there would be need to balance not only for tiers but also for SoloQ/Premade (Ryze for example is much stronger in coordinated teams than in SoloQ). Ruining your characters? Well reworks can do that but even without reworks character can be ruined by environement. For example ...hmm who to pick... oh yeah I know ;)... Aatrox his lack of mobility and lack of ability to initiate wasnt so painfull right after his release because back then there wasnt so many mobile champions and average champions mobility were lower. Now hitting somebody who is outside of teammates CC with Aatrox skilshot is like using 2 handed hammer to hit the fly. Were his Q and E faster before? No but enemies without tone of dashes, high base speed were more common. Reworking is ok as long as reworked champion is unhealthy and cannot be fully healed by changing numbers and when rework authors have vision and wisdom to make something more conrollable and preferably reliable in both SoloQ/Premade . Since Aatrox has his overdue rework I would liked to state that Mordekaiser is high on mine to be reworked list.
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: Aatrox rework an actual Non-biased review
I'm tired so forgive me for not smashing through your wall of text. At least not now because next time when I visit forum I plan to have it on top of mine priorities list. Aatrox were bad/terrible nearly from the beginning. High self heal is horrible to balance. In 1v1 it gives you huge advantage and in teamfights it is nearly useless since your selfheal has around 10 times lower heal rate than enemy focusing aatrox damage rate. If somebody decided to CC him his selfheal in teamfights were nothing. His skillshots are also so terribly easy to dodge which were problem even at beginning and maaaaaaaaany champions later it became even worse since nearly all new champions were mobile what wasnt so common among older champions. His minirework helped him a little by allowing him to become tankier while keeping alot of selfheal potential but it wasnt full cure to his selfheal drama and also rest of his problems remained. When it comes to this rework I believe that it has huge chances of succeeding. However selfheal might become troublesome once again. About mine rates of his skills quality/design: P 9/10. Q 9+/10. W 10/10. E(passive part) 5+/10 . E(active part) 10/10. R 9-/10. I expect him to have good mix of utility,damage,survivability,sustain,mobility. I hope he wont have flaw(s) disqualifing him from competitive play. Edit: I readed most of your post except parts like explanation why he sucked (becaue I knw). Good post.
: AAtrox E doesn't fits him...
> [{quoted}](name=UnknownTerritory,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=aE0fNiFW,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-13T22:29:07.904+0000) > > As far as i know this champion used to jump on enemies and kill them. But now his E is kinda..................not supposed to be like this You can combo this move with other of his skillshots. Perhaps option to do it without them seems inaggressive but true warrior needs to be mobile. Otherwise he is in great trouble/doomed .
Triae (EUW)
: Is Master Yi even balanced?
Jhin is newbs bane and useless above gold. well almost useless.
blissbomb (EUW)
: ***
League of legends game that say's 130 champions to potential new players but once you start playing you realize that only 25 of them are worth of picking.
: So what exactly are you supposed to do as an ADC now
Simply put you want adc to be average in early and superhero in mid/late? Sorry. Adc's are geting too much love from riot anyway.
: Your joking me Riot?
I would be happy if Pyke would costed 450.
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Gibo51lt (EUW)
: You can get banned for talking sense into your team, prevent two guys from inting, and winning game
This system is %%%%ed up 90% of times. When i played mine 3 first months I vere very polite. Effect were 2 warnings. Now I'm more rude. Effect? No warnings for 20 months.
: Uh, Riot ? Thresh op
Its because you use Master skin for Thresh. You know. Game moved from F2P to P2W model.
Mada (EUW)
: you need more xp for later levels => you will reach a point where you have to cash buy champions
Its capped. When you reach level 100 it shall stop increasing. Idea is that new players get new chars sooner (unfortunately this goes also for advanced players who want to builkd up their ego by eating tue newbies).
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: Marketplace/Tradeplace for shards
They shouldnt put shards in the game on the first place. Now peoples want more and more free stuff and ways to get free.
Go Won (EUW)
: Getting really bad FPS Lag
It is some glitch in game. I still have 200-500 fps when uncapped and in smaller fights but sometimes it just drops to 15 when i do nearly nothing.
: I got banned for having fun with my team?
When I were newbie I used to be even more polite than I'm now. Effect? System warned me twice that I should improve mine behaviour. With time i started to be less polite. Effect? 22 months without even one single warning about mine behaviour being bad and potential penalty.
