: Evolution of League of Legends 2009 -2019 ( From Beta to Season 10 )
Iv been playing since season 1. s 1 and 2 were nostalgic to watch and oh boy that old nidalee on season 3 part of video :D hits sooo hard with the spear with just those items and from so close lol! it was so op.
: Every time I tell the truth to someone about their playstyle, I get chat restricted
Ego problems. If you were better you wouldnt be in the same games with them for too long.
SirChelro (EUW)
: Fix your matchmaking league, no new players are going to play this game!
If you make a new account its super rare to see new player, its always full of smurfs. My friend wanted to play this game but gave up instantly because it was super hard for him and everyone flame him all the time for not knowing all the spells of all champions etc as level 5
: How can a bad yasuo player have a Level 7 Mastery and be considered a "Typcial Yasuo Main" ?
Me and my friends always laugh when someone brings up mastery level 7 as if it was an achievement of some sort.
Miodragon76 (EUNE)
: Why is Riot refusing to acknowledge the issue on EUNE server for 3 days niw?
that sucks but I havent seen any dc in a couple of days.
: Does 140ms is bad?
Yes its pretty bad. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Special characters not allowd in username
: 2019 pick'em
: Mathematic problem. (I need help figuring this out)
Because everyone are negative, you just think you are not.
: I got banned for joking around and ...?
Pretty weird since its just 1 game. Its definetly "negative attitude" but doesnt deserve ban and even tho I voted chat ban im not sure if it fits that one either because there are not really anything that bad or rude/bannable words etc. its just that if there has to be punishment its better than ban. I think warning would be fine and nothing else since its just 1 game but it has one of the reasons for report.
: I got banned for inting when I wasn't
This once happened to me too. It was just 1 game too. Now im scared for my accounts every time I reach 10 deaths. I think you should contact support again since it was just a bot that answered you, if you can get real person to look at it they might look at the replay and reconcider the ban if there is no reason for it.
Shamose (EUW)
: Can we go back to the time where I could go fill and get support 90% of the time please.
maybe just pick support then and put fill as second {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: MY WORLDS PICK'EM 2019 | League of Legends
I have group C just like u but Splyce would be lucky to be even 2nd and I think it might be possible but as 1st its pretty risky imo.
: Tilted for the day tnx riot
this keeps randomly happening to me too, not every day but it has happened about 10 times total. I always quit the loading screen when I think its happening and usually when I reconnect asap the game has been played 1-2 minutes already and the loading screen takes roughly 10-20 seconds. Also many times im playing with friends so they tell me it has already started when im still in loading screen.
: Hextech Skarner?
Right, it would fit imo and wrong because I have 10 gemstones waiting and I want something else xd
: It shows claimed Little Legends from Twitch, but didn't receive it
ugh my egg was on my loot the minute I claimed it, had my client open it was there instantly
I still occasionally listen to the other worlds songs, well not all of them and this one? nope not this one either.
: Even with verified passport i would have atleast 3accounts i would just make 1 on me 1 on mom and 1 on dad Edit: What would actually stop from making accounts would be a Finger Print login instead of password i just couldn't cut off fingers of my parents to use accounts on their names lul P.S. New Pc now go with the technology like that Finger print scanner
oh boy this would be cool if you could login eveywhere with fingerprint, goodbye passwords {{sticker:sg-lux}}
PayPray (EUW)
: Rankeds with Smurfs
the feeling when 90%+ winrate smurfs who are gold rank are on your diamond ranked games :D
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: He literally just got a new legendary skin
yeah put out hextech leona instead {{champion:89}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: High Noon 2019
its part of the worlds event, new stuff will come out to buy with tokens. It said on the 10th day.
: Can't login because Ö and Ä are "special characters".
eheheh ebin juttu hermanni :D:D:D:D vähä kyl perseestä
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: 3+ days ago a player on my team made fun of the holocaust and jews, and is still playing today
I see this kind of "jokes" every day. Dont think they will get banned for that.
ylw203 (EUNE)
: I got perma for no reason
> ylw203: enjoy youre chat restriction or maybe suspesnion or perma idk Good job riot for getting rid of this guy {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
XO Mob (EUW)
: That's very far from the truth.
