archerno1 (EUNE)
: Everyone can have bad games, doesnt mean they are boosted
bro you even looked at my screenshots or his mach history :D? Yes its true, but 17 bad games from 20? i dont think so...
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Boni1997 (EUNE)
: Thanks guys, what champions do you suggest me to buy (i have master yii and twisted fate), twisted fate was a mistake, master yi is good but his power is limited
As a Taliyah and Azir main i would want to recomend you them, but they are hard to learn so i will recomend to take Garen or Trynda for start, because when playing easier champs you can better learn the game it self not the champs + Trynda is some kind of yi'ish type of champ just in my opinion better because of his ultimate that he cant die for few secs that gives him a lot of time to aa everyone to death and makes him hard to deal with in late or if fed.
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Tarolock (EUW)
: in the entire season 6 i played every single game as support (queueing up as support/top every single time), the games where i wasnt support i switched with ppl who said they are premade bot now that autofill is here in the last 2 weeks i already got 5-6 games as top (again im always going with support primary top secondary) if autofill is going to stay then maybe in season 8 you can choose fill and not get support 95% of the games like now so just be patient and learn to support :D
Yeah i can play supp not like some other people, but i just want to play other roles ^^
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