DutchPro (EUW)
: I still mistake the enemy turret for a minion aswell. I already thought why does he have so much health
Ahhhh, So you have the same problem too, And I thought I am the only one who needs glasses, I thought the enemy Nexus is the inhibitor for soo long, So god exists, I am not alone anymore LoL.
DutchPro (EUW)
: I still mistake project vayne for ashe literally every time I see her
I still mistake, Lil' Devil Teemo for a minion, so yeah, When He starts hitting me I figure it out that, oh wait, That ain't no minion lul.
akiseGP (EUW)
: well i mean if your on such a massive losing streak like me and it doesn't seem to get remotely close to getting better there isn't much hope anymore my goal for this season was to get atleast gold but i cant even get out of b3 anymore now infact I'm still on a losing streak
Hey, Budd, I know, I was there, but let me give you some tips I used, If you see you are loosing, get a break, then come back with your head clear, Focus on the game, if you are support try helping every lane, not just the adc, roam early and get the team an advantage early on, If you are going on mid, Go ahead and roam, Seing the moral of the story? If you are seeing your team is doing bad, go ahead and help 'em. My goal was gold, but I am stuck in B1, But as manny players said, you have to carry, so take a cool drink, Clear your head, Carry the noobs, and Give everything you got but the most important step to rising into the ranks is "Don't loose hope, Never Give up" "No surrender, No retreat".
: For the person using them to see it. I use skins because I like to see them. I wouldn't mind if other's didn't see my skins.
Well, good point, If you don't mind people not being able to see your skin, as you said, Then yeah, it should be in the game.
zixus (EUNE)
: A short Story i wrote (has nothing to do with lol)
Hey, The story is good, better than what I have to learn at school, LuL. I enjoyed it.
mr Wade (EUW)
: An option to make all animations the default ones.
Well, interesting idea, Yeah it can be a problem but, if you have that option, what's the point of having skins? Yeah they can be confusing I understand, but still. It's my personal opinion, don't hate me or something like that, I agree with you but at the same time I don't. but still, It's a good idea.
Stevens (EUNE)
: All champions pool for practice games
Hey, Great idea, it really is since, new players don't really know the champions, and they can go test them out, Even me who I play for a long time I have problems when I am deciding on what to buy, most of the times it's an instant regret, I would love to see this.
akiseGP (EUW)
: why cant i get teammates that know how to play???
Hey, I know how you feel, Just don't worry, you'll get out, Just keep on working hard, For me, I am a supp main, I am afraid to play ranked, cus I know I am gonna get somebody that flames or feeds, but don't loose hope, It will get better.
Happee (EUW)
: Client "crashing" if i alt tab
Well, I have the same problem, In the same time, some major lag issues in game and I can't really cap my frames anymore. Don't know why, but it's weird enough so I decided to come here and talk about it.
: "You are not eligable to create a queue for this lobby" or something like that
I Have the same problem ! I tried to restart my client right ? But it tried connecting me to a game , that i didn't start at all but of course an error appeared and crashed ! And with my client when i try to use it it puts me to a reconnect button that its useless it leads to an error ! So game said that I'm not eligible for a game but he also tried to make me reconnect ?


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