: Balanced eh? Counterplay eh?
Yes there is counterplay...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Shukr4n (EUW)
: i watched some diamond+ games in twich in which there were zoes. when they didnt snowball they were plain and simple dead weight for the team. what if , instead of whining, we start to learn to counterplay zoe?
Why is this on down votes and the one under saying "Faker called her OP" with more up votes when this is 100% more true and should be read? WTH is up with this community? They see faker say something and then everything that denies that is getting hated?
: Faker called her OP though.,......' And i am pretty sure she is pretty damn busted as long as the person behind her is good at landing shots, which is made a lot easier post 6.
And what? Just because he called her OP doesn't mean she is the most broken champion in the game. There is plenty of ways to kill her and to lane against her, also there are plenty of champions that counter her. Her only remarkable thing is her DMG. That's why people call her op, but in reality if she can't land her E her Q isn't that useful. Also she doesn't have any escape, so if you catch her off guard and dodge her E, she will most likely die and one last thing riot will nerf her DMG and E range, trust me then people will say after 1 or 2 little nerfs that she is so weak and unreliable, why pick her when you have Xerath with so long range and so much dmg, he also has 2 second stun and it helps him land his Q and W.
: ***
Just her dmg is op, if she lands her e. Nothing more without her E she doesnt have much dmg.
: Zoe is not op, not at all, she has well defined weakness and clear power strikes. Let's See which are: - Strong points - - High burst if Land ALL skillshot - CC that let u Land more easily (not for sure) your Q and double her dmg up to a Cap (that increase with the level of the E, so if u max Q, and you do max Q, E is not so insane until level 13) - limitated high mobility - > outplay potential that means that ur ult is Great to trick your opponent or extend your range but it is not possible to use it as an escape - high dmg to structures and champs with her passive, but at the cost of high risk (double use of passive each Q! Great for towers) - unexpected E through Walls - > ganks/roam - Steal spells - > more outplay - Good wave clear with combo -Weaknesses- - no escapes, except for movement speed with W and that cost a spell, or landing E, not easy - high burst requires high skill, and excellent skillshot , or aggressive positioning and that means death to ganks, assassins, a snear/stun - incredibly squishy - difficoult to be useful if behind - incredibly hard to use ult, and hard combos, to be powerful you need to do everything in right order, in few time - easily counterable I'll explain how So you are basicly a Glass cannon, such ass lux, or veigar or mages like them So, as for them, you are super counterable: In lane: picking up an assassins (zed, talon), high mobility and high burst (yasuo, ahri, katarina, leblanc) Using minions: if you are Behind minions you get 0 dmg, except maybe passive, but she needs to be aggressive for it, punish her for that Using spell bubbles, she will try to catch them and expose to pick them, punish her for that Ganks: no mobility = effective ganks Teamfight: body Block ur carries, dont let her Q reach them. Tanks should be frontline and peel carries, as their job Pick her if mispositioned, a mispositioned Zoe is a dead one Care the use of your spells in trades or escaping her, she will pick your flash (ie.) and kill you anyway So i repeat, no need to ban her, just learn to play against her. I mained her since her release on PBE, and i can lane against a Zoe and win almost everytime with any champ (i like lux, she is not a good match up, still i win) because i learned her weaknesses and i know her strongnesses so i can avoid dangerous situations and i know when to punish her. Like any other champ, just learn her, and you can face her Hope i helped Gl hf
I played 4 times (or something like that) with Azir vs her and it was really easy. I just stood behind minions and afk farm and poke from time to time. My friend always bans her, because he says she is braindead op champion and she deserves to be removed, because he can't dodge her q or her e. He laned 2 times vs her 1 time with Singed on top and then with Yasuo on mid and from time to time when he was engaging he was running straight at her, she lands easy e on him q's him he is less than half hp and blames the champion, he isn't even using his wind wall or trying to dodge... I personally don't have problem with Zoe, she seems like a balanced champion High Damage, No escape and pops like a balloon. I've played around 10 games vs Zoe (in general not only vs lane with her) and I was hit around 3 times with her E, during these 10 games. The point is if you are decent at dodging and sidesteping her E or predicting where she will shoot it, it's not that hard to play vs her. Her Q is very easy to see where it's going so unless you have 100 ping and almost can't move, you will be able to dodge it. Only the people who can't dodge, or play stupidly vs her think she is OP, when in reality she is strong, not op. This post is actually how to play vs her. Stay behind minions, use wards and tell your tanks whenever some carry gets ht with e to stay in the direction it came from to block her Q, and since they are tanks it will do like 200,300 dmg if they have MR. GL {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Evidence (EUNE)
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Ban it every game,GG,Untill riot nerfs it ofc..
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} All that is left then is to pray someone bans Ezreal, MF and Lulu. Oh and let's not forget about Ornn
: Azir in Patch 7.19


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