Okay buddy. Speak after you have experience or information.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: I don't do that, when a teammate of mine flashes before the minions spawn, I usually flash right at them to show some empathy.
: Permabug
Maybe you actually are permabanned but gained immunity.
: on high elo they dont need premade, since not a lot of people aren't high rank people play together a lot of game they dont even need premade.
Also this system could be turned off after diamond, it would still affect majority of players and most of the afks are in the lower elo anyway.
Ace Atomz (EUW)
: Can't wait for Splyce to win worlds and nobody gets the ultimate skins.
Cant wait for splyce to win their first opponent and nobody gets the ultimate skins.
: Why not a single info about Worlds Pass in patch notes?
Has it been announced it will come in this patch? Might come in next patch since its really likely out before the games start.
: Actually I wouldn't have minded help cause I have never actually won on ranked but I'm not stupid enough to let him play on my account where enough shit is linked to my life and im not mad cause we couldnt duo smart ass when I can solo just fine.
Then why are you looking for boost lmao "smart ass"
: Retro mode for the 10th anniversary of Riot Games
yeah this would be so cool but probably hard to make? idk but we can always dream.
: Account scamming and how to report it
Report yourself for buying eloboost. U just mad because u would rather duo than let him play with ur account but u clearly were interested.
AfroKitty (EUW)
: Ok, yea i Just got another S-, and no token. https://imgur.com/a/84Wm2TQ Kind of disheartening. But all good.
Maybe because S- doesnt count as Mastery lvl 7 token, put a mouse over it and it says S or above. S- counts towards lvl 6 token but not for lvl 7.
: eternals might hurt this game AF
This is exactly the kind of poop I was expecting after I first time heard about eternals.
: I got all rewards from TFT. Now what?
Obviously its time to stop playing TFT atleast until next rewards.
: Normally I would say I should have just played it through. BUT the person in question who made me leave was an enemy player in my prior game, they trolled and inted and flamed the entire game and they promised to do the exact same thing this game knowing it was me. What pisses me off is that people simply refuse to lose 3LP for dodging and use the "I'm in promos" excuse, when they are in fact not in promos at all. Why do people insist on losing 18-20LP for a troll being in their game as opposed to losing 3LP and a 5 minute queue timer.
Everyone just hoping for someone else to leave :s But I quess its okay to leave if its 100% sure lose. Atleast u have higher lp after losing promos than what u would have after losing it the legit way.
Maajlou (EUW)
: but think about it they can do that now as well just boost your account to diamond and dont play rest of the season nobody cares you just lose mmr
Diamond and higher you also lose lp and demote if you dont play. Also you DONT lose mmr for not playing {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Do I automatically lose a promo match if I dodge?
Yes you get 1 lose automatically if you dodge. Better try to play troll game than dodge because there is nothing to lose (except time).
Maajlou (EUW)
: but then they get downranked thats already happening, if you dont play your own ranki u arent gonna hold it its wayne so
yeah its good thing they get downranked but what would they care if they got rewards from highest rank.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: They are a bit expensive with RP right?
I just regret using RP to something that u can get basically for free
: What is Elo Trading?
yea its a stupid meme for stupid people.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: How long did it take you to buy all champions
Im pretty sure I had all before 4 years so 3-4 years and I think I only bought one with RP. It still haunts me to this day.
Maajlou (EUW)
Then people could buy eloboost and get to high rank and then start playing themselves again with no worry and ruin all games when they are 3 ranks higher than they should.
: ravenous vs titanic hydra on vi
ravenous and bt on VI {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
Silverblade (EUNE)
: LoLSkin (Is it Bannable or not?)
I was using those all the time on season 1-2 but now I have spent over 800 euros on skins xD
: ol' good days we had chatrooms like "general" and "looking for group" or you could create your own, all in the client.
which were all filled with spam about eloboosting and eloboosting sites and junkmail
: Can we please have an in-game teams/groups search/match-up tool?
ol' good days we had chatrooms like "general" and "looking for group" or you could create your own, all in the client.
Zedant (EUW)
: What is wrong whit this game matchmaking system?
Or be gold and go soloq flex or normal or aram no matter all people are platinum and diamond
: New Nami Skin
oooh this looks really nice and even this looks more like star guardian than the new zoe, rakan or xayah
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