Doomley (EUW)
: Riot has already stated that they want to add voice chat. Now it remains for them to come up with a good way to implement it.
Since they stated desire to do so they had time to implement it at least 20 times sadly.
Buxtata (EUNE)
: This is why: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xgqjiw-wN1o]
: yasuo montage highlights
Yasuos kit is broken. Thank you for nice video and music!
: FPS issues on a fairly high spec machine!
Mine PC were managing to display over 500 fps before capping but this performance is appearantly not enough since once per few games i see significant drop of fluency. Your PC should handle 144hz one handed. I think its something with lol going crazy or your antivirus downloads new databeses. I can see no other explanation since your PC should sustain ~200 fps even in fiercest teamfight.
CONGRATULATIONS but 10 hours per day is unhealthy don't do it again.
: Suggestion to make new urgot more like the old urgot
His W deals only 10% more but can be used in move. So its actually very usefull tool. Mobility>Damage in this game. Look at lee who is always first to get in when opportunity arise and first to leave when things go wrong. His winratio is high. He is played twice as often. Finally peoples use bans agains him. Ergo rework were succesfull. Not like Mordekaiser. It really changed him for better. He gets picked, he gets banned and I had fun using him. No need to undo his rework. He is big ugly warmachine. He is supposed to be brutal but somehow clumsy.
: pls fix kled's bugs
They will fix it. In pre season 9. Sorry but quicker bugfixes are reserved for Corki and Yasuo. Others can be bugged/useless for 2 years before geting riots attention (hi Aatrox who will probably get reworked no sooner than in middle of S8 and were in shitty spot even in 5th.)
: PLEASE read and think with me for a second! i need help
: @Riot What about mordekaiser?
Situationally he is strong but 95% of teamcomps are bad for him. He needs another rework. Because in this state he can be either too strong or too weak and simply changing his numbers cant help. Candidate for rework. Evelynn will get one soon. Shes not terrible but ok she needs it a little. Aatrox is next I think and he deserves it fully. I hope after they finish Aatrox Morde will be worked on.
: my thoughts about Ornn
He is too slow. 335 is not enough. Marksmans just eat him on top. They strike him with they longer reach of basic attacks and run around so he cant catch them. His Q has too long travel time. He need at least +5 speed. Its absulute minimum.
Wither432 (EUNE)
It were changed also on PBE. there is whole article about it on surrat20
Mjauf (EUNE)
: What else i can refund? Cuz now im looking at my purhase history i can only refund champions. I can't refund skins, icons, champ shards...
> [{quoted}](name=Mjauf,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=E9J2aWlv,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-08-23T21:45:00.236+0000) > > What else i can refund? Cuz now im looking at my purhase history i can only refund champions. I can't refund skins, icons, champ shards... Read smerks comment.
fairyyy (EUW)
: Best 1 million mastery points vayne 1,000,000+ VAYNE MONTAGE
Wow Impressive grinding. Its like spending 4-6 hours per day since masteries were introduced.
Mjauf (EUNE)
: If i refund Ornn later i will get back my 7800ip or 6300?
You will get 7800. About doing or not doing it... Well it looks like poor use of refund but do as you please.
Kaluchii (EUW)
: ADC Tier List Patch 7.16
yo cho (EUW)
: Ashe got another skin while Illaoi, Kled and Camille still only have 1.
What about {{champion:136}} who keeps getting nerfed and gets 0 skins while this guy is just begging for Mecha skin replacing his stars with gears?
: RIOT for the love of God
Some of them used it on PBE.
Bigoso (EUW)
: Small and very useful buff to Kindred
Problem is that Kindread are just like a bomb. With her Ult shes either Overwhelming pick or ban champ or low tier. Also they are very unequall. Sheep and wolf Can be wrecking total havoc on lcs while being terribly bad or Solo silver Queue. If riot will do something about them it will be either rework or some tiny buff. TINY. They wont risk with small.
: Why does riot constantly want assassins to be dominant?
Darktharr blade were recently nerfed, Khazix were nerfed. Rengar were nerfed. Zed were nerfed. Diana were modified so she is more like warrior now, LB were nerfed, through no passive + red function Kayn were nerfed, Talon were nerfed.
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