: Anyone ever enjoys playing in normals anymore?
Normals are ok for old accounts with many games. They are a hell, though, for pre-30lvls and fresh 30's, because the matchmaking really seems to have no idea what it's doing. I guess that's a leftover from old times when having played 150 or 1500 games was a huge difference as well as there were roughly just as many accounts in both groups, so they could be matched accordingly.
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: ***
They stack multiplicatively, not additively. 0.85\*0.70\*0.75 ~= 0.45 which is 55% resistance. For example adding another 25% item would make it only 2/3 resistance (but note it would require investing something, gold and item slot or mastery points, into four different sources).
: Mid-gold? 2 seasons ago when I was mid-silver skillwise and even then I had no trouble I believe I lost one game after being placed in bronze IV till I was silver V. Most games I ended like 20/1/10 or something and I was only mid silver skillwise back then. People claiming you cannot climb out of bronze and elo hell just look for any excuse to not have to admit that they are bad lol.
Or they play babysit supports.
: gold is the elo-heaven. casual players, who are less butthurt and have the humility required to politely communicate. and on both sides of gold are the bottomless pits of hell. In silver you have people with better mechanics than bronze, but not really better attitude and will to communicate and in platinum you have a bunch of wannabe diamonds who care about the game very much- one spark on that barrel of butthurt and it flies all around the Rift
Preach. I have played my share of games in bronze and silver (premades with weaker friends), gold (my main account) and plat/low diamond (my smurf account which somehow ended up in a higher elo than my main). In the lowest elos people most often won't have any idea what's really going on, do random things and blame random things for loss (but mostly others of course). In slightly higher elos people usually still fail to acknowledge the complexity of the game and think that if they win the lane they are entitled to win the game, unless their terrible, noob teammates take away their well-deserved victory... again. If you go too high, on the other hand, people will often qq or afk after two or three minutes, because someone dared to make a mistake, like "geez, how am I supposed to play in LCS if I get matched with people that refuse to play perfectly". So yeah, around gold is probably the best you can get.
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: well i guess....cuz i was hard stuck plat 3...with around 50% win rate... but sice then i started climbing like crazy..im plat 1 now....prolly had about 70% win rate in ranks in the last 2 weeks...but i still get this LP-s :/
You have a high win rate, so the game starts to think you deserve a higher tier/division, but at the same time you climb tier/division, because you have a high win rate. Overall it roughly cancels out.
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: LP gains
The game thinks you are and play roughly in the tier/division you deserve. If you were for example in silver, but were winning games as if you were gold (i.e. higher winrate against other silvers or neutral winrate against golds), you would gain more LP with each win and lose less LP with each loss. Similarly if you were for example gold, but were winning games as if you were silver (i.e. lower winrate against other golds and/or neutral winrate against silvers), you would lose LP easier than gain them. That's more or less how the system works.
: Whats the deal with the S system?
As FurorDivinus27 said, you are compared to other players in other matches playing the same champion. 0/4/15 with 15CS might get you an S on Janna, while 13/2/10 on Vel'Koz not. In general playing carries that are expected to deal a lot of damage and kill a lot while not dying much when successful, like Vel'Koz, have to, well, deal a lot of damage and kill a lot while not dying much to get an S. On the other hand if you play a hard initiator like Sejuani or a support tank like Braum, even a moderate amount of assists and not too many deaths might be enough. Another aspect is that the better your team does in a given game, the harder it will be for you to get an S. If you actually manage to get 13/2/10 on Vel'Koz while your team feeds out of their minds, like everyone going 2/10/2, you probably will get an S. As a side note I don't like this part of the system as some players seem to actively avoid helping their team just to have a better score and higher chances for S. Like staying top lane and killing their weak opponent again and again, not even getting the first turret, while the strong rest of the enemy team goes as four and slowly demolishes mid as you desperately try to defend but are too weak.
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: support item cooldown
Yep, still happens in 6.12


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