Entropy (EUW)
: I always wanted High Noon Thresh because Thresh was my absolute main ans still is one of my most favorite champs, I had all skins for him until that new skin came out. I can't afford buying RP since I'm kinda poor, so, fml I guess.
Hey buddy, i feel you and your "pain" i've allways wanted one skin which i cant aford so yeah, it su*ks :/ i hope my discussion makes people in a friendly mood :) Thanks for your reply and you might get lucky you never know ;) happy hollydays to you and your family :P
Kynzza (EUNE)
: Xmas Spirit
The point of this post is: Those who can and feel like it, help eachother out!! I've saved some money and i will pick a random person from the comments and MOST LIKELY get him/her the skin,champ,chroma or something i can aford to get that person as a gift... I'd like you too join up my good deed and do as i do if you're able!! My wish is DJ Sona skin, feel free to gift it to me, but in the end, this is not about me, this is about the players and they Christmas wishes after all! Happy hollydays and good luck on the rift <3
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