Biophilic (EUW)
: I KNOW WHAT THE PROBLEM IS. It happend to me before several times and I discovered that the GPU (graphic cards) is either too hot or being overloaded. I speed up the fan (using MSI afterburner) and/or close some active softwares and the game is smooth again.
Its not about bad PC its about lol having issue unfortunately ;-;
Sköoma (EUW)
: Hello mate, i just posted something related. I had perma crash to (force reboot each time;... ) Try to disable Halloween SOUNDS + graphic theme (but i feel its more related to sounds). For me it seems to run. Anyway, i advice to not go in Ranked atm and wait for next patch (new season S9 coming soon) Tell me if it run, ok ? Cya
Is there even a way to disable halloween sounds? If yes pls tell me exactly how to do it. Also I have to play rankeds because of decay.
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