: Darius needs to be nerfed. Urgently
they dont give a Hug about what we think ... some champs have absurd healing base armor and shields ..
: Win 2 loose 10 in a row its all well balanced!
Pay to win dude , Roto suc"G"z .. If u pay u get low oponents and climb , if you Not u will face only smurfs and high elo players ... This is the reality today .. Its not possible every single game to have one afk or minimum one totally new player who dont know how to play even what his R doing and stuff like that and in the seem time opposite team minimum 2 smurfs %%% u rttttio ./.
MrFlex (EUNE)
: Settings
Yes mate, game freeze :/ sad but fact
Jun Yeon (EUNE)
: Launcher and Game client problems in general
Yes mate , i have the seem problem . This issue start after the last 2 patches , graphic is totally different , freezing game ...Lost my rune pages , sometimes they show up , but in most cases game force me to use clepto page ... Sooo %%%ing strange ...Also some champion causes lagg , one of them is Xerath...
: and of course fix the server which are a disaster right now!!!!
True mate , but we can do nothing about this :/
: Got a low priority queue even though it is your fault riot!!!
Truth is behind the walls .. They just not want to pay for better connection
Bl4ckRoll (EUW)
: Unknown directx error has occured.
Relax its not your game , rio just have some bad connection to some of the servers , not only in euw also in eune .. this is problem from the past and this error is back at the stage :/
banybaks (EUW)
: Avery rima I off server
Its not your game , seem happen to me atm , also we have played 3vs3 on aram lol , in both teams was 2 players who was not able to connect ..
: Yeah i also noticed that every time enemy xerath used q, the game would freeze for a very short time. It didn't matter where he used it. It was annoying af and sometimes made it impossible to dodge his q.
: I can't enter the loading screen after patch 9.14
Bill Gates is involved in .He want to force you all to buy his new product ! Rip win 32bit.
DeathDope (EUNE)
: Critical error occured while launching LoL
HOW many of you with the ERRORs have OS 32bit ? !!!!
: > [{quoted}](name=KomBauNer,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=sxZKg8uA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-07-18T13:53:23.393+0000) > > 1]Operation system you use ? > 2] Did you update it constantly ? Win 10. It's always up to date. Game drivers are too.
Stop your updates , they cause problems . I`m using win 10 to and i have 0 errors . Here my own build that i`m using right now " Win 10 Pro,Version 1803 ,Build 17134.254 updates disabled because of future errors . I hope this will help at last to one person .
: Client crases still happening Riot!
1]Operation system you use ? 2] Did you update it constantly ?
I made an epic 52 min. ranked and it was fine worked for me .. So strange
: Patch 9.14 Client Crashes, Error + Bugsplat
That is very strange i have nothing like this before and after the update even with my avast turned on . Problems before was disconnecting or not able to connect for some reason , but now u scared me guys with that errors .. I was believing that some cheaters can constantly lagg the game somehow but now i believe that there is a big errors inside the whole server and reason to lost Lp :/ But for sure i will try to play one game Right now and if i receive any errors will let u know guys ..
: about those lags....
This is so annoying ,sometimes we are about to win ,lagg start and lead the game in unknown direction , i`m 100% sure there is a problem with some of the server`s connections not a personal internet . 80% of the time wen this happens to me personally ,wen my team dominate in game .. This is sooO weird , maybe we need to call agent Mulder and Scully to investigate this X case :D
Br0nnie (EUW)
: My client doesn't start either, I'm not sure what to do.. Yesterday it was all good. Edit: Running the client as administrator fixed the problem for me.
Yes but sometimes process is not terminated and u keep pressing on the "exe" and all u see is the logo and nothing more , best solution like Trilink said UP is to open Task manager and check for Lol processes and terminate them , then u rdy to open the game again and enjoy it :)
pufi80 (EUNE)
: Spectate bug
Reinstall is useless. I recommend you to close client , wait a bit , then log again .. At this point u must keep in mid that small window with " Rec and Quit" buttons will show for a second and will disappear fast because somehow the next window witch says "You have been removed from the party " interact and replace the first one you need . Solution is to hit that quit button wen u log in . If not appear after first time do not despair , just close game and wait a bit , 1-2 min . then try again .. Good Luck !! :)
Youssof11 (EUNE)
: The game freezes in a middle of a game and i get leaverbuster
Do not restart pc , just use "ctrl,alt,del " and sing out then log again ,at this point game client will be terminated faster than using Task Manager + saving time :) I do not recommend to restart it every time . i have the seem problem from not long, maybe 3 days ago i face this issue :/
7733377 (EUNE)
: cannot complete your request because the service is unavailable


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